Finding an answer…

March 12, 2009 at 2:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

I know. Two posts in one day – wow!

I think I’ve hit upon an answer. I think that there’s a distinct lack of communication between J and I right now.

And I think it’s because we haven’t really spent any focus on US in a long time. (Mostly because Baby O has some significant stranger anxiety right now. But partly because we haven’t really focused on us, either.)

So today?

I made reservations for us at our favorite sushi restaurant. And then made a reservation at a bed and breakfast across the street from it.

For next Thursday night, when my parents will be in town. In fact, by then they’ll have been staying with us for a number of days. And Baby O will be used to them.

And I am so damn excited.

Sure, whatever, I’m due to have AF then. But a night of unbroken sleep in a king size bed, after a fantastic sushi dinner? Where we don’t need to worry about dishes and bottles and cleaning?

That sounds like heaven right now.

I know it won’t solve everything. But maybe it’ll at remind us that we CAN relax.



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  1. Sushi! 🙂

    Actually, that sounds like a great thing to release the tensions! I remember that we used to do those types of mini-mini-vacations (unfortunately, it was when we were trying unsuccessfully for our second). Its a good way to have a chance to get to really enjoy each other (and to talk).


  2. Bravo! I hope you have a wonderful time together. 🙂


  3. sounds wonderful!

  4. Sounds great. We are doing the same thing this upcoming Friday night and it will be the first time since my oldest DS was born (who is now 5 1/2 years old) that we will be staying in a hotel by ourselves. I am soooo excited.

  5. You know, I always find a nice tête a tête once in a while is a great way to re bond. Have a fab time!


  6. FANTASTIC IDEA!! I’m super excited for you (and jealous)!

  7. Sounds like a great idea!!! Enjoy!

  8. Great idea! We all need to have some husband/wife time every once in a while…it is very important! Kudos to you for taking that step and enjoy it to it’s fullest!!!

  9. I have to tell you, that every time I am stressed and I feel like things are falling apart and I’m angry or frustrated w/ my husband, etc. When we take a night to ourselves (even just dinner out without the baby) life suddenly seems so much better. SO good for you and I hope you have a blast. Reconnect, remind yourselves why you’re together and have a baby-free evening.

  10. Enjoy your time together away. I think it will be great for you guys.

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