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February 21, 2008 at 12:09 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 16 Comments

At least the gods have been kind to me – the past two nights I’ve slept through the night.

This morning I did actually wake at 4am for a drink of water. Which of course woke the baby up too. But we were able to get back into a good deep sleep for another hour or so.

Enough that when J woke me to tell me he was going to work…

I was in the middle of dreaming that I was a muppet on the Muppet Show. Except I was human. And we were in the middle of the opening song – my bit was to pretend I didn’t know the choreography and cause absolute mayhem on stage.

So now I have the theme from the Muppet Show running through my head. I LOVED that show.


I am finding that intellectual capacity is, in fact, finite. This is new for me – all my life I’ve always approached everything with the thought that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.

Well. Of course, within reason. Obviously I couldn’t actually GET us pregnant just by working hard. And staying pregnant largely has nothing to do with what I’ve done.

But work? It’s never been an issue before. Working hard has made me tired, yeah. And there have been times where I’ve CHOSEN not to work late because, well, I just didn’t feel like it.

Now, however. It’s a whole different story. I actually HAD to leave last night because my brain had just shut down. I stared at a number for a good 10 minutes. I had no idea what to do with it. So I left.

So I’ve actually found the end of my intellectual capability. I’m toeing the edge of it this very moment.

Maybe I’m not nearly as intelligent as I thought I was.



Squishy, I think, has given up trying to turn. There are a lot less times where I feel that bulging, the shifting in my side nowadays. I think s/he’s decided that the path of least resistance is not a bad one to take. 

Instead, what I feel is a lot of squirming – hands and elbows up by my rib, feet way down low. In fact, the other night, when s/he was kicking, I put a hand on my pelvic bone and actually felt a foot. Even better? I can feel the curl of his/her body from the OUTSIDE nowadays. Not just his/her head. 

It’s pretty surreal to cup my hand on my belly in the morning and be able to feel the contours of my baby inside me.


I have my 34 week appointment with my OB today. We still haven’t picked a pediatrician – formally anyway. And since I am giving birth in at Big City Hospital, and we want our pediatrician to be close to our house, the likelihood of using any of the pedis who rotate through the maternity ward are slim to none.

I’m thinking at this point I’m just going to name one of the doctors in the practice that we want to use, just to get them to stop asking.

I can call and discuss with the office later on about whether or not she’s accepting new patients.


I’m totally putting off diving into work. So I should get back to it, I guess.

Only another week and a half. 

So what if I have no idea how I’m going to get it all done in that amount of time?




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  1. Two nights in a row of sleep? That’s great!
    I’m glad you left last night. I think your concious brain is working on all the work stuff and your subconcious is working on baby stuff/lifestyle changes. So your brain is on total overload.

    Week and half? You can get there S.

  2. I loved the Muppet Show too! hmm..now its caught in my head–and I am at work…

    Glad you are getting some sleep!

    Just hang in there!!

  3. Two nights of good sleep! Maybe that will also help your brain function better.

  4. Glad the sleeping is better for now!! That might make a difference in your brain power! 🙂

    Eh, who needs brain power anyway?

    I found I was super stupid right before I had Ethan. And then it sort of hung around. I think it’s getting better now, but it also could be I’m getting used to it.


  5. oh how sweet. i can’t imagine how sweet that it. wow, 34 weeks. man, i am getting more and more excited for you guys.

  6. I agree that intellectual capacity is finite. And for the first time in your life you are experiencing what the rest of us experience more frequently. *SIGH* Seriously, though, it happens to me when I am brutally tired.

    Let us know how your appointment goes/went!!


  7. There is an offical medical term for pregnancy induced stupidity–the baby causes brain drain. They haven’t found a cure and sadly it worsens when they become teenagers.;)

  8. I have hit the limit of my brain power, too. But it’s more that I’ve got reduced brain power. Seriously reduced. I guess we’ll have to contend with being just smart enough to get by.


  9. Almost 34 weeks!! SO exciting! 🙂


  10. Glad to hear things are still progressing smoothly. Only 6 more weeks for you! So exciting!

  11. I can totally picture you as this human on stage with all the muppets, bumping around in confusion. That just might be the funniest opening image to a post ever.

  12. It really is no big deal to have your ped not have privileges at the hospital. The on-staff peds are very good, and a very detailed report will be sent to your chosen doctor. Who will likely want you to come in to be seen before the 1 week appointment because s/he will want to meet the new patient ASAP.
    Honestly, no biggie.

    Pregnancy brain fog? Stays in post-partum period, but does eventually lift. Sorry it has found you at such an inconvenient time.

  13. 34 weeks. Wow Serenity. Where has the time gone? You’re almost at the finish line and you’ve done just great.
    You are so good at keeping up w/ posting. I wish I were better. It’ll be great to read back on all of this years from now.

  14. Serenity?

    Where have you been? Everything ok?

  15. That is a heck of a lot to get done, but I’m sure you’ll figure out a way….

    BTW, I don’t know if this is asking too much, but I bought some things I’d love to be able to send to ME… She’s weighed so heavily on my heart. Is there a way maybe I could mail to you or somewhere you don’t mind so that she could get it. If not, please know I understand completely and I’ll save it for someone else who I meet in life who has to experience the horror of losing a child in-utero. Hope this doesn’t seem odd/inappropriate, I just really have felt so touched/hurt by their pain and wondered if it would be nice to have a blogger friend reach out.

    You can email or comment through my blog. Thank you!!!

  16. Sorry for two comments. (I was going to say, perhaps, if you don’t want to give out that info, a PO box or work address would be fine too.)

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