Puck update.

December 22, 2008 at 9:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


I didn’t intend to give the impression that I was going to put Puck down in my last post.

I was merely going over my (non) options in this case. Ahead of myself. Because we hadn’t heard from the vet, and we didn’t know if there was a physical issue. And for the past 9 months we’ve been asking around, wondering if a non-baby, non other pet home who doesn’t mind an indoor cat with no claws might take him in. Because clearly – he’s been losing weight. He’s not himself. He’s UNHAPPY.

The physical issue? The bloodwork and urine analysis all came back normal. Puck is healthy. Stressed out? Yes. Pissed off (pardon the pun)? Yes. But healthy.

So what are we going to do? In my vet’s words, we’re going to pull out the big guns. We’re going to increase his dose of kitty prozac. We’re going to add a litterpan to the upstairs bathroom. We’re going to try a new brand of litter. We’re going to continue to use the kitty pheremones. If that fails, we’re going to keep him in the bathroom for a couple of days until he is re-introduced to his litter.

In the meantime, J is going to rip out the carpet on the stairwell landing – the place where he is going the most – replace the sub-floor, and install hardwood.

If all of that doesn’t work? Then we’ll reassess.

We’re working through it.

I really didn’t intend to be controversial when I posted my options as it related to our cat. I was depressed. I still am, actually. I love him, and I’m so fucking sad that our relationship has turned into nothing more than pee management.

And Baby O LOVES him. Every time Puck is turned to him, Baby O smiles and coos, in the hopes that Puck will smile back. And I’m sad that Baby O won’t have the kind of relationship I had with my housecat when I was growing up.

But for now, we’re working through it. And I hope – I really hope – that we’ll all find some neutral ground. Where Puck feels ok. Where he accepts that Baby O is part of our family and can deal with it. Where I’m not stepping in a puddle of pee at 4am because the cat is mad at us.

That’s all.



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  1. Good luck with Puck…and if you find something that works, let me know!

    I’ll be here….picking up cat poop, and feeling your pain.

  2. I’m glad that you’re working it out! Before I had my daughter I was pretty unawares that when a baby enters your life and house, all of your relationships get redefined–most profoundly the one you have with yourself but also notably the one you have with your pets. I really thought things would be the same, but with a fun little person around. Ha! It actually shocked me to discover that my dog was just a dog. This is an animal that I rocked in my lap as a puppy. She now spends way more time on the front porch than she’d like.

    So you are not alone. A baby puts everything into perspective and sometimes that’s sad.

  3. Hang in there with Puck and I hope you find the “magic” formula to make everyone feel like family and happy! “Cat Attract” has really helped with my cat and I think more than one cat box is also helpful esp. if you have a house with more than one story.

  4. I admire you for wanting to keep going. Its just something I wasn’t willing to do after a year. I could not bare walking into my home and smelling cat pee. I think Sparkle peeing in my daugthers bed was the kicker for me. She invaded my daughters space, and peed in it. The same little girl that loved her and fed her and lived for her. Maybe she was marking my daughter…maybe not. But considering she didn’t have the bounds of where you sleep you don’t pee(she slept on Kallie’s bed every night) it got too crazy. The idea that my clean beautiful home was being urinated in all over, and we were bending over backwards to make the cat happy…I just could not have an animal in my home that did that. But like I said last time…I also couldn’t put her down without trying every single thing we could to help her. Her brother(littermate sibling) Peanut is still with us and he is a great cat. Ruin a spot on our new carpet by scratching it since he was use to having a kitty door to get into Kallie’s room and doesn’t here, but a quick repair will fix it. Those problems I can deal with. Cat urine isn’t an easy fix.

    I am not suggesting putting puck down, nor and I trying to justify why we put sparkle down. Everyone has different opinions and limits on what they will put up with. I work hard to keep a clean home and cat urine spots and smells are not okay. I won’t just deal with them. I feel bad that we put her down because I believe that animals deserve respect and love. But I feel comfortable with our decision because I know we tried everything we could to stop the issue.

    I hope you find something that works for you. To me(and again I am not trying to judge-just as I don’t expect to be judged) looking a cat in a cage as we were suggested to do for weeks on end is not a quality of life that a proud cat would want. Not that they’d want to be dead either as my MIL said…but…choices are never easy. Maybe Puck will stop as quickly as he started. Or maybe hell escalate even more. When you are talking about ripping up flooring and redoing it for the sake of a cat…now that is love 🙂 Although just so you know…cat pee on hardwood is awful because it gets into the wood and between the planks…

    Take Care!!

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