Unemployed. Eeek.

June 18, 2008 at 9:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Baby O slept from 8:30pm last night until 5 this morning, when he finally squeaked briefly. Probably I could have left him another half hour or hour or so if I wanted. But good GRIEF I was ready to nurse him. And I knew that he was hungry – he was smacking his lips in his sleep.

It really is amazing how your body adjusts to a specific feeding schedule.

The supply “issue” I mentioned last week? Turns out that it was probably a growth spurt. I haven’t had too much of an issue with pumping since I wrote about it (she says superstitiously, knocking on wood). I’ve been trying very hard, though, to make sure that I drink enough water during the day – I have noticed that on the days where my water intake isn’t very good my supply suffers.


So I’m giving my notice to my firm on Friday – that’s TWO DAYS from now. I’m going to take two weeks of my vacation time to satisfy the two week notice requirement. And then, as of Friday July 4, I will officially be unemployed.

It’s funny. I’ve planned this all along. During my pregnancy I put aside a lot of money so that I could stay home with Baby O until September.

But I find myself checking and doublechecking that we can afford it if I don’t have any money coming in until the end of September. (Because even if I start a job September 15, I won’t get paid until October, most likely). We DO have the money. In fact, if I don’t get another paycheck (I will), we’d STILL have the money.

It feels a little like flying without a parachute or something. No safety net.

So last night I emailed my contact with her own business in the hopes that we can meet and chat. If she does have work in the coming months and seems amenable to hiring me for some freelance work, then I think I’ll see if I can carve out some time to do it. I think it’ll be a good transition into working again anyway – something part time, on my own, working from home. 

And it’ll bring in some money ahead of time so that I’ll feel a little less naked when I look at our finances.

Funny how having a baby has really changed my priorities. I feel the need to save money nowadays – something I’ve never really done before now. When I was pregnant J used to laugh and tell me it was my way of nesting.

Probably. But I know I saw my parents strapped for money when I was young. And I remember my father stressing over the credit card bills, since my mother liked to shop (and didn’t have a job). And I don’t want that for Baby O.

So that’s the deal with working. Either way, I do admit that I am a little, well, relieved to see that there is something motivating me to get back into the working world. Because up until now, I’ve been wondering what it would take to get me comfortable with the idea of working again.

Such an accountant thing to get me motivated, eh? Money.

Still. I’ll take it.

Tomorrow Baby O and I will go to meet his daycare teachers. And I will be asking them a ton of questions. I’ll keep you all posted.



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  1. Good luck with your job search! I hope you find something that’s super family-friendly. Those places really do exist!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the daycare!


  2. I’m so so jealous you get to quit. Bitch;-)

  3. Woo hoo! Enjoy the summer with Baby O!

  4. Yay to giving notice. I’m glad for you that you will have the opportunity to have some more time with Baby O.

    I work from home, and while this means that I didn’t have any real time off after the baby was born (which was hell, even though I did plan a much much lighter load), now I am finding the bit of work that I do have gives me a chance not to think “baby” all day long. Good luck- I hope you can find a contract that you can work on at home- it’s a good way to transition.

  5. Good luck with the job search! Although my unemployment wasn’t necessarily planned it has been a great thing because it has given me much more time with the baby. I’ve just started searching because I’m motivated to be able to provide a great life with as little stress over money as I can, too.

  6. ewww, i would be afraid too. be you shouldn’t be. i am so proud of you for saving money.
    congrats baby o for slepping through the night!

  7. Can I tell you how impressed I am that you’re doing this?! It’s wonderful that you’re taking off until September. I desperately want to spend more time with the stickies and wish I could have worked out something similar. I can totally relate to the money stresses, but it sounds like you’ve got it all worked out and are in great shape. Enjoy the summer–it’ll be one of the most memorable!

    (Oh, and yes, the anonymous commenters appear to be out in force. So cowardly and annoying!)

  8. Are your employers going to keel over that you are taking 2 weeks vacation instead of actually working your last 2 weeks? I like that plan!!! That rocks!

  9. Hi Serenity!

    Wow, I haven’t checked in in a really long time. I have some catching up to do. I better start reading….

  10. Good luck!

  11. Sounds you are on a great path! Knowing you and remembering your previous job search, I suspect you will have no problems at all getting good offers for September when you are ready to go back to work – the problem will be choosing where you want to go! (No more busy season, right?) I also hope you can get some contract work in the meantime – it sounds like a great way to keep your brain intellectually engaging without completely overwhelming yourself with the transition back to work.

  12. Good luck with the job hunting.


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