Some random stuff for a Monday.

June 2, 2008 at 7:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

For the fourth night in a row, Baby O dropped his 2am feeding. He’s now sleeping from 8 or 9pm at night until about 4am every night, when he wakes to feed.

That’s sleeping through the night, people.

And even better – one morning he went back to sleep for another three hours after the 4am feeding, which was FREAKING FANTASTIC. I literally woke up feeling like a whole new person.

I am very hopeful that, slowly but surely, we’re building good nighttime sleep habits.

Still working on the naptime stuff, but if it means that I have a kid who sleeps through the night? I’ll take it.


Baby O got his first cold last week – a gift from his Daddy, who not surprisingly has apologized to both me and Baby O whenever he hears the poor kid trying to breathe through the gunk in his nose. I’ve become pretty good with the syringe bulb and saline drops, but I try not to use it more than once a day unless his breathing is pretty bad – he HATES the thing with a passion. He literally starts crying when I lay him on my lap so his head is tilted backwards. Because he knows what’s coming. 

And frankly, I don’t blame him. If someone shoved something into my nose and suctioned out my sinuses, which were inflamed from a cold, I’d cry too.

Otherwise, though, he is doing ok. No fever (knock on wood). Some of last week’s fussiness I’ll bet was a result of the cold, but for the most part he’s ok.


We have our follow up ultrasound this week in Boston. At freaking 8:30 in the morning, which puts us commuting with EVERY.OTHER.PERSON who works in the city. I’m fairly certain I’m going to go into town super early, and then Baby O and I can have breakfast together. Or something.

Ugh. It’s amazing how only 11 weeks of NOT commuting for two hours each day makes me realize how much that drive sucked.


Speaking of work, I have a friend in my profession who knows that I am not planning on going back to my firm after my maternity leave – she’s actually offered to be a reference for me. She emailed me a few weeks ago and mentioned that she knew of someone, L,  who has her own business. And apparently that person is in need of help right now. She forwarded me L’s email address and told me that I should contact her when I was thinking about heading back to work.

I will have been out for 12 weeks as of next Monday. That is when most people start back – the standard maternity leave in the US.

Frankly, I can’t even imagine going back to work right now. 

Maybe it’s because I worked so many hours this busy season, and that I’ve been burned out with my job for a long time now. But I am SO not ready right now to go back to work.


In the archives labelled “I wish I never said that out loud:”

About a month ago, I casually mentioned to my mom how I was thinking about having Baby O baptized when they were visiting again the weekend of July fourth, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could manage to get my grandparents to come up then too?

I don’t really know what I was thinking. Maybe that it would be great to have family around that weekend for a barbecue… and I know that, for my family, christenings would ensure that people came to visit.

But. All of a sudden, a few weeks later, my mom was calling me and telling me that she needed to make hotel reservations for them and my grandparents. And then my uncle called and asked about the christening, would it be all right if he and my aunt came too?

I clearly underestimated my family’s tradition – where everyone attends baptisms. 

And, see. We had been to church ONCE. I felt sort of weird contacting the minister and telling him that we had a weekend all planned out already… and so ummm would it be possible for us to use him and the church for our grand old family reunion?

But. I went over to see him last week, and he was fantastic – agreed that, with four generations there, we needed to take advantage of it. So we have a set baptism date of July 6.

I even bought this on ebay last night for Baby O:

But I don’t get it. What is it about baptisms that is so important? Does it make him a real person or something?

And while I’m at it – what’s the difference between a baptism and a christening? Anyone know?



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  1. Yay STTN! That’s great news, and hopefully he’ll extend his morning wake-up time soon to fit your night a little better. 🙂 It sounds like he’s well on his way.


  2. Baptisms (for us) are pretty low key, but important still. It’s us, saying that we’ll do our best to raise the kids as Christians and teach them to be good people who will walk with the Lord, while still letting THEM develop THEIR OWN faith.

    Anyway, your family reunion sounds fun but like a lot of work!! 🙂 I hope it’s more fun less work!

  3. I think christening refers to giving the baby a name (or announcing the name?). Baptism is the part with the water. You could do both at the same event. But I’m not Christian, so hopefully somebody else will give you a better definition.

  4. They are the same thing. Many Christian religions believe that if a child dies before they are baptized then they will not go to Heaven, hence the sense of urgency for alot of people to have the ceremony. I’m a Catholic myself but have always felt it was pretty ridiculous to assert that a newborn would go to Hell if they died (original sin and what not). I also think the idea of Godparents are pretty silly–I’ve never met a set of Godparents who actually actively helped guide their Godchild through their religion–they usually just give you a bible and a rosary and go about their business.

    Congrats on the sleep through the night! That is major. And I totally feel you on not being ready to go back to work. On the one hand I miss the fast paced environment, the banter, and, shallowly enough, getting dressed in something other than comfy pants (and the work shoes), but I do not miss the actual work at all. More importantly, the thought of passing my baby off to someone else 40+ hours a week is unrealistic. Who could ever make her feel as loved and safe as I do? No one, well maybe her father and my mom, could ever give her what I give her. Hooray for you! I hope you are able to work out a scenario in the future that allows you to continue to be Baby O’s primary care giver!

    Now that you have him, you can see how sick it is that as a nation we expect working mother to return after three months.

  5. Whoo Hoo, STTN!! Yay! I didn’t get that from K until around 4 mths. I’m not religous so I cannot answer your question. However, the fact that the pastor is so wonderful perhaps this will lead you and J to going to church more often, now that you know him.

