6 weeks.

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Hard to believe my baby is 6 weeks old today. Where has the time gone?

Baby O is rapidly turning into a BABY; lost that squinched newborn look and is filling out all his clothes. In fact, he’s too long for my favorite newborn outfit – so on Friday I hit up Ta.rget and realized that I needed to buy him some footed sleepers in 0-3 month size if he was going to stay warm through the end of the month. (Because, well, we live in New England – where it’s cold until summer, really.)

Given that he was in preemie gear when he came home, this is a big deal. My little boy is thriving.

And after doing some research, I’m dubious that Baby O’s problem is reflux – he might have a mild case of it, yeah, but I think the doctor made the right call with not putting him on meds for it. Because really I think his problem is gas, not reflux.

Why? He doesn’t pull off the breast, or cry when he’s eating. He doesn’t spit up all that much. He prefers to sleep on his back instead of in the carseat or the swing – he sleeps BETTER flat on his back than he does in either one of those places.

And when he’s been fussy, it’s because he’s straining to poop. He calms as soon as he fills his diaper… or farts.

Most if it has to do with the fact that O is an abysmal burper. It’s nearly impossible to coax a burp from him when he comes off my breast. J seems to have better luck at getting him to burp after the one bottle we give him per day. Or maybe he’s just better than I am at burping him.

When he gets all screamy and strains, we do bicycle legs with him. We give him a pacifier or offer him my breast, since the sucking seems to help him relax enough to move the gas. We rub his belly, and sometimes put him on his side against our bellies to help with the belly pain. If he’s wrapped we’ll unwrap him so he can kick.

I just wish I could get him to burp better so we don’t have to deal with it on the other end. *sigh*

But otherwise? Baby O is doing really well. We’ve settled into nursing just fine – it’s been three weeks since I last had to use the ni.pple shield – despite my flat ni.pple. I’ve also managed a second pumping session per day – after his morning nursing session. I actually manage to get 3.5 – 4oz then, and depending on the night, manage 3-3.5oz for his night feeding, which J does.

So again. Supply is fine. I really need to stop questioning it – which is hard, given that I wasn’t really supposed to be able to feed him in the first place. But I have been breastfeeding him exclusively now for the past two weeks. No supplementing with formula. I’ve pumped and then pretty much had to feed him right after that. And we’re doing fine.

Crazy, huh?

What else can I tell you? Developmentally, Baby O is starting to be more interested in more than our faces. So far he seems to like his bouncer – though he can only tolerate it for a short time before we need to pick him up. He’s starting to make happy noises too. Which is funny because his happy noises are barely discernable from his fussy noises, so it’s hard to know if he’s really happy or on the verge of a meltdown. And boy can he hold his head up! He doesn’t mind being on his belly, and as long as he’s not tired, he has pretty good control of his head.

Sleeping isn’t going too badly either; I’m hopeful that he’ll be a good sleeper when he gets a little older. Right now he goes down (HARD!) at 8pm or so, and usually stays asleep until 1:30 or 2, when J feeds him whatever I pumped before bed. He’s awake again at 4:30 or 5, and will go down for a bit after that, though given the gas situation, he never really sleeps very deeply. But for the most part, at night I can put him down when he’s sleepy, and he’ll fall asleep no problem.

He still remains the cutest baby I’ve ever had the fortune to meet, and I still remain pretty shocked that he’s actually OURS. And I know I said it earlier, but where have the past 6 weeks gone? I feel like time is on fast forward these days.

Who is this little boy? And how did we manage to get this lucky?



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  1. Oh my goodness , he just gets cuter and cuter.
    I am glad he is doing so well, thriving etc. I remember when we moved out of preemie clothes and diapers, I was so happy that both were doing well. Gio is now is #2 diapers(Jake in #1s and doing great too) and there are a couple outfits that he just doesn’t fit into anymore, which is so awesome (even when the outfits are really cute)
    you’re doing a great job and I am just so happy to call you mommy and know you are experiencing all of this. You are very lucky…but very deserving too. You worked hard to bring Baby O here and I know how much you love him.

  2. He is absolutely beautiful. WOW! A little assvise from a non-Mom so take it for what it is, but my cousin’s little one was having the same issues (mostly filling the diaper). And her pedi directed her to use just a tad of prune juice in his bottle. It helped him tremendously. Not sure if it would work….but thought I’d share.

