The blanket is here to stay. Plus other random musings.

June 10, 2008 at 9:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

It wasn’t a fluke. Baby O loves his teddy blanket. Yesterday it soothed him twice – he napped with it in the morning, and then snuggled with me and it in the afternoon.

Honestly, I’d let him sleep with it a lot more, except that he’s still a little young. Suffocation hazard aside, he still doesn’t have full control of his arms yet. So he sleeps a LOT better swaddled then he does when we don’t swaddle him.

But because he liked it so much, I went and did some research on the type and brand of blanket. Did you know that C.arters actually calls them “Security Blankets?” There’s a whole LINE of them. I found it interesting.

So yeah. Apparently the particular type of blanket was discontinued, but I was able to find it online. I ordered two more to keep in reserve, in case he can’t be parted from it when he’s a toddler and I need to wash it or something.

The most ironic thing about this is that a girlfriend of mine gave us a book with Baby O’s namesake… where the main character has a hard time giving up his blanket before he goes to school.

So for the past two weeks J and Baby O have had a cold. Baby O finally shook it this weekend, and J is still working through it. I was blissfully unaffected.

But then I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Today it’s a full blown cold.


It’s been unbelievably hot the past couple of days… so I’ve been able to wear the nursing tank tops I bought recently. I’m not a big fan of them, actually. The holes don’t fit where they should – so they end up half covering my ni.pples.

But I like not having to wear a bra. And it has its benefits for Baby O too – yesterday, when he was perched over my shoulder, I realized he had his mouth resting on my bare skin. And he was licking my shoulder.

I ended up with drool running down my arm.

I am starting to worry a bit about my supply. Though Baby O is nursing fine and I’m still feeling letdown pretty strongly when he nurses… I am pumping less these days then I’d prefer. I was hoping to be able to freeze 8oz a day in anticipation of going back to work. 8oz in two pumping sessions wasn’t a problem even three weeks ago.

But ever since Baby O dropped the 2am feeding, I’ve only managed about 2.5 – 3 oz a session. Which won’t get me to 8oz a day.

I’m thinking I need to add another pumping session midday. And drink more water. And eat oatmeal in the morning.

And stop worrying. Because Baby O gets everything he needs – he’s not complaining of hunger. He’s gaining weight nicely – on Friday he was at 10lbs 11oz. And I’m pumping in ADDITION to feeding him.

I just want a good freezer stash, though, because I’m worried about how my supply will diminish when I go back to work. I’d really like to feed Baby O with my milk until he can drink the real stuff. (Plus, I’m cheap. I figure at this point I’m saving us approximately $13 a DAY by BFing him. And that kind of money adds up, you know?)

It’s just really hard NOT to question my supply when I wasn’t supposed to BF in the first place.

Said to me by J before we went to bed last night:

“I just want to go in and look at my little boy before we go to sleep. OK?”

I’m not the only one totally in love.

I know that tomorrow is picture day, but I will leave you with my new favorite pic of Baby O:

Every time he smiles at me like this, he makes me realize just how happy I am… and how unbelievably lucky we are.



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  1. Adorable!

  2. What a sweet face! Glad he loves his teddy blanket. On the nursing thing, when my daughter gave up her middle of the night feeding, I’d find I’d wake up earlier than her with huge boobs. To give me relief and get some extra stash, I’d pump before she woke up in the morning. I’d end up using that as extra to mix with her baby cereal. Hope that helps!

  3. My pumping output fluctuated from time to time so don’t worry, it’s normal. In the beginning I had an oversupply. When I went back to work though I did have to pump 3-4 times to get enough for the two feedings the baby had when I was gone. I pumped at home twice – in the morning and at night and twice at work.

  4. The adorableness is just too much!!

    I had a blankie growing up and my parents lied that I left it somewhere and actually they had taken it when I wasn’t looking. I found it when I was a teenager and I’m still mad at them for that.

  5. This picture is just too adorable… I know how you feel , when Lyla smiles at me my heart melts

  6. That’s a great picture!

    And, by the way, when I read your post yesterday, I almost immediately tried to introduce Monkey Girl and Sweet Potato to their little stuff bear and bunny blankets. They aren’t interested yet, but I’m hoping someday soon… 🙂

  7. Try not to stress too much about how much you’re pumping. 8 ounces a day in addition to breastfeeding is AMAZING. Remember that you’ll be pumping what your baby needs while you’re at work and your body will sort it out.

    You’re doing great!

  8. He is SO cute.

  9. Look at his little hands crossed!! That is too precious:) What a smile he has!

  10. I’m glad you found a solution to the fuss. It’s certainly a cute smile you’ve got for your trouble.


  11. Sounds like things are going well enough!

    I LOVE LOVE the pic!! 🙂

  12. I just wanted to say how cute Baby O is!! When I opened this my heart melted because for so long you and I were in the same low spot not knowing if we would get here. Now we both have these amazing little guys. What a difference a year makes!

  13. wow! that smile could light up the world…wait!!! IT DOES 🙂

    it makes me so happy to see you with your son and know how much it means, how long you waited. It simply humbles me.

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