    I hate to do this. However, I cannot keep my mouth shut this time. Casey, please understand the Serenity has made choices that are best for her and her family. Your barbs about daycare are not helpful in any way. People have to work. Sorry, for some it’s a fact of life. If you don’t agree fine, but keep it to yourself.

  6. Three cheers for Heather.

  7. Yeah, I start back to work two weeks from today and, literally, just thinking about it makes me cry. Unfortunately, I don’t have the financial option to stay home right now. It’s so hard, and I’m so conflicted. But, having said that, parenting is a series of tough choices and compromises. I know they’ll be well cared for. I’m sure they’ll handle it better than I. 🙂

    Congrats on sleeping through the night! Sweet potato can do it, but Monkey Girl isn’t quite there yet. Soon, I hope because the two and a half months of sleep deprivation is really starting to catch up with us!

    Also, here’s the baptism v. christening answer I found when poking around. 🙂
    ” The exact distinction between christening and baptism can sometimes be blurred depending on the church or denomination one attends. Historically, christening was a time when anointing with oil was administered, followed by a laying on of hands. It was associated with baptism at that time. Later the word came to be virtually the same as baptism (infant baptism), while the most contemporary distinction is that in some churches christening is the time when a name is formally given/assigned to a newborn baby.”

  8. I am Catholic and a Christening and a Baptism is the same thing. You are confirming the baby’s Christian faith…and that you will raise him in a Christian household and the God Parents will assist the parents to raise the child in a Christian home.

    According to the Christians, everyone is born with original sin….you are baptized to remove it. Technically anyone can perform a baptism in an emergency….with any water…therefore a nurse could do it in the NICU if needed.

    AND…if the parents intended on having their child baptized but the baby passed before they could do so…the child will go to Heaven.


  9. Yeah for STTN … the remember feeling like I really was ok at doing the mothering thing when I got them to sleep through! So yeah for that!!! And don’t stress about the nap thing … mine were sttn for a while, and then they finally got their naps on some sort of schedule … so that will come … actually, daycare really helped to get them on a good schedule …

    I went back to work at 5 months, and by then, BOY was I ready. But it’s different for everyone … for me, at 3 months I wasn’t ready, at 5 months I was MORE than ready … heeh … It’s never easy … but you’ll see that it can be great … and no matter how much time my kids spend at daycare, there is NOTHING like that feeling of walking into daycare and their faces light up and they run up to me! There is NO question about who their primary care-giver is … Hugs to you … and smooches to Baby O!

  10. I can’t help you with baptism vs. christening, but damn, that suit is cute 🙂

  11. umm, a seriously delayed congratulations is in order, seeing as how it’s taken me a few months to catch up with your new blog. a belated welcome to baby O! sounds like you’re doing wonderfully.

  12. You’re right Heather, I don’t belong here. I have become a member of certain mommy blogs that I find relatable for assorted reasons only to find myself disenfranchised by what I read from the blogger and their commenters. I don’t consider myself a radical by any means but just a critical thinker and humanist. It continues to be disappointing to me how many people live within the unacceptable status quo that we have created for ourselves in this country in lieu of real family values. We pass our babies and kids off to be raised in group environments by strangers paid just above the minimum wage because we “have to” (like having those consumer goods is more important than having that time with your kids, because parenthood just isn’t convenient enough), we load our kids full of controversial and metal-laden shots because the government tells us to (in 1989 kids got 9 vaccines before age 2, they now get 19, some of which are banned in other first world countries), we trust in the FDA and keep allowing our kids to play with cheap plastic Chinese toys covered with lead and other toxicities, and we feed our babies from plastic bottles and cups replete with a known carcinogen (BPA) that is now under “investigation” for causing neurological disorders in kids. But it is me—I’m the unrealistic one, not society…certainly not all the good people who are too afraid to face the truth, who want so much to believe in what they’ve come to accept, who don’t want to alter the convenience and comfort of their lives to do what’s right for their children and society, who choose to not ask the uncomfortable questions. Despite the statistics on illnesses, psychoses, violence, obesity, and drugs with the youth of our country, I’m the one with the problem?

    I will find another blog to participate in and I apologize for offending anyone, but I do not apologize for my beliefs in family values and bettering the lives of our children. They deserve it.

  13. Since I don’t believe in the “original sin” idea (how could 9 months in the womb and a few on earth render one a sinner??), I think that families look to baptisms as a celebration of the child’s life and as a welcome to the family. I know that the progressive UU church I used to attend had a “welcoming” ceremony as opposed to a “baptism.” The idea is to formally welcome this person into the community.

    Honestly, I think you should take advantage of the family attention, though I know it would make me a bit uncomfortable as well. You have been through so much pain and anguish in getting to Baby O without much family support so you should lavish in the attention now. Let them spoil Baby O with gifts and love. He – and you and J – deserve it!!!

    Hey, glad to hear that the nap situation worked out and that you have mastered the art of getting an infant to sleep through the night. You know that I read this blog religiously – in part because I love and respect you and in part because I am taking mental notes. 🙂 Honestly, I never thought a baby might need a series of small naps throughout the day as opposed to one long one. It makes sense but – despite my own somewhat-respectable credentials – I never thought of it either! 🙂


  14. No comment on anything but the christening outfit. : ) It’s beautiful!

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