    Good luck, man can Baby O bring a smily on to my face. 🙂

  3. Sounds like Baby O is doing GREAT!! I get the feeling that you have a better idea of what to expect, so it’s a bit easier to deal with (even though a lot of it is still so hard to deal with!). Everyday experience really counts for a lot in this whole mom thing!!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. You know, I find that bottle feedings are easier to burp, too. Ava was a champion burper but Ethan rarely burps, though after a bottle he does easily.

    I think in general there’s less air swallowed in BFings.Then again, Ethan has much more issue with gas than Ava EVER did…therefore I wonder if it’s like…not enough gas to make a good easy burp when you BF but then also JUST ENOUGH to make them uncomfortable?

    I guess my point is that I’m sure you don’t suck at burping. And that I’ve noticed the same thing.

    He is a cutie, though!! No burp or burp! lol

  5. I also think that less air is swallowed with bfeeding, so perhaps Owen simply doesn’t need to burp as often after nursing. Remember also that he is still growing the intestinal flora that he will need throughout his life to digest his food. As his flora develops his ability to digest food will get easier. Breast milk is the easiest to process, but he is so new to this world that his stomach is still being exposed to need foods through your milk frequently. He is just adjusting.He sounds like he is really doing great, and that you are doing a great job!

  6. What an absolute cutie!!!!!

  7. One thing you can try for burping is to lay him down flat for a couple minutes, and then put him up over your shoulder for the burp. Some people even say to tip the baby slightly upside down. It helps the bubbles rise to the surface.

    I assume youve tried Mylicon already.

    The only other position that sometimes worked for us in our tough-burping days was belly down over our knees.

    Good luck!

  8. He is just too cute! I’m glad the breastfeeding is going so well!

  9. Oh, he’s such a cutie!

    I bottle fed my little guy, but my husband was always the one to be able to get the burp out of him. I don’t know how many times I handed him over to the hubby and said “here, have at it.” It never failed, he’d always get something out of him….until I figured it out. Husband would always burp him over his shoulder, but I found that by sitting him up on my lap, and pat him with my left hand, while holding under his neck area to support his head, and bouncing him just a tiny bit with the knee that I had him sitting on, somehow it made the bubbles come to the top easier, and he’d burp.every.time. It wasn’t much of a bounce, because he was obviously so little, but it worked like a charm. I hope it helps, if you decide to try it.

  10. Six weeks goes so fast indeed! He is a cutie!

  11. He’s gorgeous. Wow. Nice work over there. Sounds like you’re plugging along just fine. 🙂 Babies are tough work!

  12. I’m sure someone has already brought this up but have you tried bicycling his legs…we had to do that with my daughter and it really helped with the gas. Mylancon didn’t help her at all. Every baby is different though.

  13. What a great sleeper! Really, at that age to get such long stretches…..lucky! I am now officially jealous. My five month old still gets up every EVERY TWO TO THREE HOURS to eat. The gassies do suck but it will improve very soon I promise.

  14. My baby was also hard to burp. He never, ever spit up, either. But he had mega-gas.

    We did the bicycle legs thing, and we did baby massage on his back and tummy.

    Caution, assvice ahead! Mostly I had to watch what I ate: no beef, no cruciferous veggies, no beans. So really it was what I was eating that was affecting the baby. I know you’re getting advice from a lot of people, but there’s my 2 cents!

    Also, I fed him sort of upright on to of the breast, so he could control the ‘flow’ and hopefully get less air. Obviously only at home. 🙂

  15. He is really cute. I find myself wondering what J looks like, because from what I’ve seen, Baby O looks like you. Is that what other people think?

    Sorry, no advice on the burping and fussiness!

  16. Your son is adorable!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. I’ve never commented before but I though I could offer one more idea.

    My son was very gassy his first few months and gas drops didn’t do much. He was only getting breastmilk and he rarely burped after eating. I went off all dairy for a while and it seemed to help make him less gassy. I also cut out other foods first, but it was dairy that made the difference. I slowly added dairy back in after a few months and he was fine. He doesn’t have any intolerance or allergies to dairy (he’s five).

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