The Sick.

December 17, 2008 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

Last night, there was something WRONG with Baby O. It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on, really. But he fussed through dinner – wasn’t interested in eating anything we fed him. Even sweet potatoes, which are his favorites.

I should have known then. But, see. I wanted him to eat dinner. Because the night before he hadn’t eaten well and was up at 4am for his bottle. And the night before that, too. So I was determined to get enough food into him so that he’d maybe sleep a little later. And I could catch up on my own sleep.

He went down easily enough, and J and I had our dinner and were relaxing on the couch when I heard a noise through the monitor. It sounded like just a cough. But my whole body tensed.

I must have KNOWN.

The next noise was a weak cry. And in a flash I was up the stairs into his room. And I came in, and Baby O was crying. And he was COVERED with his dinner.

Poor baby had thrown it all up.

I went into action – called J up, who started a bath. I turned on the light and stripped my poor baby out of his nasty clothes. And we gave him a bath at 10pm.

Wouldn’t you know it? The kid SMILED when we put him in the bath. Like it was a treat for him to be playing in the tub after his bedtime.

We dressed him in clean clothes and put him back to bed, and he was immediately asleep. But at this point both J and I were on tenterhooks. And sure enough, just as we were getting ready for bed, we heard the sound again. And again when we went in, he was covered.

And this time, mostly asleep.

So I changed him again. And J remade his crib. And in the process, Baby O woke up fully again. And whimpered. And in the next hour and a half, he threw up three more times.

They tell you early on that there’s a difference between spitting and throwing up. I can attest to that. Baby O threw up just like you or I would – a rumble deep inside him. And each time, he cried. And I just held him in my lap, and cleaned his face with a towel and told him that I was here, and I was sorry, and he’d be ok.

And around midnight, he went to sleep in my lap. And I held him another half hour, just in case. And then I went to bed myself.

J and I knew he wouldn’t go to daycare today. But I had no idea what brought it on. Was it the new food I had introduced that night? Bad yogurt for breakfast? Maybe the milk had gone bad? Because this morning he had a NASTY diarrhea diaper. And then another near lunchtime.

So I called daycare to check in and ask whether or not any of the other kids in the infant room were sick. And the director told me that 4 other kids were out with the same thing.



Despite the fact that he’s had two immunizations against it, he’s contagious with every diarrhea diaper he’s got. And. Um. J or I could get it too.


The good news is that, really, Baby O is no worse for the wear. He’s not interested in food much today, but otherwise in pretty good spirits.

But man. My poor sick baby.



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  1. Oh, yuck! It always hurts mama so much when baby is sick — especially throwing up, because they just get *this look* in their eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it, and nothing they can do about it, except just wait and wonder when it will come and where it will end up. Yup — love isn’t all that mushy, gushy stuff you see on movies and read in Hallmark cards — it’s knowing your baby’s gonna throw up, and holding him anyway, because he needs your comfort.

    I wonder if something is going around nationwide, because several of my extended family have some sort of stomach/intestinal bug that sounds very much like you’ve described (but we’re in Mississippi). All those wonderful, lovely germs passing around at Thanksgiving are making their rounds, maybe.

    This too shall pass…and pass… and pass. (Keep the wet wipes and old towels handy!) Oh, and Pedialyte — even if he doesn’t drink it, you or J just way like having that around for yourselves.

  2. I’m so sorry he’s sick 😦 From what I hear from friends whose little ones have had it (some of whom have gotten it themselves), it sounds awful.

    We aren’t far away from you guys, and it’s going around here too. One of the moms in my weekly moms group was out this week as her son was suffering from rotavirus too (and had also been vaccinated). Harry seems okay right now, but I’m still a bit nervous.

    I hope Baby O feels better soon! (And that you and J escape unscathed.)

  3. Poor Baby O! I hope he feels better soon.
    Be sure to take of yourself during this time too, take your vitamins and drink lots of water, wash your hands.. A LOT.

  4. Oh no, that is awful Poor baby, I hope you get better very soon

  5. Poor Baby! Sounds like you had one hell of a night!

    We had a rough night with Willow last night–up most of the night with unspecified fussiness, but she did not throw up or show any other signs of sickness. I am now knocking on wood cuz she has had the same immunizations.

    I hope he gets better soon and that you guys don’t get sick too! Its an awful time to be sick! 🙂

  6. Oh sweetie, I hope he feels better soon. That’s not fun at all. I know that when my kiddos are sick like that I am just overwhelmed with it and they are just happy to be home and playing with their own toys, while I change those nasty, nasty diapers.

    Hopefully YOU won’t get it. *fingers crossed*

  7. OMG, I’m so sorry! Rotovirus – I guess that just goes to show that immunizations aren’t 100% effective. I hope you guys don’t get it too because that sounds nasty. I wish Baby O didn’t have to go through that!

  8. I just got done with that myself. I met a friend and her 2 kids (9 mo and 4 yrs) in Chicago for a short weekend getaway that turned into an extended stay with reinforcements flown in to deal with the 4 year old (who miraculously did not get sick). 2 days later my stomach was back to normal, but I am still trying to get my energy back. I have never had anything like it but it was going around the kid’s daycare, so I guess it is a nation-wide thing!

    I hope you avoid puking yourself — and I hope the baby feels better soon!

  9. Poor baby O! Hope everyone in your household catches up on sleep and that he’s feeling better really soon!

  10. The Rotavirus vaccine, even if it doesn’t prevent the illness, should make baby much less sick. So baby still might be sick, but not be SO sick that he gets dehydrated and hospitalized. Sounds like the vaccine did okay, since Baby O is already feeling a little bit better and is smiling.
    Fingers crossed he gets all the way better soon and you two don’t get it.

  11. Poor baby! I hope he’s feeling better soon!

  12. Oh . . . good luck avoiding it yourselves! Lots of handwashing etc etc. I hope the little guy has a short case of it!

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