More on Baby O. And early toddlerhood.

April 9, 2009 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Because I swear, it was like a switch went off on his first birthday. POOF! Where my baby was now stands a toddler. In all his glory.

Watching him play now is amazing. He’s starting to GET concepts like in and out. He’ll take blocks out of the basket they’re stored in, one by one. Lately he’s been stacking them, then knocking them down. Then pushing them out of the way in his patented move we call “ZAMBONI!” – where he takes his hand and swipes at the blocks until he has a path. Or they’re far away. Then goes and gets them, and puts them back INTO the basket. Then takes them out again. Rinse, repeat.

He rolls balls all over the house, and follows them. To roll them the other way. He smiles when we bounce them. Depending on how high, we might get full on actual GIGGLES.

And the little manipulator KNOWS when he shouldn’t be doing something. He’ll crawl towards the plant in our dining room, then stop and look at me. To see my reaction. And smile when I shake my head and say, “Baby O, uh uh.” And then he’ll crawl closer, and stop and smile. To see my reaction. And then reach out and bat at the plant anyway, even though he knows that I’ll come over there to redirect him.

His babbling has changed, too. It’s like he’s TALKING now, speaking his own language, and we just don’t understand it. It’s a mix of vowels and consonants, and it’s not repetitive. He’ll mimic what we say when we say something, too. His handful of words include Mama (“meh-meh”), Dada (“da-da”), More (“MAH!”), night-night (“nai-nai”), and Baby (“bee-bee”).

He is signing “All Done” and “More” now, though his “more” sign is a clap. He’ll use “All Done” discriminately, too – not just at mealtimes. Like when I’m changing his diaper or getting him dressed in the mornings, and he just wants down – he’ll fuss and sign “All Done.”

He is still eating well – (so far, anyway!) in fact, there are days where I’m amazed at the amount of food he can pack away. Seriously. His favorite foods include pasta, blueberries (literally CANNOT GET ENOUGH of them. He double fists), tofu dogs, strawberries. He will try anything once, but if he doesn’t like it you can bet that he’ll just stick his tongue out and deposit the offending food onto his chest.

And though he LOVES his bottle, we’ve started weaning him gradually off of it, since he’ll need to be on sippy cups in order to move out of the infant room to the toddler room. (Which is currently slated for July.) We started this week; it’s gone fairly slowly, but I’m heartened from today – he drank almost all with the exception of an ounce. And his daycare provider thinks that we can move him to all sippies at school next week.

He uses the daycare climber all the time, and from the reports we’ve gotten, not only has he gone up the stairs on it, he’s come down the stairs too. He’s getting “more daring with his body” than he has in the past.

And maybe, just MAYBE he’s starting to get better with the stranger anxiety too. Last weekend he warmed up to our friends’ kids within only a few minutes, and on Sunday he was actually FRIENDLY with Heather’s husband for most of the night – which is unheard of.

And with his second haircut, when we asked the stylist to cut it “as short as possible,” he looks so much like J, it’s crazy. His hair is lightening up so now it’s a dark blond.

Physically, he’s still little – at his one year appointment he was 18lbs, 13oz. But 30 inches. J calls him “the stringbean” – he’s long and skinny, so much so that when he stands in the bathtub, I’m sort of taken aback by how skinny he looks. He’s definitely got a build similar to J’s when he was little.

Emotionally, though we can redirect him when he’s doing something we don’t like, he will let us know when he’s unhappy. He’ll scream and kick and throw his body around when we pick him up to take him away from, for example, the stairs. For now, it’s short-lived, since he’s pretty easily distractible. But he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to let us know when we’re messing it up for him.

It’s going by so quickly. But it’s so much FUN. Every morning when I go into his room, and I see him standing up, smiling at me, I am filled with love for him. I’ve never EVER felt this way before anyone before. And we’re having so much fun.

Whenever anyone asks me how I’m enjoying motherhood, I say “Baby O was the best thing that has ever happened to us.” It’s really true. He’s amazing, and I am SO lucky to be his mom.



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  1. Awww what an adorable post.

  2. I love the “all done” when you are changing his diaper! He’s letting you know! Awesome.
    It really is amazing how quickly it all happens and you turn around and see this little person instead of your baby.

    He’s a great kid Serenity and he’s just as lucky to have you and J as parents as you are to have him 😀

  3. I want to know more about the signing – when you started, how it worked, etc. Cuz that’s something the husband and I have talked lots about and thought it’d be amazing to be able to communicate sooner if it worked!

  4. I’m having so much fun right now with this age! I hear from other parents that when your in that age you think it is the greatest so I’m sure the next age group will be fun, too!

    I need to write something like this so that I don’t forget what he is doing and when because the baby book just doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves!

  5. Chicklet – we’ve been using sign language for a few things (“eat,” “more,” “all done,” mostly, though we do “sleep” and “new diaper” too) with Baby O since about 6 months or so – once he started eating I think we started it. We weren’t consistent about it until he was about 9 months old, though.

    Daycare’s been doing the same thing since he started at 6 months – using sign language there.

    We don’t do much else, though. My good friend D has found that “new diaper” is a useful sign for them, but Baby O to date hasn’t ever responded to it.

  6. What a sweet post! It makes me excited for what’s to come- my son turns one in about a month. He is also a string bean- incredibly tall and thin. He was 31″ and 19 pounds at his 9-month check up.

  7. Too sweet! It sounds like Baby O is doing fabulously! 🙂

  8. Sounds great – baby T is getting there too.

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