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When I wrote yesterday’s post, I wasn’t even concerned about my supply. I was more concerned with finding time to pump during the day when I am here with Baby O.

Makes sense that I would need to ramp up my supply, though, to get some extra milk for the freezer in addition to feeding the baby.

So, as of today, I have pumped after every feeding. And I ramped up the suction on my pump to the maximum. And I’m back to drinking a lot of water, too.

So far it’s going ok. My body is definitely not used to producing this much though, because we’ve ended up giving what I’ve pumped to Baby O after he feeds. But I know it’ll take a day or so for my supply to ramp up.

And my biggest challenge right now will be finding the time to pump when I’m here by myself with Baby O.

BUT. I’ll tell you… this morning was one of the most quiet we’ve had in a while. I can’t believe my poor baby was that uncomfortable and I didn’t think it was an issue. 😦

It’s just ironic that I’m talking about Baby O being exclusively breastfed. I never expected to be discussing this.

Good problem to have though, isn’t it?




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  1. Hehe – it is ironic. Glad you’re figuring out a plan, though. Your husband-bedtime-feeding plan sounded so good, and if you get into the swing of pumping and can make it work, it sounds great.


  2. DEFINITELY a good problem to have!! 🙂

  3. Quick note–it’s not necessarily better to have your pump on the maximum suction, especially if it’s causing you discomfort. (Pain=not good for supply.) Experiment a little with the suction to find the MINIMUM setting that gives you the best yield. As an example, my PISA dial went from (as if on a clock) 7:00 (min) to I think 3:00 (max). I started out pumping at a painful 12:00 but eventually discovered I only needed to be at about 9:00 to get the best yield.

    Sounds like you have a good plan–don’t forget to eat lots too!

  4. Im pumping too and LOVE the hands free pumping bras! I am waiting for it to get here, but cut small slits in an old sports bra and it’s a lifesaver! When DH isn’t home, I can pump WHILE feeding her a bottle!! Cool huh?? This is the one I got from a friend (had to return for a large) and am waiting for it now, but the sports bra works great too!! May go buy some cheap sports bras and make more 🙂

  5. it’s not the worst problem, but if it causes you a bit of stress it’s too much! though, it sounds like it is close to being solved. good luck with the pumping and i am glad you are managing to get a bit more sleep.

  6. Serenity –

    There is a tea out there…actually supposed to cause nursing woment to increase the amount of milk they produce.

    My co worker tried it and it worked for her….she’s a pumping machine right now.

    I think it’s called like mother’s milk tea…it’s organic.



  7. No Sweetie!! Don’t hurt the boobies! (that would be my medically correct term for the area of your anatomy that houses the mammary glands….) Don’t up the suction to max… will only succeed in giving yourself very bruised, sore, and potentially bleeding nipples. If you want to up your supply, pump every feeding around the clock for 15 minutes; if you have the ‘good’ pump that changes pressure after the first 2 mins (to simulate the initial sucking by your baby that induces let down) there is a specific way to make the most of your supply……. Turn on for five minutes, shut off for one, turn on for five minutes, shut off for one, etc. for three cycles (15 total minutes of pumping).

    Also, there is an herbal supplement that we recommend at work (I’m an OB nurse) called Fenugreek. This is a natural way to up your supply. If you are interested in any supply-building assvice, please feel free to email me. The Fenugreek needs to be taken in a specific dosage amount and schedule, which could probably be found on Dr. Google (or by me if you would like).

    Good Luck!


  8. It maybe anecdotal but Oatmeal helped me up the supply when I was pumping, and mornings are usually better for supply too.

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