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May 15, 2008 at 10:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Puck’s tests all came back normal. There’s no biological reason why he’s peeing on our rug. So the vet suggested kitty pro.zac, tinfoil over the area where he’s peeing, and moving his food to the area. We’ve done two of the three she suggested, and it’s been three nights in a row where he hasn’t peed in that area.

Course, our carpet freaking stinks there, so we’re going to have to do something with it. But I’m hopeful we can curb his behavior over time.


Supply is funny. I went out last night with my friend J for dinner. I got home in time to nurse Baby O before bed from one side. When I pumped for a full 15 minutes afterwards, I only managed 3oz. Which was weird, since it had been 5 hours since I last pumped or fed Baby O from my right side – I should have gotten WAY more than that.

So I panicked that my supply was dwindling.

But this morning? I pumped 4oz in 5 minutes. Only 15 minutes after he was fed. Without issue.

And I realized. Baby O takes a long nap at night before bed – he feeds a LOT in the mornings. Of course my body wouldn’t produce as much at night when he doesn’t need it.

It’s pretty amazing how it works.


Speaking of breastfeeding, I realized yesterday that I have a STASH. Not only is Baby O exclusively breastfed, but I have 20 feedings in the freezer right now.

It’s so crazy. I really never expected that I’d be able to breastfeed.

Course, I never expected that I’d have a kid, too.

So as you can tell from the picture, Baby O is starting to smile regularly. It is amazing how much I needed the feedback from him.

I think I’m afraid my kid won’t love me or something.

(Can you say ISSUES?)

But it’s so great to start to see him become more interactive.


I’m not sure what’s happened over the past few days, but it seems that things have gotten easier somehow. I’m starting to feel a little more in control of things; I have strategies to accomplish stuff during the day.

Like did you know that Baby O adores his bouncer? Means I don’t have to wait until he’s asleep to shower – I can put him in his bouncer and bring him into the bathroom with me. Also means that in the morning I can get some dishes done and have breakfast without having to eat with one hand.

Which is great. It’s really the little things which give me a sense that yeah, ok, I can handle being a mom. Being able to do something like EAT or shower when I want is a really big deal for me.

Baby O has his 2 month appointment with the pedi on Monday; and he’s getting his bevy of shots. I’m preparing myself for a fussy afternoon on Monday and morning on Tuesday, and will be using some infant tyl.enol on him before and after the appointment.

I also haven’t yet heard from the office as to when he’ll see the pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully I’ll get a date and time when I’m there on Monday.

2 months. Where did the time go? He’s going to be crawling and walking and going to school and dating and going to college before I know it.



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  1. When K got her first shots, she slept the entire rest of the day, and night, and most of the next morning.

    Isn’t it great when you can get a plan going about when to do simple acts like take a shower and eat? It feels like you are back in the realm of the living.

    I’m glad you had fun last night too!!

  2. It’s probably no coincidence that things seem to have fallen in place recently AND that’s also when Baby O has started smiling more regularly. That feedback really does help with the confidence in feeling like you know what you’re doing. May you feel the confidence grow more and more each day!


  3. I always got a lot more while pumping in the mornings, even after Aiden had eaten. For one, the baby eats more in the morning, and for two, you are usually more well rested and your body has had time to build up more of a supply. That’s just what I’ve read and seen in my own experience though, I don’t claim to be talking about all women everywhere. 🙂

    The shots are hard, mainly on you, but I got great advice that seemed to really help. My doctor’s office recommended giving Aiden infant Tylenol about a half hour before his appt to get some in his system before he ever got the shots. Then they said to try to be prepared to nurse him right after for comfort and that really did calm him down immediately. So far those two things have worked great for shots (although the nursing will not happen at his 15 month appt, he is already weaned) but I will continue to do the Tylenol or Motrin before he even heads to the doctor’s office.

    Good luck!

  4. Tylenol before the appointment-an absolute necessity. It only took me two kids to figure that one out.

    Supply can be strange, but our bodies really do figure out how it all works. As long as we are somewhat nice to ourselves in the nutrition/fluids department, it will keep the good stuff coming!

