A rant. Forgetfulness and swelling.

February 15, 2008 at 12:29 pm | Posted in rants | 17 Comments

Stories like this one make me sick. And they’re happening far too often these days.

Plain vanilla suicide isn’t enough, I guess. Might as well take a bunch of innocent people with you. Because, you know, you have to up the Egocentric Scale a couple thousand degrees.

Given that my cousin died at the end of one, I can’t claim to be even CLOSE to unbiased here. But I will never understand why guns are constitutionally protected.* I know that they served a purpose back in the days of the Constitutional Convention… but as far as I’m concerned, there really isn’t anything much more evil than a gun. It was made with the sole purpose of KILLING. Animals, in the case of hunting.

Or 6 innocent people, who were just sitting in their ocean studies class.

I hate how violent things have become. In such a short time.

Whatever happened to the days of getting drunk, smoking pot, and skipping classes in college? How come all of a sudden university students are wound so tightly that they decide to shoot up a full lecture hall?


Anyway. Hey, guess what. It’s Friday. Not that it really matters for me – I’m working all day tomorrow. And I’m doing our friends’ taxes on Sunday. And then I’ll be back at the audit work next Monday.

But at least I can go into the office in jeans tomorrow. And work a shorter day.  And have dinner with my husband tonight.

Good grief, I am TIRED. Tired enough that I’m starting to forget things. Like last night for example. I got ready for bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, et cetera – somehow without remembering to remove my contacts. It was only when I woke up for my 1am pee session that I realized they were still in.

And then this morning in the shower… I washed and conditioned my hair… then washed my face. And actually turned off the water and went to get OUT of the shower before I realized I hadn’t bothered to even touch the bar of soap.


I’d like to blame it on the pregnancy brain, but personally I think it’s a combination of too much to think about at work and not enough good sleep these days. I’m still waking up 3-4x a night, and sometimes, depending on whether or not Squishy is awake when I am, I don’t get back to sleep for a full half hour to an hour. Combine that with working from 6:30am until 8:30-9pm? Disaster.

But. One of my clients will allegedly be filing at the end of next week. And the other one the week after that. So there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, provided I can hang on another couple of weeks.

The other fun thing? Regardless of how much water I drink, my feet and ankles swell. In fact, this very morning I WOKE UP with swollen ankles.

The good news is that my blood pressure was VERY normal at my last appointment. And it’s just my ankles/feet, as my rings still have some room to slide on and off.

Still, though, I’m drinking as much water as I possibly can to minimize the damage.

And dreading how bad it might get in a couple of weeks.

Good thing I love this kid, eh? 🙂

*Yes, I know the argument that if guns are legal, then it’s easier to legislate controls over them. And I’m not judging people who enjoy the sport of hunting either. I guess that this is where I echo John Lennon – wouldn’t it be great if there was a world where we didn’t NEED weapons? Just imagine.



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  1. Hi
    I’ve never done this before so you’ll have to forgive me. You seem allot like me. Congratulations by the way. I am a 36 year old woman. I have a husband I adore and two beautiful children. My son is 13 and my daughter is 12. My husband is an electrician I am a purchasing agent. I am just an average person so I don’t want what I say to sound like I’m some crazed gun activist. It’s just that I really believe in the right to keep and bare arms. Our forefathers were not talking about hunting. If you think for a moment what if just say what if every student and teacher had a gun in that class room. The gunman would have gotten one shot off maybe two. That is it. Then he would have died and that would have been the end of it. How many lives could have been saved? How many gunmen do you think would go into a class room and open fire if he knew that there was a distinct possibility that it would be 100 to 1?

  2. It’s too bad this was a gun free zone making the students there victims instead of defenders. When will people wake up and see that gun-free zones are nothing more than a free for all for some sicko crazy with a gun! As long as there are animals with guns out there I will have one to protect myself. The guns aren’t evil, the people behind them are! I hope Obama is happy that Chicago has had a lot of thier gun rights stripped from them. The people living there are now becoming victims!

  3. It is a tragedy…Not even a week ago the same thing happened at Louisiana Technical College. All the victems and shooter were black, I wonder why this hasn’t got the same coverage?

    Both are tragedies, and both should not be forgotten.

  4. This won’t surprise you I am sure, but I am SO on the same page re: gun ownership. It frightens me how attractive these deadly weapons are to young people. And I simply refuse to buy the pro-second amendment arguments. The argument I hate the most is the one that points out that more people die from car accidents than from guns. How does that make gun ownership a necessity??!! I agree about guns being used for hunting but my sense is that too few people create adequate protections so that their weapons will not get into the wrong hands. Ok, climbing off my soapbox…….

    I can’t wait until your schedule goes back to normal. And gets even better after you stop working. I don’t know how you have put in those hours for so long!!

    As for the shower incident, when I was in grad school and both finishing my semester papers and correcting 200 exams for my TA position, I realized that I had only shaved one leg. I was sitting at the table, computing final grades in shorts because we lived in an apartment with overactive (free!) heat and I rubbed my legs. I realized then just how exhausted I was. At least you realized what you hadn’t done while you are still in the shower!!


  5. Unfortunately, most of the people who support the right to bear arms aren’t talking about a simple .38 or a hunting rifle. Is there really any excuse to justify why any sane person needs a semi-automatic? An uzi?

    My husband owns a few pistols and I HATE that they are in our house, but it is his “right”.

