April 2, 2008 at 6:28 pm | Posted in The first month | 15 Comments

Aw, thanks, you guys. I feel SO much better today – Baby O is still fussy, but he’s definitely better today than he was yesterday.

And I’m starting to think it’s my diet – Dr. Google tells me that chocolate, caffeine, onion,Β and gas inducing vegetables are bad. Which I have had daily – one cup of coffee, a couple of sweets from my Easter basket. And broccoli every night. And I’m not certain I’ve had a day where I haven’t had something with onion in it since Baby O was born.

So my mom and I decided that today we’ll eat something bland for dinner. Spinach instead of broccoli. The fish will be pan seared with just a little bit of lemon. Plain rice for me.

And I will give up my morning coffee and chocolate in the meantime, too. The coffee is going to be hard – right now it’s what makes me feel human in the morning. But whatever!

We’re talking about making it so my little guy is comfortable.

And I’ll do whatever it takes.



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  1. When baby is comfortable, EVERYONE is comfortable!! πŸ™‚

  2. great plan!

  3. It definitely can’t hurt to give it a shot, and really it’s just a temporary sacrifice if it turns out to be the issue.


  4. I used to have that problem too with my little one and I used to have my coffee, but right after I nursed to give it a bit to get out of my system. Just a thought. You are doing so great!!

  5. You are doing great–those first weeks are so hard. Any time all parties make it to the end of the day, you have done something right.

  6. Great idea to go to a bland diet. Whatever works for Baby O!! I’m learning from you so keep posting!! xoxo

  7. Giving up a cup of coffee is the deepest sacrifice one can make. You’re a fabulous Mom Serenity!!

  8. I would say that giving up the chocolate and onions are the most important. Onions are the worst…learned that the hard way. Maybe try half a cup of coffee or a full cup of decaf. I had a real love/hate thing with coffee when my little girl was first born. Like you, it made me feel more normal and like I could tackle the day, but it also gives this false sense of wakefulness and then when it wears off you crash twice as hard. Sucks.

  9. I’ve had the same issues with onions, and the broccoli will really do it to you too. I’m not so sure about the caffeine. With both kids I’ve allowed myself my morning shot to get moving, with no negative affects. I also try to not have anything after two or so in the afternoon, so that by the time we do our last feed before bed, the caffeine has moved through my system.

    You’re doing great! The first couple of weeks are such a blur, but you’re handling it great. Enjoy all of it, and take lots of pictures! In a couple of months you won’t believe that the tiny baby that you brought home has grown so much.

  10. Sounds like a plan. Hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of it quickly.


  11. sounds like a good plan, sweetie. Hopefully Baby O feels better soon. πŸ™‚

  12. The sacrifices continue. πŸ™‚ I hope that you are able to eventually get back to coffee and chocolate! You will savor them all the more. In the meantime, though, it IS totally worth it.


  13. I am glad O is feeling better…although it stinks you have to modify your diet a bit to keep him that way. Not the first time I have heard of a mom having to do that – and we certainly will do what we need to in order to make our babies happy. πŸ˜‰

    I never b/f – but, I know from someone who did that if you do really want that coffee or chocolate, you can always have it, pump and dump, and then go back to the special diet. Keeps your supply going, but also filters out whatever is the tolerance issue for O.

    Good luck! And, enjoy the time with O. They grow up too, too fast!

  14. Just found an article about foods to avoid while nursing that could make your baby a little gassy or fussy and thought you’d be interested. Not sure if this is consistent with what you’ve heard from your doctor but they have an interesting idea about journaling what you eat and your baby’s reaction to it:

    Hope it was the broccoli and everything is back to normal πŸ™‚

  15. Serenity,
    Another suggestion to try is for you to use the beano or gas x when you must must have a food that could cause the baby to have gas. I found this to be very helpful to me when I was breastfeeding, as eventually you may develop an unstoppable broccoli craving! It really does seem to work and saves baby and you untold misery as a bland diet gets very boring. You will find that as he gets older he may tolerate your slowly adding foods back into your diet. Good luck!

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