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Yesterday morning I dropped Baby O off to daycare as normal.

By the end of the day, he was diagnosed with pneumonia.


Baby O’s been stuffy for WEEKS now. Since his tubes surgery, when he got that nasty cold; he’s never really shaken the congestion.

So when he developed a cough overnight on Tuesday, I didn’t really think much of it. He’s one of those babies that coughs when his postnasal drip gets heavier. I just assumed that was the case again. I told J that we should brace ourselves, because I was pretty sure Baby O was catching a cold. We made plans for splitting the days if he DID get sick.

Daycare called me at 2pm yesterday and said that Baby O was running a slight fever, but he’d been fussy all morning. So I left work and went to go get him.

When I got there, it was clear he was sick. His eyes were glassy. His cheeks were flushed. He just sat in my arms and rested his hot little cheek against mine.

The ONLY reason I called the pediatrician in the first place was because one of his ears was bright red and hot to the touch. I was sort of worried about an ear infection.

So we went to the pediatrician’s. And when we got there, and I realized that his beloved bear blanket was still at daycare, I thought “well, it’ll be quick. Look at the ears, and we’ll be off.”

Two hours, a 102.7 fahrenheit degree temperature, two pulse/oxygen readings, a nebulizer treatment, two chest x-rays, one diagnosis, and one VERY exhausted baby later… we left.

I’m still in shock. He was FINE in the morning. Had a cough, but his temperature was normal. (I took it to make sure that he was okay to go to daycare.) And when his provider called me, she told me that his temp was higher than normal, but it was a low grade fever.

It’s clear this morning that he IS very sick. If I hadn’t taken him yesterday, you bet your bippy I would have taken him first thing this morning. Because today it’s clear he’s having trouble breathing. He can only take rapid, wheezy, shallow breaths.

From the googling I’ve done, apparently bacterial pneumonia CAN come on that quickly. Has an incubation period of 18-72 hours.

Just nuts, that’s all.

And I’ll tell you.

I am tired of sick. I keep hearing that good weather = healthy babies.

Summer cannot come quick enough for me.

And my poor, sweet, sick Baby O.



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  1. Oh crap. My baby has bronchiolitis back in February and it was sheer hell. I wish you peace, tranquility and strength.
    Hopefully all of this sickness will be behind you soon.

    I had no idea pneumonia could come so quickly.


  2. Oh gosh. I am so sorry to hear that he is sick again. That really sounds like a sick little boy there. 😦

    Hopefully, he is getting all his sick out of him now so that when he goes to school, he will have perfect attendence!

    Get well soon, Baby O! Hope you guys get some rest and a healthy baby soon!!

  3. Oh noooooooooooooo, poor baby ,poor parents. I am so sorry. Lyla had the RSV and bronchiolitis last month. I sick of sick as well. If you feel that he is working too hard to breath (watch his belly ), you should call your doc again. Lyla was belly breathing and we went I took her oxygen levels were in the low 80’s. I hope he feels better soon.

  4. Poor baby O! Hoping and praying that he feels better soon and that Summer gets a move on already! ((HUGS))

  5. The doc keeps telling me that as soon as the weather gets better the kids will all be better…we can only hope.

    Thinking of you and Baby O and hoping he gets rid of this nasty pneumonia quickly!

  6. Poor little guy! I hope this passes quickly – I was really hoping the tubes were going to be the great magic fix for you….

  7. Pneumonia! Unbelievable. I had no idea it could develop that quickly.
    Hoping that he feels better quickly and enough with all the sick already! Here’s to warmer weather and healthier babies.

  8. That is so scary! I hope he feels better soon and that you get a break from all the sick.

  9. Dang, that is scary. I hope he feels better soon. Good for you for making the time to get him seen right away!

    I’m with you on the sick kids thing. I’m like Norm on Cheers — when I walk into the Pediatrician’s office, they call us all by name. I’m totally serious when I tell you I’ve been there with one or both kids every week for 7 weeks in a row now. It’s getting reeeeeeeeeeally old.

    I will pray for warm weather and a healthy baby O.

  10. Oh no! I sure hope he’s feeling better very soon for all of your sakes!

  11. What indeed! Poor Baby O! I hate it when they get sick all the time and whoever told you that summer = healthy babies, so not true, sorry!

    HUGS Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  12. Feel better soon, Baby O!

  13. Get well soon, Baby O!

  14. Poor Baby O. Poor Serenity!! I hope this clears up fast for your guys.

  15. Get well soon, Baby O. Hang in there, Serenity. I send you both a big hug.

  16. Poor little guy. I hope he makes a speedy recovery soon.

  17. Aww, poor baby O. I hope he starts feeling better soon!

  18. Oh, poor baby. I hope he starts feeling better and soon. So sorry you all have to go through this.

  19. Thinking of you guys. I swear, every time we leave the house these days, we come back with a new nasty bug. Come on, summer!

  20. Poor Baby O! I hope this clears up quick for the little guy.

    Sending ((HUGS)) for ALL of you!

  21. Sorry to hear he’s so sick and I hope he feels and gets better VERY soon!

  22. oh s. i am so so sorry. the smae thing happened to my niece-ok one moment and the next with a pneumonia diagnosis.
    i hope good weather comes sooner for you too. well three.


  23. I hope the little one starts to recovery quickly, and that Spring comes quickly as well.

  24. Speedy recovery. Man, what a day! I hope you don’t have many like that. Glad he’s on the right road to recovery, though.


  25. Hope he feels better already. Hope you both survived the week!


  26. That stinks! I’m sorry. Hope it’s a speedy path to truly healthy!

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