Face Off: Part II

October 9, 2008 at 9:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Most mornings, when I get dressed for work, I bring Baby O into our room and prop him up with pillows on our bed. There he plays with a toy while I dress in my work clothes.

Usually Puck is sleeping at the foot of the bed.

And this morning, instead of playing with his toy, Baby O looked up at the cat, who was facing him. And he tried to elicit a smile from Puck. He made his little high pitched laugh/squeak, then said “ehhhhh” with a big smile at the cat.

And Puck did his best to ignore Baby O.

That’s about how it goes in our house these days. After our trip to the lake, when the fracking cat peed in ANOTHER PLACE…. the ONE expensive oriental rug we own… things have settled into a bit more of a routine.

Puck gets the house for most of the day, since we’re all at work and daycare. At night, after Baby O goes to bed, Puck has shown interest in snuggling with J and I.

I *think* that Puck is getting to a place of acceptance that this is his new reality.

I’m hoping, anyway.

Either way, there’s not much we can do about it. If he keeps peeing on our rugs, we’re going to have to start locking him in the kitchen when we leave. I’m loath to do that right now, though, because Puck just doesn’t take well to change. (Thus the peeing.)

So we’re just in a “wait and see” mode.

But it’s amazing to see Baby O realize that the cat is another BEING. And this morning, watching him try and elicit a response from Puck? Again, amazing.

Because Baby O knows now that smiling at someone gets him a smile back.

And I am utterly fascinated with watching Baby O learn. There’s SO much he’s figuring out these days. How to use his body to get where he wants to (right now it’s rolling). How to use his hands by taking his bink out of his mouth, transferring it to his other hand, and putting it back into his mouth. Cause and effect – when he smiles at someone, he gets a smile back.

It’s so awesome to see. Only a couple of months ago, Baby O wasn’t even AWARE that there was a world around him. And now? He’s learning. It’s something new every day for him.

And for us, too.

Including the cat.



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  1. I have a cat too and it’s amazing to see Lily watch the cat and her priceless expression of amazement, curiousity and intrigue. I could watch her all day! Too bad the cat doesn’t feel the same way!! ha ha

    LOVE your blog!!!

  2. I’m serious about the Feliway spray! It just relaxes cats, or so they say, and fir ours it’s worked! After a year of rug peeing she stopped! Though when we ran out she went back to her old ways…but so worth it!

  3. I loved the picture from yesterday. It said a thousand words. But this story really added a structure to that tale, and it is amazing that baby O is learning stuff like that.

    Oh, I second the feliway.


  4. love the pic from yesterday too.

    and yes it’s so much fun when you realize they understand there is a world beyond themselves. Gio can actually “crocodile tears” at this point…9 months old and already got mommy by the , well you know.

    they also love the dog and he couldn’t be bothered either. Jacob goes and grabs his nyla bone, Fenton looks at me, like “hey lady….he gets that too?” 🙂 Plus when they touch him and realize he’s soft etc, it’s sooo cute.

    it really is such a great time……for baby gates!!! 🙂

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