October 14, 2008 at 8:05 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

We didn’t forget anything important – took everything we needed.

Baby O didn’t cry once on the way down. He slept in my lap on the plane. Woke in a happy mood. In fact, the loudest noise he made on the way down there was to laugh when I tickled him.

He did great at my parents house. My parents’ Doberman LOVED him – licked him many times in welcome. He ate, he napped (though truthfully, not all that well, but whatever, he slept!) and he enjoyed my mother’s hugs and love.

He did really well during our family pictures, too – despite the fact that he was overtired from not napping that morning. We actually got some good smiles for the camera from him.

The ONLY hiccup was on the way home. Just bad timing, really. He hadn’t napped. He hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours. So when we boarded the plane, and the flight attendant came on the loudspeaker, Baby O lost it. He cried for the better part of a half hour, and then passed out on my shoulder and slept a good hour.

But when he woke up from that nap? Much happier baby.

So we’re back to the grind. And I’m exhausted.

Thankfully it’s a short week, anyway.



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  1. Baby O’s first trip sounds like it went quite well – another milestone passed! Hopefully now you’ll catch up on some sleep!

  2. They can surprise us, can’t they? So glad to hear that he did better than you expected!

  3. Ah well, not perfect but sounds pretty darn good, anyway!


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