Where I smack myself and quit the freaking bitching already.

February 20, 2008 at 4:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Note to self: never, ever write a blog post first thing in the morning… before coffee… while listening to Adagio For Strings.

A song that was voted the saddest classical work ever by listeners of the BBC can’t really do much for your inspiration.


It’s work. Really – right now my bitching is almost 100% related to the fact that I’m completely overwhelmed at work. I have too much to do and not enough time. It happens every year.

Only now I have some very physical limitations. And when I try to delegate stuff off to people, I get some VERY shoddy work back. In fact, the past day and a half I’ve spent going over a tie out done by one of my normally very detailed associates – with errors everywhere.

Because I’m not the only one who’s busy. EVERYONE is.

Good times.

And as neverending as this all feels… really it’ll be over in a week and a half. And then I can put my feet up, get my rest (ha!)  – or at least just not go into work every day of the week.

Working from home.

In my PJs.


So. Please bear with me, ok? At the end of the day… I’m so thrilled that it’s looking like, in a few short weeks, we’ll get to meet our son or daughter.

So what if I’m uncomfortable in the meantime?

I promise I’ll quit my whining.




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  1. don’t worry about the bitching….
    yes, you are in the fantastic position of being *this* close to meeting your little one, but you’re also crazy busy at work, uncomfortable, not sleeping. . . just because you’re preggo doesn’t mean that these things stop sucking.

    i’m a bitching broken record too. . . only mine is all about my wrists and hands!

    i hope your crazy time at work ends soon. just think of the better yet crazier times to come!

  2. People should be allowed to wear PJ’s to the office. (Better yet stay home!) But still . . .

    Bitch away . . . why not?! Being grateful for something does not disentitle (is that a word?) you to a little bitching.

  3. This is why we are here — you can bitch as much as you want, and no apologies necessary!

  4. Whine away!!

  5. You don’t have to apologize. I so understand how you feel. I am overwhelmed with work too. I almost lost it at work today as well. At 7 pm, my boss asked what were my plans for the evening once I get home because I should try to get some extra work done on my free time… evening??? I left work at 8 pm… there is no evening left !!! there is no free time!!! and that was only one day, I can’t imagine being like that everyday , like you do… Hugs, hang in there

  6. Urggg… hang in there, it’s almost over. Until then just groan and bear it. And bitch away.

  7. Well, it will be good in a week and a half not to have so much to bitch *about*. That’s something to look forwards to. Friday is nearly here…


  8. I too think that just because you’ve waited for so long, and just because you know just how badly off things could be, doesn’t mean you don’t have legitimate things to complain about. You do have perspective, and things are still tough.
    I hope this upcoming week goes smoothly and that you will in fact be all about PJ’s and feet up in a mere week.

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