So I get this out.

October 10, 2008 at 7:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

I’m afraid that we’re going to oversleep and be rushing to the airport tomorrow morning.

I’m afraid we’re going to forget something really important like the diaper bag. Or the baby.

I’m afraid Baby O is going to cry nonstop the entire flight, stressing my husband out because he HATES to bother the people around us.

I’m afraid my parents’ dog is going to take a huge chunk out of Baby O’s face because he thinks he can play with the baby.

I’m afraid that Baby O will be so unused to the new situation that he’ll only want mom to hold him and will cry when his grandmother does.

I’m afraid that my mother is going to be really hurt that Baby O doesn’t want to be held by her.

I’m afraid that he won’t nap or eat all day tomorrow so he’ll be an absolute mess tomorrow evening.

Thank you.

I feel better getting all of that out. Because they’re stupid worries.

Baby O will LIKELY cry at least once on the flight, and there’s not much we can do except to work to comfort him. We’ll have his bink. His teddy bear blanket. A bottle. I can nurse him.

And he’s already proven that he adjusts to new situations; he’s done it before. It’s not going to be perfect, but he’ll be fine.

My yoga instructor once said “Fear is a misuse of imagination.” Which is so true. Because instead of imagining the smiles and giggles and absolute fascination Baby O might have with the plane/the dog/ my mother, I’m looking at the worst case scenario.

So. As with most things, the anticipation is the worst part. It’s all going to be fine. We’re going to have a good visit. My brother is going to meet his nephew for the first time.

I’ll let you all know how it goes on Tuesday morning. Have a good weekend!



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  1. Hope you left all your worries right here on this page, and took none of them with you in real life.


  2. Wishing you luck on your trip. Just to let you know that it can be done–when my son was 8 months old we had to go to my brother’s wedding in Michigan. Everything worked out (the flights, the having to hang around the airports, the meeting family members for the first time, etc.)–as it will for you. You sound very prepared. Have fun!

  3. Things will go even better than expected…and, you know, if not, hopefully it’s something you can laugh about as a family later. 🙂

    Have fun!

  4. YOU guys have a good weekend!

    I like your yoga instructor’s point of view! A nice way to see things…

    As for your worries, I’m pretty sure you can make sure the dog doesn’t have Baby O for a snack. And if he doesn’t want to stay in your mom’s arms for too long, well there isn’t much you can do about that. He is a BABY, and hopefully your mom will understand.

    As for the flying, here’s a few tips: first make sure Baby O is in his cutest outfit, and that while you are waiting in the louge to board he charms some passengers. Hopefully you can make him laugh when you board, and he makes friends with all the people around you. That way when he cries (and he will at some point, probably), the folks around you will think: “oh that precious, charming baby is crying, poor thing!” Please do remember how LOUD planes are, and so hardly anyone WILL hear him cry. I also found it very helpful to nurse Sacha during takeoff and landing (even though they tell you that you should hold the baby in the burping position…) Best of luck! (And, think of it this way… it’s easier to fly with a baby this age then one who is just starting to run and wants to spend the whole flight doing laps of the plane!!)

  5. Hopefully those worries won’t migrate off the computer screen!

    Take care and have a good trip!

  6. We flew to Florida last year when Baby L was eight months. I had to hold him during the takeoff and landing (some regulation) but most of the time I had him in a Bjorn and he did fine. He was fascinated by the screen on the seat back (which changed a lot, but we didn’t actually watch anything on tv itself) and slept a lot of the way. Nursing him will probably be all you need to do. The woman behind me, a complainer throughout the flight, told me as we were leaving that she didn’t even know there was a baby in front of her.

    I’m more dreading this year’s flight to Florida, when Baby L will be 20 months and not content to just sit around.

    Have a great trip! We also brought a cheap umbrella stroller, rather than our usual behemoth, and checked it at the gate. We didn’t want to risk having our big stroller broken or lose a wheel during the flight, but everything worked out fine. The stroller was waiting for us when we got off the plane, too.

  7. Now that you’ve written them down, none of these will happen!!

  8. I love that quote from your yoga instructor!! I also come up with all these worse case scenarios when I really should be thinking of all the good things that can (and will) happen! I hope you have a nice weekend with as little stress as possible!

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