Cross-pollination: seven months.

November 9, 2008 at 8:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

Can you guess who wrote this post? 🙂


Seven months!

Seven, where the hell where has the time gone by, months!

Can you believe it?

He’s on solids now (the puréed kind, not as messy as I first feared), sitting up and crawling on his tummy, wears 9- 12 months clothes, cries when I’m not near him, loves being in my arms, giggles and gurgles and smells gorgeous!

He’s the most smiley little chubby chops ever and charms EVERYONE, even the post woman, who knocks at my door to hand over the mail instead of mailing it, just so she can goo at him!

I keep asking myself where he came from, how he got here, did he like the look of the house and say, “yup, looks ok here” and slipped through the letterbox?

It felt too easy, it’s surreal, I’m still amazed he’s here!

He chocked on something or other the other day, went blue in face, I nearly fainted, shrieked out to him indoors who came flying down the stairs, by that time he’d stopped choking and gave a little smile as if nothing happened…. I nearly fainted again, then I cried!

The fear!

It never ends!

Every time I look at him I think how it was all worth the pain, at the same time, if someone should tell me to go back in time and the only way to have him was to go through what I’ve already been through, would I?

Scary to think about, so I don’t.

I’m just enjoying him for the moment because god only knows how fast he’ll grow up and this precious time will soon seem like a blur.

Btw, what do you do if a baby starts to choke and you don’t know why? I’ve been told giving a whack on the back is not so good, so what is?


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  1. I learned in first-aid training (twelve years ago! — so this may be outdated) that when a child starts choking, to angle him down (so gravity can help the object fall out), and gently but firmly strike him on the back between the shoulder blades to try to dislodge the object (or food). Obviously, you would want to strike more firmly for an older child and more gently for a baby.

    If the person is able to breathe at all, then the windpipe is not completely blocked and the Heimlech maneuver should not be initiated. If the person cannot breathe, you would want to do the Heimlech maneuver. That involves quick upward thrusts in the area of the diaphragm to use the air in the lungs to push the object out of the windpipe. For a full-grown adult, you’d cover your fist in your hand and use the pressure of both arms to accomplish this; for a tiny child, you’d use just your index and middle finger to avoid damaging his ribs or organs. For someone Baby O’s size, you’d want to use a little more pressure than you would on a little baby. But of course, with a child, you can physically turn them in such a way as to angle the upper body to have gravity help pull the object out, which may also help.

    And, no, the fear never ends. My kids are 4 and 2 and I still go into their rooms at night to make sure they’re breathing; and I worry that they’ll choke on food — the other day my 2-y/o started making those choking sounds, and I turn around terrified, and he grins at me and made that sound again. On purpose. And he does it every so often; and every time, I come flying, because I can’t take the chance that maybe he’s not faking this time and it’s really real. Yup, fear is a constant part of motherhood.

  2. This was a cute post! So sorry about the choking — I know how terrifying that can be. And I can’t believe either that he’s seven months already!

    (I knew who this was by because I just clicked through from her blog, where I had guessed you correctly! Yay me!)

  3. Hmm…not sure. Maybe Farah?

  4. Ahh! I was able to pick your writing out tho. Great post!

  5. I took infant first aid about a year ago, Kathy’s description is absolutely correct…

    If there is nothing lodged, and he seems to be choking on a liquid or air raise his arms above his head for a minute… it opens up the airway just a little extra and helps the little ones to start breathing regularily again.

  6. Oooohhh…….

    I’m stuck.

    I’m going to have to hit up Farah’s blog now to see…



  7. Yay, I guessed correctly! It helps that your baby boys are around the same age. That narrowed it down a lot.

    Both posts are very sweet. 🙂

  8. Same as Kathy, except for two things. What age can you start the Heimlich? Pretty sure it’s not as young as 7 months. Also, was told not to be afraid to hit firmly. If the baby is choking, you need to hit as hard as you need to hit to get the airway clear and no softer. It doesn’t matter how young the baby is, they’re just as dead if they can’t breathe. It’s no time to be worrying about other injuries. Obviously, you could start more softly and then build up if it doesn’t dislodge at first.

    Why on earth is it no good to pat on the back? Although I can see if you don’t angle them downwards as you’re patting… that might be a problem.


  9. I cheated, but when I read yours on the other blog I recognized your writing so if I hadn’t cheated and went to her blog first I would have guessed it!

    It is funny because I often wonder how we got Baby M. I mean I KNOW how we got Baby M, but it amazes me how we got him-his soul. They are wonderful little beings and I think I’m in my most wonderment when he is sleeping. I just can’t believe he is ours!

  10. I highly recommend taking a baby first aid course, just to drill the basics into your head. They sure do like to scare us in these early years!

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