March 6, 2009 at 8:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

It’s morning.

I do dropoff today.

I always have to shower quickly, since I hear him babbling in his crib. He occupies himself fine, but there’s that guilt. I shouldn’t have him sit in that wet overnight diaper much longer. I hope he isn’t trying to climb out of his crib.

So I hurry.

And when I’m ready, I go into his room, and I get him into his clothes. And I sing my bad nursery songs to distract him from arching and fighting and trying to get down off the changing table. And I move quickly, because I know that I have about 5 minutes before he loses it and wants down.

And then we’re ready, and we go downstairs.

While I gather his belongings, and my lunch, and make my coffee, and eat a quick breakfast… he sits in his highchair, playing with his cheerios.

Then he yells. And does his patented “windshield wiper” on his tray, scattering cheerios and the water he’s dribbled from his sippy cup.

He is done with eating and wants down.

And so I leave my breakfast.

I take him into the living room. And I move the ottoman so it’s blocking the corner where we have our speakers, the basket of J’s magazines, and our dustbuster. And I set him up on the floor, with his toy drum. And his plastic rings. And I listen to the music from the drum, and his babbling, and his banging.

And I sneak into the study to read up on a couple of blogs, the ones I’m following closely right now. And I sip my coffee, and finish the rest of my breakfast, and rest for just a second.

All of a sudden, I hear slapping of hands on the dining room floor. And in a short second, I see a little face peeping around the corner at me.

And he smiles. Like he’s just discovered me.

And I smile.



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  1. On mornings when I want to quit and give up, stories like this give me the strength to endure another day.

    Hoping that one day I’ll have a morning like this.

  2. Aw, mornings are so crazy, but somehow those little people always seem to bring a bright spot to all the ciaos!

  3. Thanks for giving a random stranger hope.

    Your comment lifted me up from a dismal morning.

  4. Well thank you. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  5. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful morning


  7. Oh the glamorous life of a mommy!

  8. love it

  9. Life is good. 🙂

  10. So sweet! **sigh** 🙂

  11. It really is the little moments that are so big. 🙂

  12. The windshield wiper! Is that a “thing”, too? Oh my goodness, it’s a “thing” they do, isn’t it?

    This is a great story.


  13. I love this!

  14. Love it! Love this line: I hear slapping of hands on the dining room floor . . .

    I love that sound too and the smile that follows. This is a great age!

  15. Awww – baby T does the windscreen wiper thing too.

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