Happy New Year.

January 1, 2009 at 8:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

We’re back from Florida. It was quite a shock, actually, to land in near-blizzard conditions yesterday after circling both Providence and Boston for a half hour each. Baby O did brilliantly on the plane, though, despite soaking through his regular diaper (honestly, I changed him JUST BEFORE we got on the plane that morning! Should have changed him before we started circling Providence, but at that point we were supposed to land in 15 minutes. Poor kid was soaking by the time we actually got off the plane.) and having to be wrapped in J’s fleece until we got our bags. Because I was utterly UNPREPARED to have to change his pants. Extra sweatshirts? Yep. Bib? Yep.

Pants? Nope.


Anyway. Um.

It’s cold here.

So. The holidays.

Baby O’s big Christmas present from Santa? A brand new tooth. His first. He’s been chewing everything he can get his hands on right now, but otherwise seems to be happy. Which is further proof that everyone who told me “He’s teething!” when he first started drooling and fussing was completely and utterly WRONG.

And I’m starting to feel like the mom who cried “crawling!” Because he’s SO FREAKING CLOSE. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. But when he needs to move? He lowers himself to his belly and rolls over to wherever he wants to go.


Big issue for us in Florida was overstimulation. He NEVER.SLEPT. One morning he went from 5am until 2:30pm before he actually went to sleep. And by then he was so completely overstimulated that I thought he was going to put himself into orbit. I actually let him cry it out, he was so tired. Which I never do. But three minutes later? He was down for the count. (Granted, he was up a half hour later. Completely beside himself – he cried for 40 minutes straight until I finally got him to go back to sleep. After that? He slept for THREE DAMN HOURS. It was unbelievable.)

I was seriously worried that we were going to go backwards when we got home, and he’d be up at 2 and 4 and then at 6 again. But he seems to be trying to catch up on his sleep; and we’re encouraging the behavior by putting him down for the night at 6:30. And down for naps whenever he shows the nearest sign of tired.

Other than the sleep thing? He really did wonderfully. He was happy and smiley and social – he loved to see everyone. And despite the fact that every person in my family was sick at least ONE day while we were here, he didn’t get sick himself.

Yet anyway.

J and I are TIRED, though. Like in-bed-at-9pm-and-could-sleep-until-noon tired. Sharing a room with a baby that doesn’t sleep on top of staying up way too late visiting with family? Not much of a vacation, really.

Still, though. It was fantastic to see everyone.

And now it’s 2009.

I can hardly believe it.

Resolutions for the new year include these two:

1. I need to get serious about losing weight. Not that I’m FAT, per se. But the pregnancy roundness in my face hasn’t left me. I grimace EVERY TIME I see a picture of me. I brought my bathing suit to Florida and freaked when I saw myself in the mirror in it, so. Um. I didn’t go down to the pool. Despite the fact I was HOT.

2. Dieting never really works for me unless I am also working out. So starting next week, J and I will be alternating dropoff so on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can get my fat @ss to the gym. I’m pretty scared. Because honestly, it’s been a full year and a half since I ran. But I need to do this, and there’s really no other way.

So that’s the deal. The losing weight thing? I’m going to call in the big guns. And I’m going to sign myself up for wei.ght wa.tchers. Like go to the meetings and stuff. This time, I need someone to keep me honest. And accountable. Because right now I am not doing it on my own.

My last resolution included staying on top of my bloglines feeds, but when I looked today I had 215 new feeds. Eeek.

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. And for all of us, may 2009 be a great year.



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  1. Welcome home, Serenity!

    I remember how excited and inspiring you were when you were running before at the gym. Once you get back on that treadmill, I am sure you will get right back in the groove and then maybe inspire me!

  2. I went about 10 months without running (my whole pregnancy and 5 weeks postpartum) and that first run was grueling but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got back into running shape. So keep in mind every run will get easier and to quote my family’s favorite running cheer “you can doooooo it!”

  3. I’m he same way, if I don’t work out, there isn’t enough cardio in the world to save me. You can do it!

  4. Welcome home! Hey – we have matching posts, except for the bit about it being cold. Hehe. Oh, and except that PB is not so great about catching up on his sleep… I have been putting him down anytime from 5pm onwards, he is so tired, and I think it’s getting better but he still does things like wake up four times between my bedtime and my wakeup time and that’s not counting the early evening resettling. So we have a way to go. And I hear you on the “he’s teething” thing. I don’t know why those comments irritate me so much, but they do.


  5. Next week running, next month triathlon training?

  6. Ugh, I need to work out, too! I’ve always been active and was great about running and yoga during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but since the baby came pretty much nothing. I’m starting to feel it. My joints are super tight and my muscles are super flabby. I just don’t know how I’ll ever find the time!

    Baby M got his first tooth this week, too! It isn’t all the way out, but we can feel it and see the little tip. He has been a little clingy and putting him down for naps and nighttime have been harder-not sure if it was the tooth or all the change going on at our house right now. But, the tooth wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

  7. Hi sweetie, glad you are back safe and sound , and that the holidays were happy. It was so chaotic and yet so special too. I swear I feel like it just happened too fast.

    we have 6 teeth poking out of Gio’s little smile and 4 out of Jacob’s and they came completely out of the blue, one day it was 2 each and then the next day somebody bit me with TOP teeth 🙂

    so glad you’re back. Here’s to a WONDERFUL 2009 for all of us.

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours! Hope 2009 is awesome for you all!

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