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January 17, 2008 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 14 Comments

I don’t have a heck of a lot to report today. Work still sucks, though I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as I did a couple of nights ago. Which is good.

J and I think we’re close to nailing down a boy’s name, since the one we picked is taken by his close cousin. I know that some of you suggested that we use the name we like anyway, but we’re not comfortable with that. (Our whole strategy, if you will, in naming our kids, was that they got something that was THEIRS within our extended family. We are using family names for middle names, but the first name, we thought, was important that he or she got his or her own.)

So we’re close. I’d like to just decide on it and be done with the whole naming thing, but that’s really mostly a product of my work stress – the less I have to think about, the better. It’s not like leaving our options open just in case we come up with a name which we like much better will kill me. So that’s what we’re going to do – we’re 95% sure that we’ll use the name we like, but are open to something else for now.

I’m starting, also, to sense a schedule in the movements of the baby inside me. I’ll feel a few kicks or so in response to me getting up early morning, but generally I’ll feel a flurry of movement in the morning for about an hour – usually around 9am or so. Then again at noon – another hour or so. I’ll have a long afternoon where there isn’t much, but come early evening? Squishy is up and awake – and moves and squirms and kicks for a few hours. Last night, as I was sprawled on the hotel bed, I could actually see my belly MOVING. Which was pretty cool.

I am starting to really have to control both my salt and water intake nowadays – my feet and my hands seem to be very sensitive to swelling. The past two mornings I’ve woken with some mild swelling which seems to disappear during the day, provided I focus on drinking water. It was pretty stupid of me, then, to splurge on the french fries for my dinner last night – because this morning I’m working with the same thing. So, in addition to avoiding the foods which are high in sodium (soup for example – even the low sodium stuff is pretty salty! – and most pre-made foods you find in the grocery store), I’m going to need to refocus again on drinking enough water during the day. And avoid french fries at dinner, too. *sigh*

My belly is starting to develop “corners-” parts of me which are not belly – it’s baby bulging out. For example, this kid loves to nestle up near my right rib lately. And when I put a hand on the place where I feel pressure, I feel a lump of hard baby mass. I think it’s a shoulder or the back or a head or something, because the kicks are down low, near my cervix, and ths mass doesn’t move when I place my hand there. It’ll really be interesting to get my ultrasound next week so I can see the position of the baby. I’d like to know what I’m rubbing, really.

And um yeah. Next Thursday? My 3o-week ultrasound.

Next Saturday I’ll be 30 freaking weeks.

Holy shit. When did I get to be this pregnant?


When I talked about the water/salt thing, what I meant was this: DECREASING my salt intake while simultaneously INCREASING my water intake.

Clearly french fries are out for the rest of the pregnancy. As is soup. Or pickles.

And it means that I just have to make sure I focus on drinking MORE water each day, too.

I just didn’t want to confuse anyone.



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  1. I also don’t subscribe to the “use it anyway!” thinking when it’s someone in the family who’s used the name. I figure there are enough names out there that there’s sure to be something I’ll like just as much (and maybe even more!).

    Almost 30w. Fantastic! That’s like, real pregnant ‘n stuff! 😀


  2. Check out the website for more info on your swelling. From what I know, limiting water and salt are among the worst things you can do to try to control swelling. It sounds like it makes sense–the less water you take in, the less water you keep–but what happens is that if you don’t bring in enough water, your body holds on to as much as possible because (biologically speaking) you’re going through a drought and it needs to conserve water for you. But if you drink plenty of water, then your body can release the most water. Also, even mild dehydration can cause low amniotic fluid levels, and cause problems with your baby.


  3. The swelling has gotten me, too! Last week after my weekly tirp to my favorite mexican restaurant my ankles swelled to the size of my calves. When I talked to my doctor about it she was certain it was caused by the extra salt in-take and I should cut back on those types of meals. I’m pretty bummed because I will really miss my weekly dose of Mexican.

    I’m so jealous of all of you that get a 30 or 35 week ultrasounds. I have some of the better insurance in my area and it only covers 2 OB ultrasounds unless medically necessary. I’m going to try and see if I can talk mine into giving me another one and I’m almost tempted to just pay for it because I’m starting to get a little anxious and paranoid.

  4. Somewhat Ordinary – the only reason I am getting two more u/s is because of my funky Ute. Next week is to ensure that the baby’s growing appropriately and check my fluid levels and the health of my placenta, and I’ll get another at 36w to check the position of the baby (I have a higher-than-normal chance of breech birth, therefore we want to schedule a section date if Squishy is still head up by then).

    So I fall into the “medically necessary” category here – I have a condition which requires more than one OB u/s.

    Which, you know, is ok with me.

  5. I always wondered what B position was! I tried to guess all the time, but I am pretty sure I was wrong. Sorry about the swelling–I remember the last few weeks was just unbearable for me!!

  6. Life without french fries – NEVER!

  7. My condolences on the dropping of the french fries. Don’t we pregnant women have to deal with enough?

  8. while i very much look forward to seeing a baby moving inside my belly…i have to admit i think it might freak me out at first.
    that’s probably because i read that if i don’t eat enought calicium then the babe will take it from *my* bones. Hello, has anyone asked me?
    i guess be a control freak and pregnancy don’t mix. *sigh*

    glad work has calmed down.

  9. Holy Shit – 30 weeks. And Squishy is a PERSON now. Not a dream, not an embryo, but a person who would survive out of your womb. Crazy.

    How absolutely awesome that he moves so you can see him. That must be amazing.

    Cut down on salt? Wow – that’s cruel. I don’t know if I could do it since it is my favorite food group. 🙂

    Sending you lots of love and can’t wait to meet Squishy in – what is it – 10 weeks or so. OMG!!


  10. No fries? nightmare.

  11. Where did the time go! 30 weeks! OMG!

  12. 30 weeks! that’s like grown-up pregnant!
    it’s so hard to balance the water, fiber, salt, what-have-you. a never ending battle.

  13. Nearly thirty weeks!

    Good luck with your salt/swelling.


  14. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come across harsh or anything. I have some friends IRL that get them at 35 weeks automatically so I just assumed-stupid me!

    Hope the swelling went down! I had a swelling episode last night while in some infant development class at the hospital-it was pretty gross!

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