Wordless Wednesday: Baby O and his great-grandmother.

January 7, 2009 at 10:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

How lucky is he to know her?



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  1. We are so lucky that Daniel and Melissa get to know and spend time with their great-grandmother. She is 94 and who knows how much longer she will be with us. They are luckier than I was. I knew one grandmother and one grandfather.

    Just a beautful picture~


  2. Great to get a pic like that!

    Happy WW!


  3. precious

  4. Lovely photo. (Cool trainer too!)

  5. Very Lucky, the both of them . . . and what a beautiful photo.

  6. Kacey has 2 great grandmothers and I think she is the luckiest girl! Grandparents are wonderful and great-grandparents are extra special!

  7. I love that photo.

  8. Lovely picture!

    Baby M has 3 Great Grandmothers living and has met 2 of them. My dad’s mom isn’t doing too well so we are planning on going to PA in 2 weeks so she has a chance to meet him.

  9. Oh this is so sweet. They are so lucky to have eachother! Great moment captured.

  10. Wonderful photo!
    I think that Baby O’s greatgrandmother is also very lucky to know him.

  11. What a lovely Photo

  12. that is a priceless pic. so, so sweet.

  13. He is lucky, so lucky – they both are!
    It’s great to be back and see so many of us on the other side.

  14. What a beautiful photo! They are both enjoying each others company and having a grand ole time!

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