Why my husband deserves a medal.

June 6, 2008 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

He had a hell week at work.

He worked late – really late – two nights this week.

He’s got a nasty cold.


At 7pm, Baby O melted down yet again. Hysterics. During our nursing session. (So not only do I feel utterly rejected, but now my nipples are fucking sore too. Great.)

When I say hysterics, I mean the scream-yourself-hoarse-and-choke-on-spit-no-make-that-phlegm-absolute hysterics of the sort only a stubborn, tired as hell baby can.

I just COULDN’T.TAKE.ONE.MORE.FUSS without completely losing my mind.

What did he do?

Quietly came over.

Took the screaming baby from me.

Brought him upstairs into his darkened room.

He is currently rocking our drowsy, calmed (somewhat, may I NOT jinx it by even THINKING it aloud!) and sleepy son.

I love that man.



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  1. Thank god for J. You are lucky to have him.

    I hope you’re doing ok. That whole meltdown/sore nipples/rejection bit? That really sucks. When that happens in these parts I try my darnedest to think that the baby doesn;t mean it personally. But even so, it’s so very hard. A hug for you tonight, Serenity.

  2. Good man!! 🙂

  3. sweet

  4. Great hubbies are the best!! I have such a greater respect for single mothers after having my own baby!!

  5. That’s a great husband and father!

  6. Have you tried putting him down on his stomach? My baby girl (15 weeks old tomorrow) goes through this period fussing and writhing at feedings sometimes and it’s really some gassy issues that are helped by giving her some tummy time on the floor? (Honestly, she sleeps this way at night now, too now that she lifts her head really well, but I totally get that people don’t want to risk that at night, etc.)

  7. Um, can I rent him? Really. I need me one of those, since the version that I have melts down along with the baby.

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