The cat’s meow?

August 28, 2008 at 9:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

My day started by discovering that Puck had peed next to his litterpan.

NEXT TO his just changed, absolutely clean litter.

There was nothing that happened this morning (that I’m aware of, anyway) which would make me feel like this is a behavioral issue.

And the combination of tinfoil and a food dish we put near where he HAD been going before has given us three full months without peeing on our rug.

I’m not going to cry “Kidney problems!” yet, but we’re going to keep an eye on it. If it happens again, he’s seeing the vet this weekend.


It just made me realize how much he’s changed since we brought Baby O home.

He now spends the majority of his days upstairs on the third floor in the hidey hole at the base of the platform bed. He comes down to use his litterbox and eat.

And I can count on one hand the number of times he’s snuggled with me in the past five months. Which, you have to understand, is completely unusual. Puck has been known to sleep on me for entire DAYS before.

Even though we’ve been so much better at giving him love and kisses, he turns away from me most of the time.

Fine. He’s mad at me still. I get it.

I’m just sad today. Puck has been my one constant since I graduated college. I’m upset that our relationship has changed to the point where he seems more of a nuisance than my companion of eleven and a half years. He should have a life where he can doze in front of the fireplace, instead of hiding out on the third floor.

I have no way to conclude this. I just hope that he’s ok. That this morning was a “woops…”

… instead of the beginning of the end.



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  1. This entry makes me so sad :-(. We’ve been very, VERY lucky with our four kitties since we brought Sean home. I hope it was just a fluke this morning with Puck.
    FWIW, we have a kitty who — every now & then — goes and pees in the bathtub. She’s been doing it for years. We haven’t been able to figure out what prompts her to do it (so we can know what to do or what not to do), but I think sometimes, they just do things like that to make a statement.

  2. I’m so sorry! I’ve been thinking a lot lately how my relationship with my dogs has changed a lot since the baby came. We had to take our older dog to the vet for his second ear hematoma this year. The vet ran some labs because he has also lost 10 pounds since his last one in February. Well, it turns out his labs came back with some very strange levels and it seems he is having liver issues. She isn’t overly concerned yet, but it makes me so sad to think of him hurting and me not being able to give him the same level of love and attention he use to receive.

    I hope this was just a one time thing for Puck!

  3. Puck’s behavior could also be totally “normal”. In that if you think about it, more than baby O coming home changed. You are now home. All. The. Time. To a cat that is used to two working companions, you being home is weird to him. I know Meiko and Pazzo thought it quite odd that I was home. At first it was a novelty. Then, about 2 months in.. they started to ignore me completely and go about THEIR usual routine.

    Since K has been home with us our cats have def. changed a bit. They spend more time upstairs sleeping. However, they have gradually migrated back down. Of course Meiko was always lurking about. However, we are having our own issues with him (as you know, knock on wood, we have had no repeat accidents!).

    Still, there will come a time when your Puck and my Meiko and Pazzo will be ready to move on to that great sand box in the sky. It’s sad and I hate thinking about it.

    I hope it’s not the end either…

  4. Our dog is still depressed some of the time. Jealous, too. He’ll do most anything to get between us and the baby. First baby boy was interesting. Licked him, layed by him, seemed to be watching him.
    When he left Veto went nuts all happy and running around. Thrilled not to be reprimanded to slow down or watch out for baby. And he had his mom back all to himself again.
    Now Sweet Pea is here and we’re not so interested in him. The minute he goes down for a nap Veto is all over me to give him the attention.

    The poor animals get a little bit sensitive when they are ‘replaced’ by noisy little beings who take over the house and the parents.
    All you can do is keep trying to get that individual attention in for your little Puck. And hope there’s still more time to do it.

  5. Hopefully it’s nothing! I just went through kidney failure with my favorite kitty, and it sucks. We actually had her put down on monday. You’re smart to keep an eye on him just in case though. Sending positive thoughts!

  6. That’s so sad. I hope he comes around. It may seem silly to some, but that is one of my bigger fears about having kids, how my cats will or will not adapt. Some people think of them as just a pet, but to me it will be like hurting one of my oldest friends.

  7. That sucks. My beloved Walter has started to pee next to his litter box too….

  8. Love to Puck. And to you. I hpe everything is ok.

  9. I can very much relate to this post. My baby is just a few weeks older than Baby O – since she came my cat has been so different, and our relationship has changed in the same ways. It’s sad, and I am not sure I can find a way (or the time) to really “fix” the situation… Hope that Puck is ok.

  10. It’s tough when cats get older. Kidneys can be problematic, but they do also have more trouble with changes in their routine. I hope nothing is wrong with Puck, and I also hope that over time he will start to relax and accept Baby O as another member of the family.

  11. Hope over time Puck adjusts to the changes in your house.

    Take care

  12. Hope Puck continues to be ok…


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