Third trimester pregnancy stuff.

January 10, 2008 at 2:01 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 13 Comments

So I realized that, other than complaining about stretch marks and sharing with you how cool it is that Squishy kicks me during the day, I haven’t really been chronicling later pregnancy “symptoms.” So. In keeping with my philosophy of giving you the real deal on pregnancy, here’s what’s been going on with me.

A muscle on the right middle side of my back has been giving me VERY.PAINFUL.SPASMS. Daily. Often if I try and stretch it out, I have a matching pain on my right side in FRONT, just under my boob. Used to be that the pain would go away at night, or if I lay on my back for a while. Now it’s here to stay, and all I can do is try and manage it. I stretch my back for a good 10 minutes every morning at the gym. I keep my scarf balled up behind my back when I sit at the computer or in my car – it forces me to sit straighter. When I get home at night, after dinner I recline on the sofa with a heating pad.

Unfortunately this has taken its toll on our house… and especially J. I can (and DO) cook dinner, but after a half hour at the table sitting up, it’s too painful for me and I need to lie down. So every night, the cleaning up falls to him. On top of it, the house is a mess because I can’t bend over to vacuum or clean. And I can tell it’s stressing him out, but I’m not sure there’s much I can do about it. 

Some of the pain has to do with the fact that Squishy is nestled in my right rib, I know. Often I’ll feel some pressure there, and when I put my hand on it, there’s a hard mass of baby. I can’t tell what it is, but since I always feel the kicks low and to the left, I assume that it’s his/her shoulders/back/head. Either way, it makes it hard to bend over, and combined with the back pain? I just want to recline all the time. On a sofa.

It’s a good thing it’s not my busy season so I don’t have to work late hours right now.

Oh wait.


The constipation which I complained about in early pregnancy? It’s back. Only now I think it’s because the baby’s pressing on everything in there. I have been taking Co.lace each morning, which seems to help a bit – I’ve only had one really bad day since I’ve been taking it, thank goodness.

Also, I am really thirsty… all the time. Usually before I was pregnant I’d refill my 1 litre bottle 2 or 3 times at work, and I’d be ok for the day. Nowadays it’s not unusual for me to fill it up 4 times at work, drink another litre before bed, and THEN get up and drink another 32 ounces DURING the night. I can’t get enough to drink; thankfully water has been ok for me to drink. I can’t imagine the pounds I’d be packing on if I was only drinking juice.

So consequently? I pee a LOT. I get up 2, sometimes 3 times a night to pee. And during the day, if I wait too long to go, it’s actually painful to walk – I have to slow down. And I sort of waddle a bit too. Which is funny. But hey – drinking a ton of water helps keep the swelling down, though, right? I’ll take it.

I have nights where I wake up suddenly at 2:30 and 3am. And I’m utterly wide awake. Usually Squishy is too at this point – s/he is kicky and active, so generally I grumble to the kid to settle down and I try and find a comfortable position again. I often don’t fall back asleep for another hour or so.

Which sucks when the alarm rings at 5:10 am each morning.

I also noticed, a few weeks ago, that I was getting a stuffy nose every night. And nosebleeds – every time I’d blow my nose, it would bleed. Not enough to be serious – just enough to fill a tissue. J and I bought a small room humidifier which seems to have helped – though I’m still stuffy in the mornings most days, there’s a lot less blood in the tissue. Which is good.

I am not certain about this, but I might have had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions in the past week or so. I can’t often tell if they are BH or it’s just the baby moving inside me, really. Often when I feel some sort of pressure I stop and wonder what it is. Either way, it doesn’t happen often enough for me to worry about it.

I’m also starting to become THAT pregnant woman. I huff and puff when I climb into bed each night. (J calls it “mounting the Sn.oogle.” Makes me laugh every time.) I groan when I bend over, and when I try and sit up in bed each night/morning (tell me WHY I insist on sitting up directly from a horizontal position? My abdomen screams each time I do it), I end up grunting. I don’t even realize I’m doing it, which is what makes it so funny. Well, to me, anyway. Poor J has to wake up to me grunting and groaning each time I get up to pee, poor guy.

The cool stuff?

Squishy kicks me hard enough that J can feel it, and if Puck is laying on my belly on the couch, a kick will cause him to lift his head and look around. (Of course, it doesn’t make him get OFF me or anything!) I am also starting to feel the difference between kicks, hiccups, and other squirmy movement, which is cool. With each movement, I can visualize Squishy as a BABY, not just some weird alien moving thing inside me.

I am finally starting to accept that we might be lucky enough to actually, you know, BRING HOME a baby in April. Statistically, our baby has a 90% chance of survival if I give birth beyond 28 weeks – which is Saturday, people. I have no indications, right now anyway, that I’ll go into early term labor. But knowing that I could, and our baby would have a shot of making it… well, it’s immensely comforting to me.

