Love, marriage, and V-Day.

February 13, 2009 at 11:45 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I’ve never really been a FAN per se of V-Day. When I was younger I thought it was stupid that you needed a specific day to remember that you, you know, actually LOVE someone. I thought that you should tell people you loved them every day.

But these days I’m not too upset by V-Day.

Because J and I are so busy, what with work, and errands, and seeing friends, and parenting Baby O, and running our life that it’s NICE to stop for a day and remember what it is about each other that we love.

I love that he says “I love you” every time we talk on the phone.

I love that we fall asleep with his hand on my hip. Every night.

I love that he gets up and warms a bottle for Baby O every morning, no matter what time he came to bed the night before.

I love that he’s always thinking about what will make me happy – even if he makes the wrong choice.

I love that his idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is to cook me a gourmet dinner.

I love that he worries over the bumps and bruises Baby O gets in the course of a weekend.

I love that I know, no matter what happens, he will always put Baby O and I first.

I’m so lucky. In so many ways.

Hope you all have a good day with the people who love you.



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  1. Love it can be a wonderful thing! Enjoy your day too!

  2. I think its great that you are using Valentine’s day to remind one another of your love. Enjoy! 🙂

  3. I like these kinds of posts sometimes. Sometimes we need to remember how good we really have it.

  4. You make a good point about busy lives and valentines. We’ve never done it before, either – but maybe, with our attention divided, it’s time to start!


  5. that was such a nice tribute to your wonderful hubby. You are lucky and it’s nice that you feel that love in everyday things, in the things that make you both “you”.
    Hope the rest of the week is just as nice 🙂

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