Thank goodness it’s Friday. Or wait. Maybe not.

January 11, 2008 at 1:36 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 18 Comments

Because J and I have busy weekend ahead of us.

Tomorrow is our marathon childbirth “preparation” class at Big Hospital Where I Will Hopefully Give Birth To a Live Baby.  It’s from 8am – 4pm. We chose this instead of the 5 weeknight option, or the weekend option, because it seemed more like a band-aid. Rip it off quickly, get it done, and then move on.

I am not sure what they expect to prepare me for – stupidly I spent a lot of time when we were first TTC reading about the phases of labor and the delight of giving birth. (Course, that was back when I wanted to give birth in a field, with the wind in my hair and fairies dancing around me, sprinkling me with baby dust. Where we’d deliver a perfect newborn with nary a drop of blood spilled.)

Course, since I AM in the third trimester, I’ve started reading a little about what to expect of birth. Because, well, you know, I should at least pretend that I’m prepared, right?

From what I can tell, it’s a big lot of soreness, mess, and exhaustion.

And for whatever reason, I am currently obsessed about…


Not whether or not I’ll deliver a healthy baby. Or whether or not I should skip the epidural (let’s just say I’m going to try and remain “flexible” on pain meds – if it’s too much, bring on the numb, even if it does slow things down a bit). Or whether or not I’ll even be ABLE to deliver Squishy vaginally, since I’m fairly certain s/he is head up at this point. (Stay tuned for more on “As the Baby Hopefully Turns at Some Point in This Pregnancy.”)

Nope – I’m worried about socks. I will need them when I’m giving birth. So. Do I bring my own, to be sullied beyond recognition? Because, frankly, I’m sort of attached to my socks. The ones I’d wear would me my nice warm smartwo.ols. And they’ve been with me through a lot. Retrievals. Surgeries. Transfers. Do I really want to subject them to the number of fluids which will inevitably accompany childbirth?

But buying new socks for almost immediate disposal seems a waste too.

Perhaps I need to add socks to our baby registry.

Anyway. With our childbirthing class comes a tour of the Big Hospital’s Mother-Child something-or-other-fancy-name floor. I am interested in seeing what sort of digs Squishy and I will have for the night, and whether there will actually be room for J to wedge himself into a sleeping position so he can stay with us for the night.

And then my nephew is being christened on Sunday. At 9:15am, in J’s hometown, which is an hour away from us. K has asked J and I to be D’s godparents, so I expect the minister is going to want to extract some sort of promise to make sure we provide him with the proper spiritual upbringing.

And then? Sunday night I get on a plane for my Last Business Trip for a long time… and we kick off busy season.

So I’m feeling a little today like I’m going to be sucked into a black hole. Or I’m at the very top of a rollercoaster which is sure to plunge me into certain Hell.

Hopefully when it spits me out in early March, I’ll still be pregnant with a healthy, growing, kicky baby. Because I do worry a little about early term labor – it would really screw up my coworkers, managers, and partners if I had to suddenly go on bedrest… or, you know. Deliver a baby or something.

But. As I keep trying to convince myself, it’s all going to work out for the best. And. Like the process of actually GETTING pregnant – there isn’t much control I have over anything much these days (my bladder included). It’s not up to me.

I just really, really hope that things continue to be uneventful. That’s all.

And I really hope that it’s not too much to ask for.



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  1. First, you crack me up about the socks!! FWIW, I used the socks the hospital gave me. I loved them, I asked for another pair, LOL!!

    Second, I was catching up on your old entries and I wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo of you & the sunset! OMG, that is just gorgeous! 🙂

    ❤ Amy

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps thinking about socks.

    Hope everything continues to be uneventful and good luck with the busy weekend.

  3. I wasn’t offered any socks at the hospital, but I did come in with my own so maybe they didn’t offer them to me because of that. I just took some dark gray socks that I had and didn’t have any problems washing the yuck out of them (and yes, they did get dirty from when I initially stood up after delivery, but that wasn’t a problem after that.

