The update to my update.

May 1, 2008 at 6:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

So apparently M.ylanta does work. It did the trick yesterday – Baby O was pretty fussy in the morning, until I gave him a dose. ONE DOSE, people. Worked like a charm.

And then?

He slept the rest of the day, including a FULL HOUR in his carseat, AFTER I got home from the grocery store. (Unheard of in this house – the surest way to make him pissed off and screamy is to put him in his carseat and put him down somewhere. He screws up his face, turns bright red, and screams as loudly as he can. It’s kind of funny.) And then slept some more in his bouncer while J and I ate dinner. Then some more in J’s arms as we watched the Red Sox and Celtics games last night.

Poor guy was worn out from the past few days, I think.

He woke up at 12:30am to be fed – J took that one with the 3oz I had pumped before bed. But at 1:30, J woke me up and said “I think he still might be hungry. Will you take over?” We were up for another hour, Baby O and I. He was a bit fussy, I think he had some gas. After he farted a couple of times, he fell asleep in my arms, and we were back in bed by 2:30.

And then he slept straight through until 5 again.

That makes two nights in a row where he’s dropped the 3am feeding. I don’t expect that we’ll do this a lot, but it does make me a LOT more hopeful that more sleep is on the horizon.

And as I type this, he’s sitting in his bouncer, hiccuping and making happy noises. I think I’ve seen a few smiles from him this morning as well.

So yeah. Probably I should have given him more than 2 full days of screaming to call the doctor. What that threshold is, I have no idea. But in 45 minutes, I’m going to call and cancel his pedi appointment today. Seems like a waste of the $15 copay to go in and tell the doctor – “yeah, he’s ok now. Woops – my bad.” And I feel silly now for thinking it might be reflux. The pedi was right – I should have just waited it out.

Plus, we have to go into Boston today. I have my 6 week appointment with my OB, and then we have a 3pm hip ultrasound* for him.

It’s going to be a really full day for the both of us, and the more time we can spend at home this morning, the better, I think.

Thank you so much for all the advice and support. You’re all fantastic, you know that?

So. Some eye candy for you, since I missed Wordless Wednesday AND didn’t put this picture up on his one month birthaversary:

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program shortly.

*Why a hip ultrasound? I’m glad you asked.

Breech babies have a much higher incidence of hip dysplasia then other babies. The ultrasound, then, is to ensure that his hips are developing the way they should. According to his pediatrician, thus far there’s no reason to worry about Baby O’s hips right now, as they seem to be fine. But she still wants to get a more definitive look at them to ensure that if he does have dysplasia, we can fix it now.



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  1. I’m so, so, so, glad that My* worked! So happy that he is feeling better. I’m also happy to hear that YOU are getting some much needed sleep.

    I had no idea about that with breech babies. It’s great that your dr’s are keeping tabs on it. Have a good time being out and about today.

    PS. Did you hear about Krystal?

  2. My son had similar problems when I was nursing him, and we realized the gas was from when I fed him sitting up, he was swallowing so much air to gulp it down. After that I always laid on my side to feed him and it worked much better. Not sure what positions you’re using to feed, but thought I’d throw it out there.

  3. OMG! What a relief!! I’m so happy for you both!! I feel like I can sleep better now!!

  4. Yea!!! that is great news. Plus I am going to try the MY* myself for Gio. Maybe I will have an even happier baby.
    And I’d say that you might be getting beyond that 3am feeding, my little guys only wake up then if they go down at 8pm anymore and by then they SHOULD be hungry, you know?

    I see some sleepytime in your future and Baby O’s too.

    I had never heard of that with Breech babies, I’ll have to ask about it for Gio.

    have a good day !!!! Be careful out there.

  5. I am so happy to hear that baby O is happier and you can get some rest. My baby is also doing a hip u/s because she was in thebreech position. I am a bit anxious about this but hopefuly it all be okay with our babies.

  6. I’m so glad to hear things are calm!! I hope it’s a trend!

    Good luck at the OB and on the u/s!!

  7. I am SO SO SO happy to hear that Baby O is feeling better. Don’t make yourself feel guilty about waiting before giving him Myl.anta. As cliche as the saying is, it is true: babies do not come with instructions. And neither do they come with much time for reflection. You are doing the best you can.

    And please, PLEASE do not feel like you ever let other IFers down. Your experience is YOUR experience. Plus you have done so much for our community through your blog, your comments, who you are, etc. that you could never let us down simply by feeling something that all new mothers experience. Now if you went on Op.rah and said that the IF community should forget IVF, then, well, we would feel let down. 🙂 Seriously, though, parenthood does not guarantee constant happiness. And anyone who says otherwise is lying.

    There’s an analogy that has been helping me not feel as guilty about this pregnancy that I am not sure will work for you but here goes it. After I figured out my se*ual orientation and was in a long-term relationship with a woman, I struggled with the reactions of those around me when I was even remotely affectionate with her. Holding hands is often viewed as akin to s*x and people are often rude about it. Never mind a hug or a quick kiss! Anyway, after my relationship with her ended and I happened to date a man again, I felt SO guilty about being able to hold his hand in public without being stared at. And I thought long and hard about whether I should be affectionate with him in public at all since same-sex couples were refused the same freedom. What I ended up deciding was that denying myself did not equate to promoting equality. That I could encourage fairness in other ways.

    So I feel somewhat similar about this pregnancy. If people ask about this pregnancy, I always tell them that “we had a hard time”/”turned to infertility treatment”/”used IVF.” The specificity of my words vary according to how well I know the audience. But I feel that bringing our IF struggle into normal conversations helps the IF cause. And that I don’t have to avoid touching my belly in public because, well, how does that help the cause? Of course, if I ever saw pain on a woman’s face because my hands are resting on my pregnant belly, I would remove them. That hasn’t happened yet because my belly is still relatively small. But I feel like I can let myself experience pregnancy in the way that I experience it AND help others.

    Similarly, you CAN be frustrated, angry, sad, etc. about being a parent and STILL help others. Those feelings and experiences will not cancel out every other wonderful thing you have done and continue to do for this community. And don’t ever underestimate how valuable your successful IVF is, either. That alone inspires others.

    BTW, I am not suggesting that my compromise will or should work for everyone. It’s just something that seems to help me not get overwhelmed by the guilt with being successful with our first IVF while so many couples are still in the trenches.


  8. OH my!!! What a cutie!!! Love the pic. So glad he is feeling better and you are too!

  9. Gorgeous little guy! and LOVE the sleeper.

    Sounds like you have everything under some control- which is great. I can actually hear the more upbeat tone in your post. May Baby O continue to sleep through the 3am feeding!!

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