What? It’s Tuesday?

March 4, 2008 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 11 Comments

Good grief, I am freaking TIRED.

Once my last client filed, I looked forward to lazing around in bed. Sleeping off the work-induced stress. Resting. Catching up on my sleep.

Squishy, apparently, has other plans for me.

Because for the past 4 nights I have only been able to sleep in 2 hour stretches.

(If that.)

This breech thing is getting… well… old. I am convinced that my child’s head has permanently dislocated my rib. In fact, I’ll be surprised if Squishy DOESN’T come out with rib marks on his or her face, poor thing.

And in the meantime, by the time I get to bed at night, I am so uncomfortable that it takes me forever to sleep. And then when I do sleep… well, I can’t STAY asleep. Because the baby MOVES. And there are very few places nowadays where Squishy can curl up – without it HURTING ME.


But. Anyway. There IS good news in the Serenity household.

First of all… J and I bought the car. We pick it up tomorrow night. My blue outback wagon. We’ve named it Dory – “little blue” – for those of you who have watched Fin.ding Ne.mo. Seems appropriate, since that’s how we came up with our nickname for Squishy.

I do confess I’m working through the issues associated with the fact that I’m trading in my cute little Jetta for a freaking station wagon. I’ve had Maggie for a LOT of years, and I underestimated how attached to her I am. I mean, for cripes sake – I was SINGLE when I got her. But J is convinced that, as soon as I drive Dory in the snow, I’ll fall in love with it. And I’m sure he’s right. Either way – we need something more reliable than my poor tired Maggie.

And this past weekend, my two good girlfriends J and J threw me a baby shower.* It was a book theme – everyone brought a children’s book. And SO many of my girlfriends came – many of whom I haven’t seen in ages. We had brunch, and chatted, and spent time together. And since most of the women there are already moms, I got a lot of practical advice.

And OY the gifts. We now literally have everything we need for our baby’s arrival. Sheets. Blankets. Hooded towels. Washcloths. Burp cloths. Onesies. Sleepers. Our carseat. Diapers. People even bought the “nice to have” nursery decoration stuff I threw on the registry to keep track of what I wanted to do for decorations.

People have been SO generous… it’s been so humbling.

And it’s still so hard for me to believe, even as I’m folding the little clothing for our baby… that we actually get to do this.

I feel so lucky. And excited. And scared at what lies ahead for us. And I CANNOT WAIT to meet our baby – to hold him or her and KNOW that s/he got here safely. And I absolutely cannot wait to see J as a proud daddy; to fall in love with him again and again as I watch him with our child. 

Who is this little person inside me?

What kind of person will he or she be?

*And yes, I know this makes me one of those women who have multiple showers. Which is really ironic, because if you knew me in real life, I am not very comfortable with being the “guest of honor” at these things. 



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  1. So excited for you guys! We bought a minivan for our gang’s arrival and I think we’re the first of all of our friends to have the soccer mom car…but we love it now!

    I hope you get a little rest before Squishy arrives…but I have heard the pregnancy sleep deprivation is good practice for the baby sleep deprivation that you will soon experience!

  2. I am so excited for you… I’ve had multiple showers as well… I still can;t believe that is my shwoer, taht i am the mommy, the guest of honor!
    Congratulations on the new car

  3. I think it’s great you got some of the decorating stuff. Now you don’t have to do it!

    You got a lot of great books. I couldn’t make it to the bookstore to get the one I REALLY wanted to get. So, I’ll save that for when Squishy is actually here.


  4. I had two showers, too, and I hate to be the center of attention…I mean HATE! But oh…how nice to have all that stuff for the babies!!

    I hear you on the car. Oh my. When we traded in my newer Mustang for the MKz I cried. As in I literally cried. And I even got to KEEP one Mustang!! But I also knew that a baby wouldn’t really fit in the Mustang. And as it turns out, two babies don’t really fit so well in an MKz either. :p

    Hope you get some rest soon. Won’t be long, and you’ll have an altogether different reason for not getting rest!!

  5. You’re getting so close! And congrats on the subaru – they’re the best and I totally have “new” subaru envy.

    Most importantly, thank you so much for your support – it means a lot to me and I want you to know that. (((hugs)))

  6. I wish I have some advice about the sleeping, but unfortnately I had the same problem. Hang in there..you are at the home stretch! And like you, I was so amazed how generous everyone was!! Congrats on the new car–you will love it!

  7. Yay on the car! Not long to go on the rest. (Have you heard that enough times to want to hit someone yet?)


  8. Hooray for your new car!!! 🙂 We had two showers for Lily, too. And I love the idea of a book shower. We had people bring a book instead of a card and write an inscription. I love opening them up and reading what people have written.

    Won’t be long now until Squishy can use the new stuff! 🙂

  9. okay I did choke up at the end there.

  10. My second one LIVED in my ribcage. There were nights I woke up in agony. I remember getting on all fours on the bathroom floor in an effort to make him change positions!

    I know how you feel about the car. I went into mourning when we got rid of my 10-year-old pickup, the one I’d bought and driven as a single girl.

  11. Dear Serenity, I hear you, both on the sleeplessness (my current problem) and on the extreme discomfort. What I had in my ribcage was “just” Banana’s feet, not her head — and that was already awful. I can just imagine how much more pressure and pain you feel…

    Congratulations on the new car — and your shower sounds great. How nice to be prepared, eh?

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