Show and Tell Sunday.

June 15, 2008 at 11:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 23 Comments

I ADORE doing drastic things with my hair. There’s something, well, freeing about chopping off a lot of length or changing the color.

And my drastic measure hairstyles ALWAYS coincide with a change in my identity.

When I graduated college 11 years ago, I grew out my bangs which I had for my entire life.

When broke up with my fiance 8 years ago, I took off 8 inches and got what I called my Gwyneth cut.

I have been HATING my hair recently. It was so long that I had to sleep in a braid or a ponytail in order to be able to nurse Baby O.  And I’ve started shedding all the extra hair I had during my pregnancy, so every time I showered I would clog the drain. Baby O would end up with my hair wound around his fists.

The last straw came though when I was changing his dirty diaper and saw ONE OF MY HAIRS in his diaper.

So yesterday I went to a stylist. And I told her I wanted a drastic cut.

And here’s what I came out with… 6 inches later.



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  1. I love it Serenity. It is very fitting.

    By the way, I do the same thing. I always cut my hair when I need some confidence.

  2. Love it!!

  3. Nice cut! (And I know what you mean, my hair is quite long too and Willow keeps grabbing it…maybe I need a cut too)

  4. Great style!

  5. Great cut!
    I cut mine to about that length before the baby was born. I find it SO MUCH easier to deal with (and faster in the shower!)
    Nothing says “big change” like a new do! You look fantastic, and so happy.

  6. I didn’t see it before, but I love this style on you – I’m sure you looked good before too, but you look great now!

  7. What…you go on and on about Motherhood and then on Father’s Day don’t even mention it? Instead of showing off the other half of your son, you show off your hair cut?? Nice priorities…

  8. I love the new do.

    And don’t pay attention to that bitch before me. She’s just jealous that you look hot. 🙂

  9. Wow, it looks awesome – really. Much better than ponytails:-)

  10. i love it! it is very stylish and it will be easier to deal with for awhile.
    sorry, i haven’t been commenting as much-i’ve been reading mostly from my phone.

  11. It is such a great cut! It’s really pretty and a great length.

  12. Hey, should I add you to the Show & Tell list?

  13. You look awesome and I love that you had the courage to do it. I have long, thick, annoyingly hot, blonde hair and I’m really, really trying to get up enough strength to cut it. I’m sooo jealous. Looks amazing 🙂

  14. Hot mama!

  15. I like it too. It seems to fit your face very well.

  16. It looks fantastic! Stylish and practical at the same time.

  17. So cute!

  18. love it!

  19. It looks great! And so do you. Such a change since baby O was a tiny newborn. More rested, and such a big smile! Motherhood is agreeing with you.

  20. You look gorgeous! Your hair really suits you.

  21. I love it…it looks amazing on you. HOT MAMA!!!

    (I always cut, color , change my hair when I need a change, I remember taking it from long to the “posh” cut I have now, it was so freeing and that was the year I got PG)

  22. That new cut is fabulous! I have long hair like your old cut and am now inspired to consider a radical change. I’ve had the same ‘do since, like, forever. You look really fab!

  23. You have arrived when you get a mean comment like that!
    Your man can have his own blog if he wants right? This one is about YOU (and that includes your great new haircut!)


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