Doctors and specialists and hips, oh my!

May 6, 2008 at 7:47 am | Posted in The second month | 13 Comments

So I got a call from Baby O’s pediatrician yesterday with his ultrasound results.

As I expected, she told me his measurements came in just under what they wanted to see. Apparently for depth and angle they want to see 50% and 60% and ABOVE. So his results came back more shallow then she wanted to see – 49% depth and 58% angle. Enough, at any rate, to call it mild dysplasia in his left hip.

I wasn’t expecting her to actually CALL it dysplasia.

I much preferred the term “borderline.”

So she’s referring us to a pediatric othorpedic surgeon in Boston. I’m assuming we’ll have to be seen in the next couple of weeks.

She did mention that it’s something he might outgrow, and that the othorpedic surgeon might just want to re-ultrasound his hips and that’s it.

But when I got home, I asked Dr. Google what else might happen. Because, before now, I thought of this as a check to make sure that everything was ok. I really didn’t expect her to use the TERM dysplasia.

The good news is that if he does have dysplasia which he doesn’t outgrow, we caught it early. Apparently, a Pavlik harness, (which frankly looks pretty darn scary), has a 90-95% success rate in treating DDH. And despite it looking scary, from what I’ve heard babies don’t mind it.

Still. That’s the last thing I want my poor Baby O to have to deal with.

Stupid lopsided Ute.

I’m not going to get all worried ahead of time. There IS a chance that he might outgrow it. And if not, the harness doesn’t hurt babies, and it means we can fix his unstable hip before he wants to play sports.

Or, you know, crawl.




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  1. because i was a big baby and my mother was 4’11 and weighed 90 lbs before me, i too had that. of course that was 30 yrs ago. all they did was put me indouble cloth diapers and it did the trick.

    anyway-i was reading anne lamott’s ‘operating instructions” you might like it-it is an easy read-i know you are busy-but it’d be worth it-cause it would help you with the guilt.

    anyway-she had a fussy aby with digestive issues when she was b-fedding him. anyway, a specialist told her to cut dairy and wheat out of her diet and it worked majic. no more crazy crying fits.

    take care.

  2. “Borderline” anything is never a good place to be. I’d rather it be definitely THIS or THAT. So while that does suck, it’s good that his treatment can start early and be done early.

  3. I agree with dd… Now you know and can get it fixed if need be. But still… Sorry you have to deal with it at all!!

  4. At least he won’t need surgery, which is a relief. Maybe he won’t even need to use the harness contraption. I am going to keep my fingers crossed.


  5. It does look a bit awkward, but not necessarily uncomfortable. I hope he doesn’t need it anyways.

  6. I “think” my sister had this, there are many pictures of her from 4-8 months old looking like she had a big pillow under her clothes, which she did. She looked like a very very cute weeble. She didn’t need surgery and from what I understand it was easily fixed.
    In any case, I am glad it was caught early for Baby O and hopefully fixing it won’t cause him too many uncomfortable days.

  7. sounds like they want to err on the side of caution.

  8. I hope the next appt goes well and/or he grows out of it.

  9. Oh, I really hope he just grows out of it. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, but I’m also glad you have some answers and a direction. 🙂

  10. I agree, it does sound like caution, and this seems like something to go ahead and watch and treat if necessary while he’s still young and his bones are flexible. Still, kind of scary to think about specialists for such a little one, but he’s going to be fine!

  11. That must be scary but it sounds like you are getting great care. Sorry you have to deal with this – thinking of you!

  12. Scary words, so hoping it turns out just fine. Even if he needs treatment, it seems to be a relatively common thing and those I know were ok in the long run. Best of luck, though.


  13. I’m curious who you’ll be seeing. Boston pediatric doctors are of great interest.

    In any case, if you’re going to Children’s, Dr. Kasser (in ortho surgery) is VERY nice. We really liked him when we were doing a club foot consult (which we turned out to not need). He also works out of at least the Waltham office, and possibly others. The sattelite offices of both Children’s and MGH are so nice, and easier than driving all the way into town (for us, anyways) and fighting all that traffic while trying to keep baby schedules intact. And writing that was more than a little depressing as I mentally catalogued how many times we’ve had to go see various specialists.

    Anyways, good luck!

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