32 week appointment update (aka: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition).

February 8, 2008 at 12:38 pm | Posted in My life, Pregnancy | 23 Comments

Yesterday’s appointment stats: 

1. I am up 1lb since my 30 week appointment, which puts me at a total of 25lbs since my BFP.

2. Blood pressure was “perfect” – 112/70.

3. Squishy did NOT play doppler dodger yesterday (for the first time in a couple of appointments). Hb was measured at a good pace – 140-145.

They did start quizzing me on plans for labor and delivery. Did we have a carseat? Who was going to bring me to the hospital?  If we have a boy, were we planning on circumsizing? Had we picked our pediatrician (called that one!) yet? Had we signed up for the labor and delivery class? Did I intend to breastfeed?

Thankfully I had some answers, and the ones where I didn’t, the nurse just told me that I should be thinking about what I want to do.

Bought some time until next appointment, anyway.

They also gave me a bunch of paperwork to fill out before my next appointment – consents, a questionaire about newborn circumcision, information on newborn screening and immunization, as well as the form for a birth certificate.

A birth certificate, people.

That says I am the mother and J is the father of a little person.

Who will have his or her own identity.

I get just a little weepy when I think about it.

I also mentioned the pelvis ache to my doctor when we talked; as I expected, she said that some pelvic pain was normal as my bones separate to prepare my body for birthing. 

But. As she was measuring my fundal height, she pressed down on the top of my bone down there and said “it hurts here?”

Ow ow ow ow ow ow OW.

I almost kicked her… but I managed to restrain myself, and through gritted teeth, said, ‘Umm yeah. There.”

Wow that part sucked. I seriously had a hard time walking back from the train station to my client’s office after the appointment. And last night, I could barely lift my leg to step out of my pants.


But otherwise, all looks well. My doctor was amazed that Squishy seemed to be curled up pretty much all on my right side, and when I mentioned that s/he was definitely still breech, since I could feel a head in my rib… she told me that if she had to guess, there’s a pretty good chance that the baby won’t turn by our 36 week ultrasound. She said that it’s possible that s/he might turn, but wanted to prepare me for the fact that s/he might not.

I guess she thinks that since Squishy is all… well… squished into the right horn of my uterus and not splitting it, there isn’t much room for him or her to turn. Which makes sense, really. But – she was also quick to tell me that on both of my ultrasounds, the technician was not able to visualize the left horn, so it’s possible that Ute has stretched enough to have flattened out. Which means that there IS a chance that Squishy might turn.

All in all though, I’d say that it’s more likely than not that s/he remain in his or her current position.

And you know something? I found myself being pretty Zen about the idea of a c-section. I mean, it’s certainly not the ideal way I want to birth our baby.

But then again… I also wanted to conceive him or her without the use of doctors and a lot of surgery.

And, really. Ultimately I just want my baby to get here alive and healthy.

Course, that was yesterday. Stay tuned for the inevitable freak out and discussion of natural methods to turn a stubbornly breech baby, despite a freak Ute anomoly.



I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with work. Three weeks – give or take a couple of days. That’s it. I do have to work this weekend, but I’ll work from home tomorrow. This engagement I’m on now seems to be going pretty smoothly, and I have a good team picking up the slack of what I haven’t been able to do.

In fact, I’ve left here now two nights in a row at 7:30om – a record for me, really.

I mean, it’s still a 12 hour day. But not a 14 hour one.

And for the past two nights I haven’t really had any nightmares, which is good.

This weekend J is planning on putting our crib together. And I think we’ll do some cleaning up of the closet and bookshelves in the baby’s room.

The baby’s room.

This is really happening.

We’re going to be parents.



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  1. Geez, I’m already up 34 pounds, and I’m only 28 weeks. Can’t figure why either, since we don’t eat out and I don’t eat junk.

    My pelvis has been killing me too- I feel your pain.

  2. Glad to hear your appointment went so well! (And I love the Spanish Inquisition quote–always good to use Monty Python in regular conversation!)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. When we first started TTC, I came up with a birth plan that was really elaborate. Now, I just want a baby and for both of us to come out of it alive and as healthy as possible.

    Now, all of those decisions don’t seem important. I just want the end result.

  4. I was sort of shocked when I had to fill out the birth certificate stuff, too! It makes it really real. Glad to hear everything is going good and that there is a little hope that Squishy might turn. Have you thought about accupuncture?

  5. Why, yes you are, dear Serenity! Those kinds of questions you were asked once had be breaking out in a cold sweat — and now, for you, they are sending shivers up and down my spine. What you said about the birth certificate made me smile — I know the feeling. When Banana was already born and her first-ever plane ticket arrived in the mail, I stared at her printed name in awe and wonder — hey look, not only is she miraculously here, but she’s a real, live, officially recognized person!

    It does sound as if Squishy is living up to his/her name. I hope that he/she finds a bit of space to turn soon. But if not, I’m glad you’re fairly OK with the idea of a C-section. It’s not so bad, really, especially considering the prize at the end!

