11 days.

March 28, 2008 at 5:25 pm | Posted in A baby to hold, The first month, Uncategorized | 21 Comments

Dear Baby O:

It’s only been a little over a week since your Daddy and I welcomed you to this world.

11 days, to be exact.

For some reason, it feels as if you’ve been with us forever.

I’m not sure we realized just how much capacity we had to love you. Both of us are punch drunk with love when we look at you. We can’t help ourselves; at the most random times we have to stop what we’re doing just to watch you sleep. Both of us wake as soon as you squeak to make sure you’re ok.

And when you look up at us with those dark eyes… we’re totally hooked.

I know I’ve never felt anything remotely as strong as the love I feel for you; I would do anything to make you happy.

Your umbilical cord stump fell off today; the piece that linked you and I together is gone.

You are now an individual. A person of your own.

And your daddy and I cannot wait to see the person you’re going to become.

In the meantime, I confess I’m probably going to hold you all the time. And snuggle with you. And kiss you all over your soft skin. And inhale your baby scent.

I hope you don’t mind.

Because we have loved you for a long, long time…

… so much longer than the 11 days you’ve been here in our arms.

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  1. Very sweet post. And very sweet picture. I think that is totally how it works after you are a parent, you cannot imagine your world without them.

  2. Ah Jen,
    Your post and your son are both magnificent.
    Congratulations of the deepest sort to the Serenity Clan.

  3. I can feel the love from you to Baby O everyday!

  4. Very lovely post.

    Soooo happy for you. So happy.

  5. Awwww, so sweet!

  6. That was a beautiful post. Baby O is very cute. Congratulations!!

  7. Ah, what a cute little mush! Yeah for no more stump!! That thing totally freaked me out! hehe …

  8. Serenity…it just keeps getting better too 🙂

  9. Forget new car smell, new baby smell is where it’s at. What a beautiful little boy you have.

  10. He is so adorable. And your post is so well articulated. Also, I think we have the same crib, and I had forgotten how small Boo looked in it when he was born. He mostly slept in a basinette until he was 3 months though.

  11. What a sweet time. For you and for him.

  12. Wow, 11 days already. Time flies on the other side of infertility. I hope you’re able to savour every fleeting moment.


  13. he’s just beautiful and the sound of your post is so happy, I am thrilled for both of you and your wonderful new son.

  14. That tiny newborn baby sleeping is so beyond beautiful. I love reading these posts. I’m so very overjoyed for you guys!

  15. Those last few lines made me cry.. cause that’s exactly how I feel about little Charleigh.

  16. What an itty-bitty, beautiful baby. And what wonderfu parents Baby O has!! 🙂 The adventure is just beginning.


  17. Too precious!

  18. Ok, will you stop making me cry already?? Seriously, that was beautiful. And Baby O is incredibly lucky to have the two of you as parents. He certainly did something right in his last life. 🙂

    Love to all of you!!!


  19. What a beautiful post! And, yes, what a lucky baby – and what lucky parents. It really does just keep getting better!

  20. Awww . . . he looks so tiny in that crib! And adorable!

  21. What a cutie. And that hands up, legs curled sleeping pose? I remember it well. Priceless
    We had the forever feeling with Monkey too.

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