Spoken too soon. (With an update)

February 21, 2009 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments

Yesterday afternoon Baby O was a bit fussy. At 5pm, though it was out of his normal routine, I decided to put him down for a nap. Because, well, he had been under general anesthesia that morning and I figured he could use the nap.

He slept until about 7:30, when really J ended up waking him up. And he felt warm to the touch, so when he was fully awake, I took his temperature.


The fever continued through the night and all day today.

In fact, when he woke up from his nap at 4pm, he was REALLY warm. And when I took his temperature, it was 103.5.


I’ve called the ENT. The on-call doctor told me it’s VERY unlikely that the fever is a result of his surgery, because the only complication from the procedure would be related to the anesthesia. And Baby O’s breathing is fine. In fact, other than the fever, a clear runny nose, and some fussiness when he should be sleeping… he SEEMS fine. The on-call doc seemed to think it was a virus.

But that number. Eep. So I also called the pediatrician’s office. And the on-call nurse told me that we should give him a lukewarm bath, alternate Motrin with Tylenol, and see how he does overnight. They want to see him tomorrow morning if he still has a fever, even if it’s just low-grade.

So apparently I spoke too soon.

I am so TIRED of sick, people.

I know – I’ve HEARD that the first winter is the hardest.

But the worry. The stress of trying to manage work and a sick baby at home. The fact that every time I try and make plans with friends, I end up cancelling because I either need to be home or don’t want to subject THEIR kids to Baby O’s germs.

But mostly it’s seeing Baby O so sad and sick and miserable. I wish I can fix it for him, I just want to make it better. And I feel like I’m failing him; that I can’t protect him. Or something.

And see, I KNOW that he’s getting sick NOW so that hopefully he won’t later on. I know that he’s building immunity for later on.

But dammit. I’m TIRED.

I cannot wait for summer.


We did end up seeing the nurse practitioner at our pedi’s office this morning, because without Motrin Baby O was at 102.6 overnight. Everything checked out fine, his ears look fine, his throat is a bit red but that could have been because he was screaming blood murder by that point.

The combination of Tyenol and Motrin seems to be doing the trick; last diaper change his temperature was a cool 99.6.

We’ll keep him from daycare tomorrow and hope that whatever it is his body is fighting dies soon.

I did find it interesting that, when I mentioned that this was only his second fever, the NP told me that fevers were actually good – that it showed that his immune system was maturing and working to fight whatever he had.

She also told me that if he spiked another fever over 102.5, we should call and they’d send us to the local hospital pediatrician unit to run labs. (Eeep.)



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  1. Ugh Serenity I am so sorry! This must be so trying and worrisome! And poor Baby O has just been through the wringer this winter. I hope tomorrow the fever is a thing of the past and he’ll be on the up and up. Chin up. XO

  2. Praying for baby o and his infection. Praying his mommy too. Hang in there!

  3. Poor Baby O!!

    I totally sympathise with your frustration, tiredness and heartache at having to constantly look after a sick baby. Not only do you have to comfort him so that he feels better, but you also have to watch him suffer, all the while knowing that there isn’t much more you can actually do to fix the situation. AND it isn’t a one off thing for you! It’s time after time after time with little rest in between!!
    So no wonder you are stressed and tired and frustrated. Who wouldn’t be??

    Hope Baby O feels better soon.
    And you too!

  4. Hope Baby O is feeling better soon. We had our first high fever this week, and it was scary!

    I can totally relate to the constant canceling of plans b/c of someone’s sickness. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never see my friends again!

    Hang in there…

  5. It is SO stressful to have a sick baby. Ugh. I really feel for you. The worry and the guilt.
    And I also hated having to reschedule things all the time. It literally took me years to get used to doing that without feeling bad about it. You do what you gotta do.
    Baby O is so lucky to have you for his mama.

  6. Ugh – you poor thing. My kids haven’t been anywhere near as sick as Baby O, and I am jonesing for summer, so I can only imagine how you feel. I hope he’s better soon!

  7. I’m so sorry Baby O is sick again. I hope this settles down soon. As for cancelling plans, as a fellow parent I appreciate that because nothing is more frustrating than one kid showing up snuffling and infecting everyone else.

    This year seems to be especially germy I think everywhere. My oldest has barely had about 3-4 colds in her almost 7 years and this year she’s had about 3 mild ones. At least she’s old enough to understand…when babies get sick its heartbreaking 😦

    I hope Baby O and you make it through the rest of the season without anything else happening.

  8. I remember this same feeling about this time last winter…I was just so sick of it all and felt defeated and completely worn down from everything. It was exhausting and I was drained.

    Good news is this winter has been MUCH better for us! I hope the same is true for you guys, too.


  9. New response after reading update: Yes, in most cases, we usually let lower fevers (under about 102) go unmedicated unless she’s obviously bothered by it. Like the nurse said, the fevers do serve a purpose in most cases, so we try to let them do their jobs when possible.

    Hope he’s on the upswing soon!


  10. Oh Serenity, I feel your pain. I can’t wait for this winter to be over as well. Lyla is sick all the time, I have no sick leave left, my boss gives me the hardest time… I feel so bad to shee her getting sick over and over again. Being a working mother is very hard. I glad to hear that baby O is feeling better


  11. Poor baby. Poor mama!

  12. hope he is ok

  13. Just saw this- I’m with you!! No more sick, please. Thankfully spring is just around the corner!! here’s to hoping there are no seasonal allergies to deal with!!

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