Poor Baby O. *with an update

February 4, 2009 at 8:53 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

UPDATE: Tomorrow’s procedure definitely cancelled; the nurse told me that with the chest congestion likely they would have sent us right home. Really glad I called today.

We’re rescheduling, hopefully for next week. The nurse was fantastic – apparently the only time they have open next week was at 8:30am, which was “way too late for a little guy to go without eating.” And so she’s calling around to see if schedules could be juggled. How awesome is she?


Poor kid is sicker then he’s been. There’s stuff coming out of his nose which reminds me of the movie “The Blob.” He’s got a constant cough from all the phlegm he’s got in his throat. He isn’t hungry, and I mean, why wouldn’t he be, when he swallows gobs of that nastiness? He’s fussy, especially in the afternoons. He’s clingy and just yesterday was content to sit on my lap and watch ten minutes of “Dora the Explorer.”*

And this morning, the first unmedicated temperature was 101.5.


The ENT told me earlier in the week that they only way they’d not do the tubes is if he had a fever. At the time, I never asked what they define as a fever. And I have no idea if the anesthesiologist is going to care about all the junk that’s clogging up his throat and lungs, but I sort of do. I have this sense of not wanting to ADD to the things from which he’ll have recover, since he’s clearly struggling to shake whatever cold he’s got going on right now.

But I’m no doctor. And there’s nothing that I can find which says they can’t do this procedure on a sick kid.

Anyway. So I have to call the ENT today and see what they think.

In the meantime, J and I are splitting our days between being home with Baby O and work. And, for both of us, it really can’t be a worse time. We’re filing our quarterly financials on Friday, our auditors are onsite working through some pre fiscal year end testing, we are in the middle of our January close, yada yada and a partridge in a pear tree. One of J’s coworkers had a nasty fall on some ice and will be out for a good long while, so J has to assume his job in the near term. And it’s HIS month end close, too.**

But we’re working through it. I can’t say that I’m not frustrated at some level – can’t shake this perceived failure as a mom to keep my kid healthy. I mean, obviously I KNOW that it’s not my fault. But whenever I heard Baby O coughing over the monitor, and then moan in his sleep, it makes me sad. I want to FIX it for him. I want to make it so he NEVER has to get sick again.***


* Yep, I broke the rule about no TV on when Baby O’s awake. I’m not AGAINST TV per se, but I am not usually FOR having him watch anything either. However, I had tried everything else and needed ten minutes of sanity. Despite the fact that I think Dora is overmarketed, I thought the show was cleverly done. Draws kids in and makes them think. Teaches them some spanish. In fact, at one point Dora asked “can you say ‘pequeno?'” and Baby O actually opened his mouth and started babbling, as if he were trying to, in fact, say pequeno. Was pretty neat. That said, I’m still pretty sure this won’t be an everyday sort of thing for us.

** Seriously, could we be even geekier? Not to mention that it probably wasn’t the BEST decision for us to take jobs where we’d be busy at the same time each month.

*** Which is ridiculous and impractical. Because if he doesn’t get sick NOW, he’ll just get sick LATER. The only good thing about getting sick right now is that he’s building immunity for future illnesses. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel badly for him, though.



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  1. Sorry things are so tough right now. Baby O will get better, your busy times will end, you will still be a great mom and wife.
    It is really hard to see your child suffer with illness. It breaks your heart that you can’t do MORE. I always think that there has to be SOMETHING that I’m overlooking that will ease K’s pain. In the end, you do what you can and know that you are doing your best.

  2. Ahh yes. The working parent scramble. It always is hard dividing the day up for your sick child. I am sorry he has been so sick. I hope he gets well soon.

  3. It’s harder to watch your kid be sick than to be sick yourself. This sickness will pass! But it’s never fun to see your child suffer.

  4. Dora the Explorer story:
    My husband was play-wrestling with 3-year old daughter. Daughter yells, in between laughing, “Ayuda mi, ayuda mi!!!!”
    I finally figured out that she was yelling “Help me” in Spanish.

    Glad you rescheduled and hoping Baby O feels so much better soon. Sick babies are hard for mamas.

  5. Sorry he’s still so sick. đŸ˜¦

  6. Poor O! And poor you guys!

    I’ve never actually watched Dora – but I am sure I am in for lots of those shows in a few years…

  7. Oh poor Baby O! You just wanna take it from them–be sick for them. It’s so hard. I hope he gets better soon. Hang in there Serenity.
    PS Katie–laughing out loud at your Dora story!! HA!

  8. Poor Baby O…hope this clears up soon!

  9. Poor Baby O. I’m thinking of you and hoping that things get better soon so he can get his tubes and start feeling better!

  10. Sorry to hear about Baby O, so glad the nurse is trying to find something that works for you guys though.


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