Fast and furious.

January 12, 2009 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

I thought I had a good list of things Baby O was doing with my post last week. But then this weekend, there were MORE.

The milestones are upon us. One on top of the other.

1. Baby O started army crawling this weekend. Goodness, it takes him SO MUCH EFFORT to move 6 inches, and you can TELL that he’s putting it all together in his mind while he’s doing it. But he’s moving, and I have a sneaking sense that he’s going to get better and better at it in the next few weeks.

And in the process, he has become very interested in the things in our house. Like our wine bar, with the bottles of wine at perfect head-bashing height. Or the bottom kitchen drawer, where until last night we kept our grilling utensils. Or the iron heating grates.


Babyproofing will commence this evening.

2. Baby O self-fed more than not this weekend. As in “I don’t WANT anything that’s on the spoon you’re offering. I want to PICK THINGS UP and eat them BY MYSELF, thankyouverymuch.”

Which meant that he didn’t get a LOT of food into him yesterday. Which meant a 3am wakeup for an 8oz bottle.

But he ate pancakes and peas and cheese and pasta and puffs this weekend. And eyed our plates like a starving animal, so we ended up feeding him bits from whatever it was we were eating too.

We’re going to try a hybrid of self-feeding AND spoon feeding when he’s hungry to get a few more calories into him so he’s not as hungry overnight. We’ll see how long that works.

3. Baby O took his first bath in our big tub last night.

Truth be told, he had a bath in a big tub when we were in Florida over Christmas. But this was the first in OUR big tub. (Mostly because I had to CLEAN the damn thing.)

J thinks it’s harder to get him clean in the big tub, since we can’t lean him back to rinse his hair or clean his toes. But since he was near climbing out of the infant tub, I am not going to complain about working hard to clean his toes or rinse his hair.

4. Speaking of hair – it’s upon us. His hair is now just touching his eyes, which was my threshold for waiting to get him a haircut. I was steadfast during the holidays when almost every person who saw him said “he needs a haircut!” Because once you cut it, you can never go back.

But now that his hair is long enough that it is actually in his eyes?

I call uncle.

Truthfully, I am expecting that it will be a very bad experience. Baby O is dubious of strangers in the best of circumstances.

But one who gets in his personal space? Wielding sharp scissors?

Eeep. (Perhaps I should just do it myself.)

His new skills make me immensely proud. Every day for him brings new discovery and adventure. And it’s so thrilling to look at the world through his eyes; a whole new perspective for me. He’s gaining independence, and knowledge… and turning into his own person with every day, it seems.

And yet, he still leans in to play with my necklace when I’m holding him. He rests back against me when he’s drinking a bottle, reaching up with his hand to feel my face (and lately, yank on my nose. OUCH), allowing me to inhale his scent. He still loves to snuggle enough that I can get my baby fix when I haven’t held him for a little while. (Have I mentioned that I’m completely, utterly, ADDICTED to him? I need my snuggle fix!)

But yeah. This really is the best age yet.



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  1. Ten months was and really still is my favorite age! So much fun, but before all the toddler difficulties strike! Have a great time with it! 🙂


  2. All those milestones–so much fun! It’s so neat to see what a great mom you are and how invested you are in Baby O. Love it. :o)

  3. I have a 3.5 y/o and a 3mth old and i have to say that I love all the stages. Yes my 3yo has those toddler issues – mainly her trying to exhert her independence even more strongly than when she was younger, but I can actually have a full-on conversation with her! That totally blows my mind – especially when i see my 3m/o who is smiling and babbling his baby talk and beginning to laugh! I love that age too. Its wonderful to see such a contrast, because I think we can tend to forget where they came from and how they developed – not consciously, just because we are soooo wrapped up in whatever stage they happen to be at the time!
    BTW, I love reading your blog!

  4. Sounds like you are reveling in this time (as well you should)!

    Watching a child discover how things work…it makes one see the world for all its wonders.

    I don’t have any advice on the hair cutting–Michael was bald as bald could be until he was like 2 years!

    Willow has some hair, but its spiking up at the moment. She is on the cusp of so many of those things you are talking about. I am so looking forward to it!

  5. I love all the milestones! Enjoy!

  6. Since about 4 months I’ve been thinking “Wow, this is my favorite age!” Every time we reach milestones I get so excited. What I love most about the age our boys are is how exciting and new everything is – even if it is a piece of cardboard from a new pack of onsies.

    It has amazed me how Baby O’s hair has sprouted so much! Baby M had a ton of hair when he was born and it all fell out. He is getting some back, but it is SLOOOOW.

  7. How exciting!

    As for the hair, we have plastic cups in the bath and PB thinks it’s really fun when I pour water over his head. He also loves playing with the cups. I know it sounds obvious, and perhaps you’ve tried and O doesn’t like it at all, but I fail to think of obvious things all the time.


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