T minus 24 days.

March 7, 2008 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Pregnancy | 7 Comments

Apparently both of us have been living in a bit of denial about how much time we actually had before Squishy arrived. Because it’s not like March 31 is that much sooner than April 5 or 7 or whenever my due date is.

It’s only really 6 days earlier.

But. Yesterday’s appointment made this whole baby thing… well… REAL. It felt like a whole new world for J and I yesterday. On the way back to our offices from the appointment, we just kept shaking our heads in disbelief.

“Huh. Three weeks.”

I do feel a bit unprepared, but not remarkably so. I have a number of things I want to get done in the nursery. Baby laundry to do, curtains to hang. I want to install the carseat, now that I have my new car. I want J to assemble the pack and play, which we’ll keep downstairs in the study as another changing table. The bouncer probably should get assembled too while he’s at it. I really want to organize the room, too – right now it’s a mishmash of borrowed maternity clothing, boxes and bags from our shower, and other stuff we’ve kept in that closet since we moved into our house.

Yet everything which needs to be done can be done this weekend. Which is the current plan. 

And work-wise – well, I will finish up here next Friday. I have about one REAL day of work, actually… but I intend to stretch into a week. And so J and I will celebrate my last day here by having a nice meal out next Friday night.  

Because, you know. In three weeks or so we’ll not neccessarily have the ability to just get out whenever we feel like it.

It’s still so hard to believe that, after everything we’ve gone through to get to this point, we actually are going to get the opportunity to be parents. I had really almost accepted the possibility that it wasn’t going to happen for us. And even when I’ve been pregnant I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the possibility that it might not actually work out.

So to think now that in just a few short weeks… I might be holding our son or daughter?

It’s totally and utterly surreal.



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  1. I am so excited for you, You and J will be great parents. Soon Squishy will be here!!!!!!!! I cant wait to meet him/her. PS: I have a feeling that Squishy is a boy…. the bets are on LOL

  2. I’m due tomorrow and while I’m more than ready to have the baby I still feel totally and utterly unprepared! I’ve got everything I need, but things in the room aren’t finished perfectly the way I had dreamt they would be. You know what it doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got the necessities and the love (which I know you have) everything else won’t matter!

    I’m super excited for you! We’ve been on this journey together since the beginning days on The Nest and we’ll have our babies within weeks of each other-it is so surreal!

  3. These days your posts always just make me smile. You sound like I did…shocked almost that you were really seriously going to do this. I tell you, I was shocked still when they put him on my chest breathing. I was like…really?

    I’m so happy that this is happening. You know, the chances of everything being fine now are HUGE. You’re going to be a MOMMY, Serenity! (Well, you already are, really.)

    Exciting days!

  4. It’s amazing what you’ll get done and how many things can really wait until Squishy gets here. My mom and Mr Kir really helped with things because of my bedrest and we didn’t have cribs ready etc, but it was ok because they sleep in their car seats at this point..hha.

    I am just so happy for you that the time is nearing and having a date makes all the difference doesn’t it? That light at the end of a very long tunnel, the date you can look at and know Squishy will be here. It is SURREAL, but sooooo worth it my friend. You’re going to be a fantastic mommy.

  5. Glad you’re finishing up work. Good luck for the weekend project. I’m still interested in photos at some point, when you’re able. And yeah, having the date *this* month does make it seem kind of sooner, somehow.


  6. I insisted that we get a police officer to install the car seat. JD was feeling a bit like I didn’t trust him, but he agreed. Only the officer had to cancel about twice, and then it was finally scheduled for the morning after my due date. Well, Monkey was born on her due date, and then next morning JD was racing home to meet the officer and he did something stupid on the road and got pulled over by a different cop, who only gave him a nominal ticket because he saw the hospital bracelet. So I guess what I am saying is that a lot of the remaining things are not urgent, but if you’d rather have a police officer install the car seat (or inspect your installation– they do that too), you might want to call now.

    March 31st sounds like a good day. I hope it turns out to be that for your family.

  7. God, time is flying by. I can’t believe it is coming so soon!!!

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