Impossible is nothing?

June 30, 2008 at 8:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

When Baby O was first born, we got a letter which reminded me that this year my CPA license was going to need to be renewed this June.

Which didn’t really seem a problem to me – required proof that I had 80 credits of continuing professional education (CPEs) in the past two years and a check for $140.

But then, well, my work computer died on me three days into my maternity leave. Seeing it as a sign that I shouldn’t ever turn it on, I didn’t bother getting it fixed. Until I knew that I was giving my notice, anyway – when I realized that there was STUFF on that computer that I’d want to take with me.

A week or so ago Baby O and I went into Boston and dropped my computer off at work. We went and had lunch with a fellow blogger and her daughter. Then we visited a few people in the office, picked up my computer, and headed home.

It wasn’t until Thursday that I bothered to get on to see how many CPEs I had. Because, see, I’ve never had a problem getting enough of them in order to renew my license before now – my firm gives enough required trainings each year that gives me my credits without me really having to think about it.

But I didn’t DO training this year, mostly because, well, I had a baby.

So when I got on Thursday and saw I had only 54 credits… my heart sank.

26 credits in four days? While also taking care of a baby?

And on top of it… our house was SERIOUSLY dirty. And our yard was unkempt.

And we have family coming in town for the holiday and Baby O’s baptism.

So 26 credits on top of a fulll weekend?

ImFREAKINGpossible. Not gonna happen.

I resigned myself to the fact that probably my license would lapse.

But just for shits and giggles, I went to our online learning center and signed up for enough courses which would give me 26 credits. 6 classes.

And I started a class on Thursday. And then did another. And I got 4 credits that day.

Friday I did two more classes, despite the fact that Baby O barely napped and was fussy most of the day. 8 credits more.

Saturday I did two more classes, after J and I spent the day cleaning the house and running errands in preparation for our family’s arrival for the 4th of July and Baby O’s baptism this coming Thursday. 8 more credits.

And last night, I finished my last 6 credit class at about 8pm – after spending the day yet again cleaning and straightening.

The result? 80.5 credits. I wrote out my renewal note, printed out my 80.5 credit report, and wrote a check to renew my license.

And our house is nearly ready for company; just a few more things to do and it’ll be completely ready.

I am still shaking my head in wonder.

Because either I managed something which was nearly impossible…

… or I have seriously underestimated my ability to multitask these days.



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  1. That is some serious multitasking! I ran into the same problem for my CRNA license and CEUs last year that I needed for renewal. I was a week away from renewal and spend all the days and nights trying to find where I could get some online – and fast. I’m glad you got your’s done and you cleaned a house – I’m in awe!

  2. You go girl!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the baptism!!


  3. Great job. Congratulations

  4. Wow. They say if you want to get something done, ask a busy person…
    I hope the baptism goes well, and we get some pictures.

  5. Holy CRAP! You are a woman on a mission! Good for you, I am super impressed

  6. WOW, I am sooooo impressed!!! NICE WORK!
    My sister calls me “super mom” because she thinks that I do impossible things. I got NOTHIN next to you!!!

    CONGRATS and good luck with the baptism.

  7. Go S go!! 🙂

  8. Wow, fantastic! 🙂


  9. Serenity – you are a rockstar!!!

  10. WOW. Having worked with an accounting firm in the past (though not an accountant myself), I know what it takes to get those credits. Congrats on the incredible!

  11. You rock…

  12. holy cow! you rock. now, our a CBA (certified bad a$$) and a CPA.

  13. OMgah i am such a tired pg woman, the above should read:
    now, you’re a CBA (certified bad a$$) and a CPA.

  14. OH GOOD LORD! i can’t even put a cereal bowl in the dishwasher.

  15. Wow…Seriously, that is awesome!

  16. Seriously impressed! Great job.

  17. I’ve always been impressed with you before, now I’m even more impressed! You are truly amazing!

  18. Awesome job!!

  19. Wow, that’s seriously impressive!

  20. Damn, girl, you are good!

  21. Hot damn. You impress the fuck out of me, girl.


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