Happy 4th birth-a-versary, Baby O.

July 17, 2008 at 8:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Dear Baby O:

One year ago today, you were one of these little balls of cells. And you were transferred back into me to begin our journey together.

I hardly dared to hope that we would have you in our arms someday.

And here you are on your 4th birth-a-versary. FOUR MONTHS OLD. Wow. You’re getting so big – sometimes your Daddy and I call you “Lead Baby” because you feel so darn heavy. You’ve grown so tall and are fully out of 0-3 month clothing. In fact, you can wear 6 month clothing even! And you’re so active – nursing you these days is like trying to hold onto a mexican jumping bean. You’ve also just discovered that your hands can do things you want them to. Sort of. I know that we laugh when you get frustrated that you can’t manage to bring that damned soft rattle to your mouth, but we’re so proud of you that you’re trying so hard. And when you stand up in our laps and smile down at us, we can’t help but think you’re the most advanced baby we know.

And when you first wake up every morning, you smile SO MUCH. You smile at me. At Daddy. At the wall. At your blanket. At the ceiling. You make the mornings so wonderful – even BEFORE Mommy has her coffee. And those afternoons where you just refuse to nap? When I come into your room and you smile at me, I can’t even be frustrated.

You and I, we’re getting into a groove at home. We make up silly songs. We play “superbaby.” We read books – and boy you LOVE to look at all the colors in those books we read. We take walks. You’ll sit in the bu.mbo seat for a good long while, now that you can hold your head up. And we talk, while Mommy is folding laundry or making dinner. (Well, you usually “Loo” and “La” while I tell you all about how things are going to be, anyway.) We sometimes take naps together. Sometimes we’ll go places in the car, even though you HATE being in the backseat by yourself and cry and fuss until you either fall asleep or I take you out.

And with each day, I love you more and more. Sometimes when Daddy comes home and wants his turn holding you I don’t want to give you over to him. When you smile at me, sometimes I get goosebumps, I love you so much. Every night, I come into your bedroom just before I go to bed to give you a goodnight kiss. And I just stand there sometimes, looking at you in wonderment. How did we get so lucky?

My love for you is deeper and wider and bigger than the universe. It’s infinite. And no matter what happens now or in the future, I will ALWAYS love you. Forever.

Happy 4th birth-a-versary, kiddo.



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  1. Isn’t it amazing…July 13th was DAniels transfer day so we celebrate the miricale that happened one year ago when Danny implanted and started growing in Mama’s belly. Congrats on your little miracle!

  2. You are lucky indeed.

    You totally made me laugh with “nursing you these days is like trying to hold onto a mexican jumping bean.” Great description, and so so true.

    I’m glad you are enjoying your treasure!

  3. Awww….

  4. Happy 4th birth-a-versary. A very sweet post!

  5. Awwwww Happy 4th Birth-a-versary!!!

  6. wow!!! Happy 4th birth a versary Baby O!!!!

    what a lucky little kiddo to be loved so much from the time you were sooooooo little. Love to hear all the things you’re up to. 🙂

  7. BEAUTIFUL! You have such a nice way of wording it all!! I love your blog!!

    PS Lily just started the “cry in the backseat until falling asleep or we get to our destination” phase…let me know when it ends!!

  8. Today is the stickies transfer-o-versary as well. Isn’t it amazing to have a picture of them when they were nothing but a ball of cells? We toasted today and cried.

    Happy 4 months to Baby O!

  9. Happy 4 months, baby O! I’m so glad the IVF has faded into “not mattering”. I can only hope those frosties do just as well. Even if they don’t, I know Baby O will have been worth it all by himself. Even if he doesn’t see the humour in having things on his head.


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