Some things I’ve learned this week.

September 18, 2008 at 9:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

Baby O’s 6 month stats, to begin:

– 15lbs, 1oz, which moves him down into the 10th percentile from the 25th at his 4 month appointment. The pedi wasn’t too concerned about the shift, since Baby O continues to grow along his own little curve, but he did suggest that we add a little rice cereal to his evening solids to ensure he’s getting enough vitamins. Which we’ll do.

– He’s 25 inches long, which is still the 25th percentile, so he’s doing just fine there.

– He took his shots like a champ – J said he cried for 30 seconds and then calmed down when J picked him up. He does have a bit of a hard red lump on his right thigh from one of the shots which we need to keep an eye on, but otherwise he did just fine yesterday.


So. Some things I’ve learned this week, my first back to work:

1. Pumping at work completely sucks. Seriously, folks. Going from once a day to three times a day I thought wouldn’t be a big deal. But my ni.pples are like hamburger right now – hard plastic suction is not a good substitute for nursing my own baby.

They’ve been great about accomodating me here – I have a spare office in HR which I’m using, and they even put a shade over the window next to the door instead of the taped paper which I had rigged. I’ve figured a good routine and can manage two sessions during a workday, which is great.

Since I’ve always been one of those women who tends to leave my personal life out of work, I can’t say I’m very comfortable pumping at work yet, but I’m getting there. I hope.

2. I miss Baby O something fierce. I knew it would be a transition to go from being with him 24/7 to just mornings, evenings, and weekends, but I didn’t count on the deep ache I feel when I think about him during the day (pumping of course). He’s exhausted from daycare each night, so I see him for maybe an hour at night before he goes to bed. And he’s so tired that he sleeps until I wake him up an hour before I head to work.

I am very happy to be back at work, and I know that the grass is always greener on the other side… but damn I miss him. And I wish I could be with him more.

I really hope that this is something that gets easier as time goes on. Because right now it’s pretty hard.

3. I had forgotten how many meetings people want to have when you’re working for a company. I want to attend them all early on, but I already have work to do too. So balance, for me? It’s going to be huge. I have to really police my desire to get involved in everything and be a lot more realistic. Because of #2? When I’m home, I’m HOME. I do not want to be working from home in the evenings. I want to focus on Baby O and my family.

The week has gone well, though. Baby O has gotten much more comfortable with his teacher – in fact, he LOVES her. He has a friend his age already, a little boy who was born only 6 days before he was. He’s still not napping very well there, but isn’t unhappy when he’s woken up by a baby crying.

Each day gets a little better for him.

And I know it’ll do the same for me. My ni.pples will get used to being crushed in hard plastic three times a day. I’ll be able to focus on me for 8 hours a day, instead of longing to hold him. We’ll both be happier, well adjusted, et cetera.


*sigh* Apparently I’m having a tough day today.



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  1. Serenity-
    I am glad that things are going fairly well. As far as the lump goes, they advised me to rub it and kind of massage it down. Hope it helps!! Things will get better. I went back to work at 4 months and pumped for an entire year so I know what you are feeling.

    Leslie B.

  2. No, it sounds like you are doing so great! I’m a bit jealous of your “me” time but you are right, the grass is always greener on the other side.
    You seem like such a confident parent that I’m sure it will just keep getting easier and easier!

  3. It sounds like you and O are doing well. That first week back to work is SO HARD. It gets much, much easier.

    Have you tried lubing up the horns on your pump? Olive oil works well (and isn’t harmful if a little gets in the milk). It improves the suction (so you can get better yield while turning down the power on the pump) and also lessens irritation from the plastic. Your nursing bras will be a little greasy but it’s worth it!

  4. Dear Serenity, I understand you so well — I can imagine how hard this transition is, on so many levels. But I hope it gets better and better for both of you. Big hug.

  5. It is a tough transition, but it sounds like you are on the right path. I think I’m going to find pumping at work hard too – I’m glad you have a private space. And that’s great that Baby O’s got a friend already!

  6. I remember those early day back to work, it was very difficult , still is but it less painful now. Mondays are still hard for me because I get use to having her 24 hours with me… You and baby O are doing great! the fact that he likes his caregives is a major major issue, that makes everything much easier. good luck!

  7. Number 2 brought tears to my eyes! Although I’m looking forward to going back to work a part of me is already achey!

  8. Glad your first week went well. I think you are pretty lucky to have somewhere to pump. I do not, so I basically breast feed her in the morning and in the evening, during the day she gets formula (which is what I did with Michael, and it works fine, but IF I had a place to pump–I think I would have).

    It does get easier, and you both will adapt.

  9. Yikes to the pumping! Hope it gets better. Good luck with your adjustment to work.

  10. It does get easier, but it really never completely goes away. For me, part of the ease of pumping was that since we have a common room, we have a little club of pumpers. At my new site, there are actually two bays with hospital divider curtains-talk about chummy. If you need a distraction (which may help letdown happen a little easier), I would suggest an iPod or something along that line-focusing on something else always helps. You’re doing great!

  11. Don’t know if you have the Medela or another type of pump but if you have the Medela have you thought about trying out different horns? I remember you mentioning not being small busted so maybe a larger horn would work better for you. I am very large busted and the larger horns make a HUGE difference in comfort level. Good luck!

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