  6. Wow, a birth certificate. How’s that for tangible indication of parenthood?

    It is getting close!

  7. I remember those appointments and thinking… “why do they want us to do this so early” And then before you knew it the baby was here. Congratulations Serenity, I’m glad you are almost at the end and soon you will get to meet your little one.

  8. Seeing the paperwork for the birth certificate is def. a “holy cow” moment. P told me that is when he really realized that we created a whole new person, who needs a birth certificate.

    For me? It was when we got her Social Securtiy Card. Her full name with her own number. Wow.

  9. Yayyy! You’re having a baby, I’m going to be so freaked when I have to do all that paperwork.

  10. My first “OMG I’m a parent” moment was when we were at the pediatrician’s office at 4 days old and they called out her name in the waiting room. At first I just sat there, then I was jolted into standing up when it hit me that–wait a minute–they’re asking for MY DAUGHTER!! I’m not waiting for MY name–I’m waiting for my DAUGHTER’S name!! LOL

    Such exciting stuff!

  11. I’m glad your appointment went well!!

    I was the same way about a C-section. Though, as a word of caution about what I’m about to sy, I didn’t HAVE one in the end. But my best friend kept saying how I’d be DEVASTATED if I had to have a section. I was like, devastated? Because I had to have surgery? But assuming that the baby is ok? Whatever. I was like…well, nothing ELSE was natural….


  12. I have had 3 c-sections, and, while they are no picnic, they are obviously for the safety of you and your baby. Your body will do whatever it wants (regardless of your birth plan) and your doctors should do whatever they can to keep you alive. The end. Nursing/breathing exercises/etc… all lucky if you get to make those decisions. For example, I wasn’t able to nurse my kids, even though I “planned” on doing so. Guess my breasts didn’t read the birth plan. Ha!

  13. The forms for a birth certificate? That made my eyes fill with tears.
    Glad the appointment was alright (save the added pain!). It’s amazing to hear that you are feeling zen. And if that’s how you feel today… let’s shoot that way for tomorrow. 😉

  14. I’m a lurker on your blog but wanted to wish you the very best at this exciting time and to thank you for the updating of Mary Ellen’s blog. I know this week has been hard on you, as well, and you are a wonderful friend. Best of luck as you wait for Squishy’s arrival! Exciting and happy times!

  15. Congrats on a successful appointment. 🙂

    It certainly sounds very real to me, with you at 32 weeks!

    Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised if I feel like someone’s kidding me when (please g-d when this time) I get that far along. I mean, come on, no way, right?



  16. I had to fill out the birth certificate form before the anatomy scan even. That freaked me out. And when they came in after they were born to sign the forms for it? Weird. My kids. And I was naming them. It didn’t truly hit that they were mine until we had everyone home (took awhile) and they were both crying and … I had to deal with it. Alone.

    My c-section was a breeze, I was on my feet within hours. I’m always glad when people are open to the possibility, because really, it’s not the end of the world.

  17. I had a c-section after 21 hours of induced labor and am now totally envying the thought of your scheduled c-section. From a recovery standpoint it was no big deal – on par with my friends who had vaginal deliveries and stitches. A month or so before I had my baby I was talking to a friend who had just had her 2nd c-section. She said after her first one she felt really disappointed that she didn’t deliver vaginally and then a nurse friend of hers said “the only c-section you regret is the one you didn’t do.”

    If you haven’t already, install the car seat right now. And practice getting it in and out of the car and strapping a stuffed animal or something into it. Because when you are ready to go home from the hospital and you are tired and you are trying to get the baby in correctly and your husband is saying “didn’t you read the manual?” and you are threatening to stab him it kind of puts a damper on the whole homecoming fantasy you had in your head.

  18. Yay for lights and tunnels! And yeah – I guess you do have a lot to think about over the next few weeks! Birth certificate stuff! Wow!


  19. I’m so excited for you!! I’m glad everything went well at your appt. I’m glad Squishy is doing well. When we were taking my daughter home I could not believe that they were giving her to us. Just like that. No formal training or manuals. And four and a half years later we’re doing just fine.

  20. I had an emergent section and a planned one…the planned one was much easier as I wasnt exhausted after 48 hours of labor and only dilating to 6. The second one, we picked the day and it went off without a hitch. The only drawback after the first one, having been so exhausted then the section, I was pretty wiped out and BigD told the nurse the babys name while I was out of it and when I finally was alert, found out that he named him my third choice. He swears we “talked” about it, but on a morphine pump he could have named him cletus and I wouldn’t have cared. (I made up for it though and named the next one my first choice).

    (thanks again for updating on ME and Steves site…I know you have to have some pretty conflicting feelings right now-you are a sweetheart.)

  21. Gettin’ real now!

  22. I’m so happy for you right now. It sounds like everything is on track and ready to roll.

  23. Wow Serenity you’re doing so well!!! Won’t be long now eh??? Hey I was just over at Meri-Anne’s blog and read about the fertility rune you sent her – WHERE CAN I GET ONE???????? I need all the luck I can get!!!

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