Somebody slept until 6:15 this morning.

July 3, 2008 at 8:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

And it wasn’t me. Stupid freaking cat woke me up at 4:30, ostensibly to be fed.

But then I sat there and listened for a Baby O noise. Nada. Nothing.

So I tried to go back to sleep. Even when J got up and showered for work, there was no noise on the monitor.

I even tiptoed to the door of his room and peeked in. You know, just to confirm that he was breathing. Which he was.

But I could NOT go back to sleep.

Funny how I WANT him to sleep through the night because I’m tired. Then when he actually DOES?

I can’t sleep myself.



My grandparents, aunt and uncle, sister and BIL, and mom and dad are coming to visit this weekend for Baby O’s baptism. My grandparents and aunt and uncle are arriving tonight.

I am so excited to see them. Because not only is this the first time they’re going to meet their great-grandchild… but we’re going to have four generations in this house this weekend.

And it’s funny. Because last year on Independence Day weekend my parents were here as well. And I was cycling. I remember having to leave early every morning for my monitoring appointments.

Was it really only a year ago?

In so many ways, it feels like it was forever ago. It’s amazing how quickly the pain fades. The daily blood draws. The ultrasounds. Knowing the nurses at my clinic by first name. Knowing exactly what to expect from the retrieval. Knowing where they kept the gowns and hairnets in the bathroom so I didn’t even need the nurse to instruct me. I knew the perfect amount of water to drink so my bladder would be full for transfer, but not uncomfortably so. And underlying it all – that fear. The fear that I was broken, that we just COULDN’T get pregnant. The worry that we’d never be parents. 

And in just a year, here we are. Baby O is the joy of my life. With each day, I wonder how my heart doesn’t burst with the depth and the breadth of my love for him. I love him with the very core of my being.

And as cheesy and trite as it sounds?

It was worth every shot. Every pill. Every cycle. Every moment of uncertainty and fear.

He is just so awesome.

And I love him more then I’ll ever have the ability to put into words.



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  1. “And I love him more then I’ll ever have the ability to put into words.”

    Well, could you post extra pictures, then? Because that would help us understand.

    Also maybe some sound clips of baby noises.

    Sorry about the sleep.

  2. Once again, you took the words right out of my mouth! I had almost this exact discussion with my DH last night! wow.

  3. your child will do that everytime..he’ll finally do something when you’ve just given up and you won’t be ready (hahah)

    I was just telling Mr Kir that last July 4th I was 8 weeks and they let us go at our Clinic and who would believe that this 4th would be like this. It’s Surreal isn’t it????

    but yes worth it, every single thing was worth it. 🙂

  4. Have a wonderful weekend with family, and a lovely baptism.
    And I am sure that when the shock wears off, you will sleep again. 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to hear about the baptism. A special weekend ahead!

  6. It’s amazing how much change a year can bring!

    Really, if you could figure out how to drink the proper amount of water for a transfer to be full but not uncomfortable, you should know that you have quite a skill! I never figured it out!

  7. HERE HERE on the extra pics!! AFTER ALL that’s the PROOF that you love him, right? hahaha!! But I do want more. MORE MORE MORE! 🙂

    It was all worth it, you are right. BUT it’d also be wonderful if we hadn’t had to do all that, don’t you think? Lol!!

    Enjoy Baby O. Forget about whatever you can forget about because THIS is what you worked for so long!! You deserve it!

    Happy 4th!!

  8. I love this post, and I hope I get to feel what you are feeling some day. I hope you have a wonderful time with the FOUR generations!!

  9. Your post gives me such hope. Thank you.

    Have a great holiday weekend and enjoy the fam!

  10. Fantastic that he slept through and the family get together sounds fab – have fun!

  11. Everyone always told me that the pain does go away and I didn’t believe them until my daughter was born. I am sure you will agree that its impossible on the other hand not to feel empathy for the women still trying to endure. Enjoy the baptisim! Such a special day!!!

  12. Enjoy your weekend. Hope Baby O likes being baptised. Also hope he continues to sleep well, and that Dad learnt his lesson!


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