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December 1, 2007 at 3:38 pm | Posted in Infertility | 5 Comments

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Believe it or not, I started blogging before I realized there was a COMMUNITY of you all out there. In August of 2005, I decided I needed to begin a public journal. I had thoughts of it showcasing my writing skills, so my first entries were a heck of a lot more contrived then they are now.

But, in April 2006, when we were suffering our first chemical pregnancy/failed IVF cycle; well, I started reading more blogs. My good friend E at Square Peg, Round Whole introduced me to a whole world of bloggers.

Some of the most influential for me in those early days were Nikole at babylustJenny from the Infertility BlockHopeful Mother, Bea at Infertile Fantasies, and Keeping the Faith.

And I have to admit that also in those I read Kath, Thalia, DD, and Cancerbaby in those early days too – but was WAY too intimidated to comment. It wasn’t until I had gone through another year of treatments where I felt like perhaps maybe I’d be in their ‘league’ someday.

And then I thought – what the hell. People need support, even if I’m new to the community. And then Mel came on the scene and introduced me to new bloggers. My bloglines list keeps growing – to this day I’m still adding to it.

I know I’ve often said this… but I’m not sure I can ever effectively convey just how much this community has meant to me over the years. Without it, I am sure that infertility would have killed all the good parts of me; leaving me with nothing. Who I am has become inexorably entwined with my blogger persona Serenity, and I will forever be changed because of you all.

So. Thank you so much. For everything. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you.


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  1. And you were one of my first bloggers. It’s funny to look at my bookmarks because they go in the order with which I found blogs. And you are at the very top 🙂

  2. It’s fun to read these beginning stories. You are definitely one of the greats now!

  3. Sending the love right back at ya! This community is utterly amazing, and really, I think I would have lost my marbles without the love, understanding and support I’ve found here.

    I’m amazed at the frequency at which you write, as well as the depth and honesty of your posts. So thankful for you!


  4. Crap – I’m not sure “influential” is the best place for me, from the point of view of society as a whole. Double crap – I suppose parenting is a fairly influential role, huh? Maybe I should have thought this whole thing out better…

    Um, thanks, is what I mean to say. And not just for the praise, but for all the blogging you’ve done since you started, and for all the joining in. You’ve been a great help, and not just to me, I’m sure.


  5. You are an awesome blogger, and you are definitely affecting others the way you initially were affected!

    As an aside, cancerbaby was one of the most amazing blog-reading experiences I’ve ever had. When she died, I cried for an hour straight and was devastated for much, much longer. I read on another blog that she was the blogger’s “favorite friend I’ve never met.” Perhaps that’s the ideal of blogging?

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