The Sunday night drive. Repeated.

November 23, 2008 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

or how I ended up driving around local towns for an hour and a half tonight.

I mentioned Baby O was sick, right?

Yeah. He’s really sick.*

Started last night – he cried multiple times during the night while J’s friends were here. To be truthful, they weren’t as quiet as they could have been. But it wasn’t enough to make Baby O cry – it wasn’t even enough to trip the voice activation on the monitor.

I just knew that he wasn’t feeling well. And twice overnight, when I was holding him while he writhed in my arms, J said “man, I didn’t think we were THAT loud.” And I told him, no, it wasn’t that his friends were over, it was that Baby O wasn’t feeling well.**

And then he didn’t eat much of his solid foods today. Bottles? He drank those ok. But no solid foods. And that’s weird. Because Baby O is like a solid food CHAMP. He adores his mush.

And then he wouldn’t sleep, though I knew he was tired by the way he would bury his face in my chest. We’d lay him down, and he’d just look up at us and cry big fat wet tears which would make his already stuffy-runny nose wetter.

By this afternoon, he was manic. If I looked at him with a smile, he’d giggle. I KNEW it was tenuous, so I changed him into his sleeper and got some oatmeal and pears into him.

And then it happened. While he was in the highchair.

J sneezed.

And Baby O absolutely lost it. LOST it.

So I took him upstairs and rocked him, screaming, in my arms. And just like that – within a MINUTE he was asleep in my arms.

Until I put him down in his crib. And he woke up wailing.

So finally, I was out of options. So I put him in his bucket, still wailing. And I put him in the car. And I stuck a David Wilcox CD into the player. And we took a drive.

And within minutes, Baby O was asleep.

So we drove. For an hour. We did a big fat circle through the surrounding towns. And when we got home, I managed to transfer him, still strapped into the bucket, into his room. And I went downstairs and J and I had dinner.

And when I asked J if he thought we should leave him in the bucket overnight, and J said that he thought we should try and transfer him into his crib… I was dubious. There was a niggling part of me that said “just leave him.” But it sounded reasonable.

And then we actually tried it.

Not pretty.

So that was when I found myself in the car again, wailing baby in the backseat, David Wilcox on the CD player. And again, within a few minutes, he was sound asleep. And we did a smaller circle of the neighboring towns. And I managed to get him up to his room, strapped into his bucket, and put him, bucket and all, into his crib.

And that is where he will sleep.

Let’s just hope we don’t have to do another drive tonight.

*I’m 99.99999% certain that it’s another ear infection. I thought he maybe had the beginnings of one last week, when he started playing with his ear when he ate. But then I thought it was my imagination, because he was FINE all week. So J is staying home tomorrow with him and taking him to the pediatrician. Like first thing in the morning.

** This is probably a vent for another post. But I KNOW that Baby O wasn’t feeling well today. What IS it with J? Why did he, EVERY TIME I’d say something to that fact, discount it?

Yes, that’s right, sweetie, he’s NOT eating his solids because he had that extra bottle last night. Oh, gee, he’s waking up crying because he doesn’t want to sleep? I didn’t think of that! What? He’s burying his face into my chest and writing in pain because he’s playing a new game? His higher-than-normal temperature on tyl.enol AND mo.trin MUST just be a blip.

Meh. If I weren’t so damn worried about my poor miserable baby tonight, I would have danced in glee when it became clear that I was NOT, in fact, overreacting.



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  1. Ooof…it sounds like we’ve both had tough weekends with the kiddos! Hope Baby O feels better soon. Let me know how the dr appt goes tomorrow.


  2. That is a tough weekend! I hope that Baby O will feel better.

    I read your earlier post about drying. I’ve had good success for my hands (not yet experienced in the nipple environment) with cetaphil cream. Expensive, but really hydrating!

  3. Poor Baby O. I hope he is feeling better soon. Chicken is sick too and I’ve been up with him all night the past three nights. I’m so tired my legs are actually shaking. UGH!
    I have also done the drive for an hour to get the baby to sleep trick (imagine what they did before car seats and cars).
    Once I blew about $20.00 in gas because I didn’t want to risk a bad nap!
    Only a mother will understand that hey!

  4. Your experiences bring flashbacks…um, I mean memories of when my son was a baby. Driving around and around and around. Leaving him in the car seat to sleep at night, feeling so guilty about it. UGH. I hope he feels better soon–and I hope you catch a break!

    I am so very very lucky this time around with Willow—although right as I type this, we are having a tough time getting her down tonight. …umm..maybe I spoke too soon?

  5. hugs to you guys. it seems with every baby there is something, be it feeding problems, or illness or sleep problems. Hang in there and i’m thinking of you!

  6. Oh, poor J, and poor you. I hope he gets better soon.

  7. I hope Baby O feels better soon. If it is an ear infection at least you know once he’s on antibiotics he will feel better soon.

  8. Our weekend has been exactly like yours-minus the people coming over for poker. The thing about our house is that I felt miserable on Saturday yet I still got up and did what needed to be done including taking Baby M to the ped Saturday morning. sunday M woke up feeling not so good and laid in bed until noon. I was so freakin’ pissed! Everytime I said something to him about it he would cry, “But, I don’t feel good.” To which I said “Suck it up, buddy, and join the club. The baby doesn’t care if we don’t feel good and neither do I so get up and help!” I’m not sure who the bigger baby was this weekend!

  9. Feel better soon little O!

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