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First of all, thank you so much for the support yesterday. Honestly, as soon as I posted it, I called my SIL. By the time we got off the phone, I was feeling a LOT better.

Because, seriously people. She’s going to have two kids under the age of two.

I am SO not ready for that.

Part of why I was so upset, though, is because I was hoping I’d get that call from my own sister. Because they’ve been off birth control for 19 months now (and yes, I’m counting).

My sister and I are very different people. And whereas I was in the RE’s office at 9 months of trying, getting some tests run so we could start treatment when we officially hit the 12 months mark; my sister says she’s “not comfortable with testing” right now. I’m sure a lot has to do with the fact that she doesn’t live in an insurance-mandated state, and if there IS a problem, their attempts would be out of pocket.

So I never know how to bring it up with her. And a couple of days ago I made an off-hand remark to her which, after I thought about it, was completely insensitive.

I guess I’m just feeling bad about IF these days, that’s all.


So many things I need to share about Baby O these days, I keep meaning to tell you all.

1. His favorite activity is rolling. He can only roll left, which means that he flips onto his belly and then back again. But he can rotate, which I think satisfies some sort of NEED to move these days.

It’s silly, really. Whenever he’s on our laps he strains away as if he wants to get down and MOVE. Yet he can’t really do much, which I think frustrates him.

But rolling? It helps.

2. Our nursing sessions these days have become more of a wrestling match then anything, requiring infinite patience from me.

It starts with his free hand (the left one, of course) reaching up to grab at my face, my nose, my cheeks – anything he can grab and squeeze. If I hold his hand, he pulls off (without unlatching, mind you) off my ni.pple and looks at me and/or cries.

So the key is to let him grab and hold SOMETHING without scratching my corneas. Lately I’ve inserted my free hand into the mix so he can grab it, but keep moving it like I’m trying to make it so he doesn’t grab it. Seems to work.

But oh the distractibility these days! If there’s noise, he’ll pull off to listen. If there’s movement, he’ll pull off to look at it. G-d forbid we’re out and about and I try and nurse him in the car. Literally, I have to nurse him in his dark room in order to get a good session in. And then it’s usually 50/50.

And then there are the days where he refuses to nurse at all – just cries and cries because he’s hungry. Where he’ll suck down 4 ounces of bottle, but won’t even bother to latch onto my boob. I’ve given up fighting him on those days – I just feed him a bottle and pump instead. Luckily those phases don’t last too long.

So I’m happy that he still wakes up at 4am to be fed. Because that one I KNOW will be a good session – he’s too sleepy to do much other than eat.

3. Last week we tried a little avocado puree for the first time, as I’ve read that it’s a good starter solid food for babies. It went really well – he snapped up a small bit of it without issue. It’s to early to tell if he loves it or just likes it ok, but he definitely liked it more than the rice cereal.

Whether he eats the food, though, is hit or miss right now, which honestly doesn’t bother me. I really just want him to get used to having his fruits and veggies in the evenings, since that’s what we’ll do when he’s at daycare. But I don’t mind if, right now, he’s not interested in eating them on some days – mostly because it means he’s still focused on BFing as his primary source of food.

4. We have a very sensitive little boy, I think. In the past month, we’ve had a number of family gatherings with lots of people and louder-than-usual noise levels. And in those situations, he needs his mommy to hold him and make it better. Every time I try and give him to someone else to hold, including J, Baby O ends up crying big crocodile tears until I take him back.

It’s ironic, because our nephew did the same thing, and I remember telling J that we would make sure that our baby wasn’t going to be like that – we were going to pass him around all the time so he “got used to it.” Ha. How ignorant we were.

As long as he’s in a place where he’s comfortable, isn’t hungry or tired, and has both of us looking at him? Baby O is the happiest baby alive – he almost glows when he’s happy.


5. And he’s started actively PLAYING with us now too. For months now, when I start changing him out of his long-sleeved sleeper in the mornings, I’ll grab the sleeve and say “gimme this hand!! I’m going to EAT it!”

So lately, when we get to this point, he’ll stuff his hands in his mouth, and when I try to grab it, he’ll giggle at me. BEFORE I EVEN SAY ANYTHING. Because he knows it’s coming, and he’s trying to keep his hands from me.

It’s been so amazing to see him grow and change right in front of my very eyes. And I am SO thankful I’ve been able to stay home with him for almost six full months. It’s been such a ride.


We’re heading away next week on vacation with my inlaws, SIL and BIL, and nephew, so I won’t be around for a week or so. I’ll post with pictures and an update when we’re back.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and next week!



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  1. Have you tried a nursing necklace to help with the distractedness? I like these: http://www.motherearthandbaby.com/product_info.php?cPath=8_41&products_id=1221

    The “pendant” is easy for the baby to grab and it doubles as a teething toy when time comes for that.

    Good luck!

  2. I also wanted to suggest a nursing necklace!


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