September 23, 2008 at 7:46 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Week one of daycare completed.

Baby O brought home a cold on Friday so the entire family could share in it. Luckily I got over mine pretty quickly, but Baby O’s got a cough, and J is in a bad way right now. 

After sleeping in each morning last week, the past two days Baby O has begun getting up at 6:15 – right in the middle of my morning shower. The mornings now are fucking STRESSFUL.

And I got my first post partum AF this morning.


Yesterday morning, when I took him to daycare. When he saw his teacher for the first time since Thursday…

His face lit up in a smile.

And he reached for her so she could take him into her arms.

I’m thrilled, so thrilled, that he loves his teacher. Knowing not only that he’s in good hands, but that he actually LIKES going there makes me feel really good. It makes going to work that much easier.

It also makes going to work that much harder.

Just a little.



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  1. I’m so glad that he likes his teacher, that is super important.

    I hope everyone feels better soon. Colds suck.

  2. Really, it’s good that he likes his teacher. Since you’re not there all day, that’s probably the best sign you can have that he’s in good hands. You are still his mommy, though, and you always will be, no matter how much he likes his teacher.

  3. That is awesome. One of my friends was telling me she put her first baby in daycare at 3 months, and the second they started much later. The first was all bonded and excited to go to daycare, and the second was frantic to leave the mom. That made me feel better about deciding to go back to work at 3 months – since i know I’ll be going back eventually anyway, might as well get the little guy/gal used to the idea before it’s too ‘late’ to make the teacher an ‘ok’ person… kwim?

  4. That makes all the difference in the world. Lyla also likes her babysitter… One thing I HATE about day care and that they get colds so often… Have a great week

  5. Ouch…my heart just clenched in my chest when I read that part about him lighting up. It must hurt a lot. But it must also be so nice to know if you can’t be there, he’s happy. And thats the most important thing right now. As moms all we want is for our kids to be happy…even if it means sharing those gorgeous smiles with other people eh?

  6. it will get easier according to every working mother i know. hang in there, buddy. xxoxo

  7. Yes, I would MUCH rather have a happy baby at daycare who enjoys the time there, as opposed to one that cries and cries and hates every minute. I hope he continues to enjoy his time there.


    p.s. BOO about AF!!!

  8. Aw… that’s so sweet. And yes, just a little bit sad. But it sounds like you picked the right place.


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