  5. Ah…I do miss the showering and eating when I want. I totally managed with Ava but now that they tag team me….

    I’m glad things are going well for you. Sounds like you’re getting it down!! 🙂

    Good luck with the shots. Ethan barely cared after they were over (and screamed like a banshee during) but Ava didn’t care when they were happening and screamed like a banshee when she finally woke up after. I do agree, though…LOTS OF TYLENOL!!

  6. I’d look into the shots before giving them. There are several very interesting court cases out now against the government asserting a link between autism (especially in males) and vaccines in addition to a myriad of other auto-immune problems linked to vaccines. Science is beginning to show that we over-vaccinate our children (profits going to pharm companies) in general and place too many vaccines on them at once so when a reaction occurs we don’t know which vaccine caused it. We also vaccinate for diseases that have been either wiped out entirely (except in some African countries–like polio) and diseases that are adult issues (like Hep B, primarily a sexually transmitted disease and a better suited vaccine for a teenager) or those who’s longevity is questionable (like the chicken pox vaccine) or how about the vaccine for the stomach flu–just great.

    This is a topic near and dear to my heart as my father got polio from the vaccine and my cousin developed autism three days after some of his vaccines. We have an autism epidemic amongst young males in our country that needs to be addressed and perhaps looking more at vaccines might provide some answers.

    We just pump our kids full of this stuff without questions. I encourage you and all parents to research each vaccine before allowing your baby to undergo the painful and possibly dangerous ritual.

  7. Casey–If you’re a regular reader of Serenity’s blog, then you should know by now that she doesn’t just make decisions without thinking them over, looking into other options, and mulling the impact for everyone involved. I highly suspect she’s done her research in the area of vaccines. I’m very sorry to hear about your father and your cousin, but some of us are not convinced of the link and will choose to protect our children with vaccines — if for no other reason than the fact that so many people are NOT vaccinating, which weakens the herd immunity and can allow some of these diseases to return.


  8. The feedback is sooooooo amazing, no? It really does make it all just a bit easier. 🙂

    Oooh, the wonderfulness of the bouncy chair – how do I love thee, let me count the ways….

  9. yea for the bouncy chair, yea for showers and full meals, yea for supplies and hidden stashes and mostly YIPPEE that things are settling down, Baby O is settling in and you are starting to “feel” like the great , wonderful , fantastic Mom you “ARE”


  10. You are doing such a great job! How is Owen’s tummy doing? Two months is such a milestone, as is smiling. I remember when I realized that my Mary was watching the birds flying in the sky over my shoulder, she was 6 months old, it was an incredible feeling to know that her little mind was working and absorbing things. Owen is starting on such an incredible journey it is understandable that you feel like it is already going too fast. You have waited a long time for him, the least he could do is stay a baby for a while. But it does get really fun as you are starting to see. We can’t wait to read the details!

  11. Here’s a bit of advice on the stash of milk, make sure you use it! I tend to save for a rainy day and I did that with milk and ended up throwing out a ridiculous amount. Or better yet, get screened for your local milk bank and then if you end up with extra you can donate it. You can’t donate milk pumped before you were screened.

    And to Casey – the reason we no longer have polio is BECAUSE of vaccines. Yes polio has been eradicated in this country but because air travel is so easy and people travel all over the world it would not be very difficult for a disease like polio to be easily transmitted in this country. Just because there are court cases against pharmaceutical companies hardly means that there is a definitive link between autism and vaccines. Legal proof and medical proof are vastly different. For years people claimed that thimerosol in vaccines caused autism however since thimerosol has not been used in vaccines the autism rates have gone up not down. There have also been claims that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Again, after Japan banned the vaccine in 1993 the rate of autism has risen. Most theories now focus on an almost certain genetic predisposition combined with some environmental factor – and perhaps an autoimmune response to a vaccine is one of those factors but nothing has been proven. Pharmaceutical companies are FOR PROFIT businesses, why shouldn’t they make money? It costs $1 billion to bring a drug to market. Drugs that cure cancer, greatly extend the lifespan of someone with HIV, and protect against a virus that kills 600,000 babies a year (the “stomach flu” vaccine).

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