Wordless Wednesday: Baby O’s New Skillz.

February 18, 2009 at 10:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Or: One of the Reasons I Haven’t Slept a Full Night for the Past Week*.

*Oh wait. I haven’t mentioned that whenever Baby O is learning his new mad skillz he doesn’t sleep all that well?

Ok, so I’ve mentioned it. Between figuring out that he can follow me, J, and the cat around the house, now on his hands and knees (no more army crawling)… and figuring out that he can STAND if he pulls himself up on things… figuring out that he can request more food by signing “more”… well, let’s just say the past few nights have been a little ROUGH.

Lucky for us he’s pretty good natured when he’s awake at 2am – he will play with his crib aquarium, his stuffed Gro.ver doll, and chat it up. Keeps us awake because well, we hear everything on the monitor. But at least he’s NICE about it, right?

Thankfully last night he slept the entire night.



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  1. Mad skillz, due. MAD skillz.

  2. oops, that’s “dude”. too tired, forgot to reread the one line i wrote.

  3. The picture won’t show up! Ratz! Need to see it stat! πŸ™‚

  4. Love it! Does he clap in his sleep?

  5. Bravo!!

    (pssttt! That’s not very “wordless.” πŸ˜‰ But it’s definitely Wednesday. And most certainly CUTE!)


  6. Very cute!! Way to go Baby O!

  7. Oh man–soon, it will be patty cake!! Awesome!

  8. He’s so cute!!! I melt for brown eyes babies!! LOL I mean my blond are adorable too, but I would have sworn I’d get at least one brown eyed child!!! Well, besides the puppy!!

    I also posted my first blogger blog post for Valentine’s Day if you want to see mine. I needed a safe site to give the grandparents that they couldn’t trace back to my other blog which might (okay does) have a few complaints about them!! http://mommabeanto123.blogspot.com/

  9. Such a cutie! And I know that having to wake up to that sweet face helps…especially at 2 in the morning. I feel your pain! ((LOTS OF HUGS))

  10. He’s so talented! I’ll be interested to hear if his “more” turns into clapping as Matthew’s has for me. Either that or he’s applauding my cooking!

    Anyway, Baby O is seriously gorgeous. And apparently brilliant!

  11. awww… here’s to more sleepy nights for Baby O!

  12. too cute. i no longer left my monitor on at that age. if she cried out for me i would always wake up but i was able to sleep through late night play time.

  13. So very very cute.

  14. Oh yes, the skillz and the sleep. I am just now going to rethink my policy on teaching PB to clap. I think I should stop showing him.


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