My managers, coworkers, and partners have all been wonderful to me about this pregnancy. I’ve been reading about some women where, once they announced that they were expecting, their bosses have been really tough to deal with. In fact, my best friend J is having issues with her boss since she told him – he is now micromanaging her, as if he suspects that she’s trying to cheat him or something. I’m fortunate that every one of my immediate coworkers/managers has been very understanding – and have offered to pick up slack this busy season, since they know I’ll be uncomfortable and tired.

J has also been really fantastic – during the entire pregnancy. He tells me I’m beautiful. He rubs my belly. He does the dishes every night. He’s becoming more and more protective of me, too, telling me to go lie down because he “doesn’t want me to overdo it.” He’s picked up the scooping of the kitty litter (even though Puck is technically my cat). I haven’t heard one complaint from him about anything (other than his job, of course. Which, btw, he IS looking for something else – started over our holiday break). He’s been amazing and wonderful and I love him more and more every day. 

So. Despite the fact that I am not all that comfortable… I have a wonderful husband. And a real, live, baby on the way. I’m going to be a MOM. In less than 90 days!

Really… I am one freaking lucky lady.



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  1. Amazing how much our pregnancies sound similar…the extreme thirst (and the resulting frequent overnight peeing), nosebleeds, baby taking up residence in your ribs, and all. I can say, without hesitation, that all those aches and pains are a very distant memory just a year later.

    I say hire someone to clean your house…maybe even keep them once Squishy is around, too.


  2. Everything you mention is totally normal and I experienced almost all of it. The back pain, the rib pain, the huffing and puffing, and most of all the frequent trips to the bathroom. Seriously, once I had Bo I was AMAZED at how much better I felt physically. Being pregnant really is hard on your body so try to take care of yourself — even during this stressful time at work. I tried to work right up to my due date and now I really regret that. I was feeling so awful (but I didn’t really realize how awful at the time) and I wish I would have stopped earlier.

    You’re right — you are lucky. And it is definitely all worth it!

  3. Passing that 100 days to go mark was very exciting for me, too! I am right there with you with all your symptoms the stuffy nose even has a name – pregnancy rhinitis. As our tissues start to soften, it will ikely get worse fun, huh? But they tell me it all IMMEDIATELY goes away once you’ve delivered, so I’m really looking forward to it myself!

  4. This baby is more cooperative in not kicking right under my ribs, but when I had one that did, I just pushed whatever it was (arm? leg?) out of the way. I’m also having the stuffy-nose-every-night thing. Kind of annoying… Sometimes I find it hard to get back to sleep.

    Only now am I starting to feel pretty heavy – that and that I can’t get close enough to the sink to wash dishes… Fortunately, we have a dishwasher, so it’s not a huge problem.

    Are you also not finding out the gender? (We decided we wanted a surprise.)

  5. I am mostly a lurker, but I wanted to say Hi today 🙂 How exciting… 90 days left!!


  6. I’m spending far too many nighttime hours awake too. Not fun! But that back pain sounds like the pits. It will be over soon, though, and you’ll be holding Squishy in your arms!

  7. Happy Third Tri-mester! Yep, brings back memories–and dread…I only have a few more weeks, before it will start becoming impossible to sleep….

    If you can, get a maid service–really really helps with the stress–

  8. You sure are one lucky lady! Great post.
    I can’t help but laugh (I’m so sorry!) because it is unreal how I much I relate to everything in this post down to the wonderful husband. (Except the backpain- I have it in the pelvis bad… but not the back. I wish I could make it go away for you.)
    Trimester 3- all I can say is a big fat YAY!

  9. I gotta know – how often do you pee during the day? I drink as much water as you do during the day and I pee about every 45 minutes, sometimes more. I couldn’t imagine having a baby on your bladder when you drink so much!

    This post made me smile – you are gonna have a baby! 🙂

  10. I second the commenter who wrote about hiring a cleaning person. You will love when they come after the baby arrives, too.

    Can relate to the insomnia, but now, nine months later (Baby L was born last April), it’s all mostly a distant memory. Putting on socks, though, I remember well. I felt like I’d run a marathon after getting them on and bending over my belly.

    You’re getting closer, and it’s wonderful to read about it!

  11. Less than freaking how long??? That’s, like, close! Hopefully you’ll get comfortable enough for the time to fly by. I know in a shoot-out between late pregnancy discomfort and preterm birth you’d be on the side of discomfort.


  12. Wow…I could have written some of this. From the baby nestling under the right ribs–so uncomfortable–to the thirst. I always drink a ton of water, so it’s totally bizarre to feel thirsty but I do! In the middle of the night. It’s crazy! And I also have a hell of a time climbing (literally) in and out of bed. Quite the event.

    Hooray for 28 weeks! (And that things are uneventful for us both for at least the next 9 or so.) 🙂

  13. I am 31 weeks pregnant and this complete post about pregnancy problems and fantacies are just sooo resembles to mine 🙂

    I jus stumble upon this post. its been 2 years for you now:)

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