    Hope the childbirth class goes well. Even if you don’t learn much about birth from it, it’ll be nice to see how your hospital does things. Plus, it’s one of those rites of passage that a pregnant couple goes through prior to the birth of their child. Another step in the process, bringing you closer to having that baby of yours. Could you get by without it? Probably. But look at it this way. The conception was not typical. So why not experience a part of a pregnancy that IS supposed to be typical? 🙂

    Hope your trip goes well!

  4. I’ve been told to either bring my own cheapy socks or (another suggestion from a recently delivered mommy) was to wear crocs instead. I don’t actually own crocs or I might consider it, so I plan to bring the 2 pairs of socks I have that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of and see how it it goes.

    My childbirthing class was informative, if only to force me to watch babies ejecting from some stranger’s vajayjay, make me a little nervous, and let me know how my hospital does these things.

  5. Good Luck with the marathon . . . and can I just say . . . go for the epidural!

    As for socks, how about some (cheap) but really crazy ‘novelty’ socks from Tarjay or somewhere, cartoony fun socks you might not normally wear and therefore won’t feel badly if they get ruined.

  6. I can’t even remember if I had socks on! Comfort is important, but so many things will crowd all that stuff out. Cause you will be seeing Squishy.

  7. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have socks. Or much of a mess right after delivery when I stood to walk to the shower.

    Either way…socks-shmocks… you’ll have a new baby to swoon over.

  8. I can fix the scok thing! Want me to knit you a pair?!??!

  9. The socks thing cracks me up. I’d soooo worry about that kind of thing!

  10. At my big city hospital, they gave me a pair of socks. Ask your OB if your birth-place-of-choice gives out socks to its patients.

  11. I am going to 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th, etc, etc) the sentiment of others – find out if the hospital provides them. I happily put on the hospital socks and wore them the entire time (luckily had no mess when standing up). There were actually a couple of pairs in the room so they both went home with me. 🙂

    Oh and I am NOT an advocate of taking anything you care about (pillows, favorite pajamas, etc). I ended up throwing up during the pushing stage and of course it went all over the hospital pillows, which I was happy about because they took them and cleaned them and brought me new pillows with fresh cases and it was fabulous. And I just never saw the point to wearing pretty jammies given that what you have just been through definitely puts you in a position to ruin them fairly easily.

    That’s just my two cents. Good luck with the class!

  12. HAHAHAHAHA about the socks!!! I say wear the socks that have been with you through this whole experience. They have stuck by you and given you comfort, they deserve to see the final product and be up in the air waving proudly!

  13. I am not going to comment on the socks – I think you got enough advice on that topic! I WILL, however, tell you that you have to stop worrying about your work. Your work will survive if something unexpected happens. They will have to deal with it. You have to think about YOU and SQUISHY, not work!!!! I hope that you carry to full term, of course, but if it happens a couple of weeks early, they will survive!

  14. Good luck on your class. I totally agree with the marathon class idea–get it over with! You will probably be one of the more knowledgeable people there, and frankly, a lot of it will be ground you probably covered in your readings before. Just don’t let it overwhelm you!

    As for the socks, I so did not care AT ALL by the time I was doing it—and for the life of me—I can’t remember. I ended up with an emergency C, so I got the squishy boots anyways…and thats what I remember about my feet. 🙂

  15. My socks survived just fine. I think I did get something on them, but it washed out.

  16. Socks with non-skid bottoms are a dime a dozen at hospitals. We actually prefer you wear them on the waxed floors than your own. Yours will very likely get sullied with birthin’ fluids, so i suggest asking the nurse on admit for socks.

  17. Wow. Socks. I had not even thought of worrying about that yet. See what I gain from the blogosphere?

    Good luck for class and for the busy weeks ahead…


  18. Our birth class is next Sunday all day too! Please let me know if it’s worth your time. Was it a free class? We had to pay $95 buckaroos so I’m hoping for an educational day!

    Bring your own socks. No brainer! I’m between 3 pairs now and will wear pink/blue depending on the gender 🙂

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