February 2, 2009 at 3:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I said in my last post that I am confident that tubes are the right choice for us and Baby O.

It became even more clear to me this weekend.

After a weekend of fever (his first – woo whee! 102.4 on Saturday afternoon!) and congestion.

After a weekend of clingy, and no appetite, and pulling at his ears.

After a weekend of being woken every few hours overnight by a sobbing, almost inconsolable Baby O.

We took Baby O to his pediatrician today.

Yes, another cold.

But also? Another ear infection.

If there were any waffling* in the Serenity household before this weekend, our choice is now clear.

Tubes it is.

Of course, that’s IF they will do the procedure on him if he has an ear infection. That one is out to the jury – I’m waiting on a call back from his ENT.


*There was no waffling, trust me. My point is only that if we WERE starting to second-guess our choice, we wouldn’t be any more. As much as I hate the idea of anesthesia and a surgical procedure, I hate even more seeing Baby O in such pain, the poor kid.



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  1. Ear infections are rough on everyone. I have a good friend whose daughter is on her 5th or 6th ear infection in like 4 months. I’m thinking of you and hoping that they will move forward with the tubes for Baby O’s and your sake. ((HUGS))

  2. Poor Baby O. I hope the procedure is quick and easy if he has to get it done.

  3. Oh geez, another one!! Poor kid. Bring on the tubes!

  4. Since you are not waffling, you don’t need to hear about my friend’s kid, who did not sleep through the night until magically right after getting tubes in the ears.

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