Well, ok then.

December 8, 2008 at 10:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

No more obsessing over the dwindling supply for me.

Why is that?

Well, Baby O sort of made the decision for me.

It was my intention to continue nursing Baby O in the early mornings, while J would heat up his bottle. And it worked for a couple of days – I’d nurse him and then he’d have a 4 ounce bottle of formula.

And then on Friday morning, he refused to nurse.

And then again on Saturday.

And Sunday.

And this morning.

So as of right now, I am exclusively pumping. And Baby O is just fine with his 8oz bottle.

The good news is that I get a good pumping session first thing in the morning . Between that and one other session during the day (yay! Only have to pump ONCE at work!), I have enough to freeze for the day.

So. I can’t say I’m 100% comfortable with the way that things are working out, but I’m smart enough to know when I’m fighting a losing battle. And the last thing I want to do is turn a feeding session into a battle – I would much rather just give Baby O a bottle. Because honestly? We have our snuggle time then – while he’s eating, he reaches up and plays with my hair. Or touches my face. Or plays with my necklace.

My plan is to quit pumping for good around Christmas, when we head to Florida to visit with my grandparents. My stash should be enough to get us near to Baby O’s birthday; based on my calculations it should run out towards the end of February.

So Baby O will get brea.stmilk until he’s close to one. Which, you know. Is a HUGE win. Because I did only have a 30% chance of BFing in the first place.

So that’s that.

Shall we move onto new topics?

Stay tuned for The Aventures of our Christmas Tree Hunt and The Resulting Photo Shoot with Baby O in a Santa Suit.

(Or: How I Will Embarrass My Kid With Cheesy Photos When He Brings His Girlfriend To Visit.)



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  1. Yes – that is that. It’s admirable that you’re seeing it for what it is and not stressing about it.

    You have done SO great and you have a lot to be proud of.

  2. De-lurking from San Diego….I have been meaning to comment for the last couple of months on the breastfeeding challenges, but haven’t had time because of my own 4 month-old daughter and the stress of returning to work full-time. I have consistently been meaning to write “Yay for you!” You’ve made it so far after having such a low chance of doing it in the first place, and having breastmilk to get him through his first birthday is fantastic!

    Also ,I have reflected several times on your experience with leaving baby O at day care, and it’s been very reassuring to hear from another working mother that babies do just fine away from home….especially as I dropped her off today for the first time!

    Thanks for your blog, I love reading about your experiences.

  3. you know because I didn’t BF (and didn’t even think about doing it from the first u/s to today) I’ve felt funny commenting on these posts, kind of like, I didn’t do it and I can’t say yes or no…but I’ve wanted to offer encouragement, much like I did during our TTC days. Things like, “see how far you got!!!” and “you’re doing a great job”..but it felt hypocritical since I didn’t even give it a try.

    so I am saying it for the record, I think that what you’ve been able to do is amazing and good for Baby O.

    Likewise, I have never felt like the boys and I didn’t “attach” just because I didn’t BF, they have always held my fingers or hand as I gave them a bottle, they snuggled up to me when feeding and I never felt like I didn’t create a bond with them because I decided not to. So I think that what you’re doing is even more amazing.

    I was so happy for you , because I knew how much you wanted to BF and I am sooooooo glad that you got that experience.

    P.S. thanks for your comment, it made life so much better for me , seriously. Having that kind of support just makes getting through this even more possible.

    pps. we got a Table top tree because my crawling, cruising little boys would have a tree down in 2 seconds, at least this way I get to put their 1st baby ornaments on something without fear that they will pull the whole tree down on themselves. 🙂 Good luck! I can’t wait to see the pics!!!

  4. Congrats on a huge accomplishment!

    Do you know, is it better for the baby if you stretch the EBM out by mixing it w/formula versus just using up the EBM and switching to plain formula (with a short mixing period in there so the baby doesn’t notice the change)? I always assumed we’d use up my stash before introducing formula but maybe that’s not the best approach?

  5. Congrats on getting so very far! And yay for less stress!

  6. Congratulations – you are able to get as far as you wanted just about and O gets to decide when he wants to wean too – win, win I say.

  7. Congrats for getting this far, now if you have any tips for persuading baby T to accept a bottle preferably occasionally before I go back to work next month.

  8. It’s awesome that you’re not stressing this. I just started nursing (for the third time) so it’ll be a while before I have to cross that bridge again.

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