Adventures in solids.

September 20, 2008 at 12:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

For the past few weeks, Baby O has started eating solids. We’ve started him slowly; since we were starting “early” I didn’t want to push the solid foods on him – particularly since we had such an issue with gas when he was a newborn.

So we gave him a little rice cereal in breastmilk for a couple of days. And then a week later started him on avocado. And then some sweet potatoes.

And we were away at the lake for a week, so we tried jarred sweet potatoes. Which promptly blocked him up. My baby, who was a three, four dirty diaper-a-day kid, didn’t poop for 4 full days.

But boy did he fart. And they STUNK. I swear, it was like being in college all over again.

And by the Saturday we got back from the lake, I was desperate. I ended up giving Baby O two ounces of 50/50 diluted prune juice in a bottle of milk. Which did the trick – he pooped twice the next morning.

After that whole mess, we went back to avocado. And added extra water, too, just in case he wasn’t getting enough. And this week, when I’ve been at work, we’ve offered avocado at night. It’s still hit or miss; some nights he’s been too tired, too overstimulated, too whatever to want more than a nursing session. Still, though, this week he’s had solids a couple of times.

And let me tell you. When it comes to diapers, it’s a whole new ballgame. The neutral yeast scent? That’s SO infant.

Now you can tell he has a dirty diaper by merely sniffing the air. And often, I’ve asked J “was that YOU?” incredulously. Because honestly. Babies are supposed to smell like powder, and J&J baby shampoo, and that special detergent.

NOT like a college freshman after an all night drinking binge.

But as of today, Baby O has tried rice cereal, avocado, sweet potatoes, and pears (which we tried for the first time today). He likes all of them ok; I can’t tell what he loves versus just likes, though I did get a number of smiles when he ate the sweet potatoes.

Our plan right now is to introduce new foods on the weekends, so we have two full days to see if he has any adverse reaction to them before he goes back to daycare.

And in the meantime, I’ve started referring to Baby O affectionately as my “stinkybutt.”



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  1. Ah yes, the solid food poops. Definitely a new ballgame. *sigh* I’ve threatened many a time to go back to breast milk only to avoid the big-girl poops! And when she went to all finger foods? Um, too human-like for me! 😉

    Now, I know some pedis don’t recommend water yet, but ours said he recommends it when they start solids because it can help with constipation issues. Maybe worth a shot? Some pedis recommend water after the meal so their tummy doesn’t get too full with water, but ours suggested giving it to her with the meal. So we started the sippy cup at 6m, which of course was a toy at first, but by 7m or so, she had it down fine. I don’t know if that’s what has helped, but she’s only had one bout with constipation ever.

    Have fun with the solids with stinkybutt!

  2. Ah yes. I can’t wait until she’s 2 years old and potty training–that is human waste you be wiping up! 🙂

    We are starting Willow up with cereal…but I can’t wait–I love doing the whole high chair and bib and messy food dance! (reallly, its fun!) One of my favorite memories was when Michael was 2 and he was having spagettios’ and he put the bowl on his head and said “Hat!”.

    Good luck with Stinkybutt!

  3. Hahahaha!!

    Oh so true!

    Ethan gets constipated with avacado (though we still use it for the calories) so perhaps that’s ALSO it? Apples and prunes help balance him out some.

    Oh yeah. Poop. Fun and fun! Wait till he’s eating REAL food! CORN. CORN, that’s all I have to say.

  4. Just wait… the diapers just get worse and worse in the stink dept! 🙂

    I still can’t understand how people love the smell of a baby, mine always seemed to smell like poop/spit-up etc! 🙂

  5. I agree with D. Starting solids did give K constipation as well. However, we gave her water with her meals. It was a great way to introduce the sippy cup and after a month or so (and a lot of trying diff. cups, the best for K? Take and Toss, yep the cheapest ones out there!) she did really well. When she moves on to cow’s milk and table food you will notice another change in bowel regularity. Their bodies need time to adjust. I like your plan of introducing on weekends. Very smart. If you try some more fruit that may help with constipation as well.

  6. I guess the days of sweet-smelling sh-t are over!

  7. Yeah, unfortunately they can’t have milk (only) forever… 😉

  8. Oh my goodness, we know when Lily poops the second it begins. The stench is horrendous. Stinkybutt sounds like a lovely nickname to me:)

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