    Also most of these people who go on sprees or criminal acts? They are most likely not registered to carry so these pro-weapon people think they need protection against those who carry illegally. Here’s the thing for those people: where do you think these nut jobs get their guns? They steal them from the people licensed to carry them or have them in their home. So we have the legals supplying the illegals. Nifty, huh?

    Sorry, Serenity. I’m in a mood. And it’s not a good one.

  6. I am for responsible gun ownership. Therefore, I feel the right should be upheld. That is almost the only thing I agree with Republicans about. Sorry, stereotype :-

    What I don’t understand, and what I finally am able to put into words is, how come nobody sees these people as troubled? Or if they do, how come they don’t do more about it?

    I blame the fact that we don’t know our neighbors, our community, our family as much as we used to. How many times have you talked to your neighbor? How well do you know them?

    Even back when we were growing up, my mom knew all my friends’ parents, and our neighbors (even the creepy old guy next door).

    It’s the isolation of society I think that has made these occurances more commonplace. While the internet has “opened up the world” it has also isolated us by keeping us in our homes, away from people

  7. Guns. Guns? GUNS!!!

    I wonder if they pulled the gun from the shooters dead hands after he managed to kill all those people?

  8. One of my friends who just had a baby had bad swelling too and she is on her feet all day (she’s a vet) and she said the support hose – like from a medical supply store worked awesome. I wish someone had recommended them for me, I had swelling in my feet and legs and it got painful toward the end.

    Here’s a heads up (wish I had known ahead of time) the swelling often gets worse before it gets better after you deliver. Especially if you have a c-section. For me it took about a week post-delivery before I noticed it getting better.

  9. I’m with Chris Rock. We need bullet control. That’s all. Just make each bullet $1,000

  10. I was thinking the same thing this morning when I read the newspaper. It seems like the campus shootings are happening way too often. I don’t remember being that would or upset in college. And my fellow classmates were pretty laid back also. I also thought about guns and the people who have them who don’t need them. My Dad is a hunter and has guns. He taught me about guns and to have respect for them. I have no interest in hunting or carrying a gun for any reason. My husband and I will never own a gun. It is so sad when these suicides take other innocent people with them. I’m not sure how we can fix this.
    On a lighter note–I laughed so hard about you forgetting to wash up in the shower. In the end it’s so uncomfortable to sleep I can understand the forgetting and being tired.
    I’m glad your blood pressure is normal.

  11. It’s sad, that’s for sure. And scary for our own kids, because if it’s this crazy now, I worry what it’ll be like when they go to school.

  12. I too was sickened yesterday, when I heard the news re the shootings. I can’t even begin to understand the why of it. I’m originally from New Zealand. We do own guns in NZ, but there are stricter controls on ownership and a different attitude. We have had at least one bad incident at a place called Aromoana, but we have never had a school shooting. Touch wood we never will. I can’t get my head around why 11 year olds over here would want to shoot their school friends… or why 15 year olds would… or those who are students of any age. Arming teachers and students is not the answer, it won’t stop this happpenning again. You already have armed school police in many states, metal detectors, barred windows and so on. They need to be looking at the reasons that this crap is happenning, not looking at ways to close the stable door once the horse has already bolted!!

    Re you swelling feet and ankles. I agree with what another poster wrote. Go to your local pharmacy and buy a pair of the graduated support stockings. You can buy ones that look just like knee highs. I wore them when pregnant with my twins, they really helped the swelling and also the achy feet.

  13. I hear you on the gun thing, and am in a similar situation my brother died at his own hand. It may well be true that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” but that’s what guns designed to do: kill. And that’s what they’ve been doing. I don’t see how escalating the amount of gun ownership, or making so that everyone simply carries a gun everywhere is going to reduce the number of tragic deaths. I fear though, we’re in the process of an experiment to find out if that’s the case.

  14. Coming from Oz, where I think our gun laws are too free, the US scares the living crap outta me. Too many people have free access to too many things only desinged to put holes in people.

    Yes knives etc can kill too, but it takes a LOT more moxie to walk up to someone and stab them and it’s much harder to kill a roomfull of people.



  15. Well, as you know, last time we had a mass shooting in my home country they slapped on a whole stack of new gun controls and we haven’t looked back since.

    Guns don’t kill people. People who have guns kill people. And if you made guns unlawful, only lawbreakers would have guns – instead of lawbreakers and also people who aren’t lawbreakers but could crack at any moment. And I think if everyone was armed all the time, instead of having six dead students we’d have dozens, perhaps hundreds of dead people, all of whom had been killed accidentally or through some complicated – oops – miscommunication.

    In truth, though, I agree that the problem is wider than gun laws. There are countries with just as much gun ownership and less shooting. But I don’t hear those countries talking about their “right” to bear arms in quite the same way either…

    Um. Swelling. Hope you do find something to ease it. Some socks and a nice foot massage (hint, J) sounds good!


  16. Can totally relate about the swelling (and gun control). For me, BP was always fine, but the cankles got bigger and bigger. Didn’t let up til postpartum, but let up it did. I just wore the same boots throughout pregnancy and eventually threw them out once I could slide into skinnier shoes.

  17. Yeah, Julie and James, every college student having a gun is a great idea. Because I am sure nobody would ever get shot at a frat party with a keg or five. And nobody would ever get shot for giving someone a grade they didn’t feel they should’ve gotten– after all, they were up three nights in a row studying. Yeah, I trust 18 year olds with guns, every single one of them.

    Serenity, I am so sorry about your cousin. This must’ve left a big gaping hole in your family.

    Swelling, oh, yes, swelling. Do you have a chain for your rings once they no longer have room to slide?

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